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MP3 soundtrack

Note: This requires a program such as "Dragon Unpacker" that can extract .FPK files. Go to the "/Steam/SteamApps/common/Sid_Meier's_Civilization_Beyond_Earth/Resource/common" folder. Extract the files in the "MiscData.fpk" archive to get all the music from the game in MP3 format.

In the Steam version, go to your library, and Right Click on "Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth". Select "Properties", then choose the "Betas" tab in the window that appears. Type "soundtrackplease" into the "Access Code" field, and click "Check Code". Select the "Soundtrack" beta from the pull-down menu. Enter the game directory, usually in "\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth\" to access the .MP3 files.

Affinity bonuses

Reach the indicated level in the listed affinity to get the corresponding bonus:


    Level 1: Alien aggression levels return to neutral twice as quickly.
    Level 3: Units take 5 HP less damage from Miasma.
    Level 6: Units heal 5 HP in Miasma.
    Level 8: Four Xenomass resources for free.
    Level 11: Call Worm Strike Operation can be performed by Covert Agents.
    Level 13: Mind Flower can be constructed for Transcendence Victory Quest.


    Level 1: Aliens will not attack tiles with Explorer Units.
    Level 3: +20% Strength and Ranged Strength when attacking or defending against aliens.
    Level 6: +2 Orbital Coverage in all cities.
    Level 8: Four Floatstone resources for free.
    Level 11: Dirty Bomb Operation can be performed by Covert Agents.
    Level 13: Exodus Gate can be constructed for the Promised Land Victory Quest.


    Level 1: Explorer units can build an additional Expedition.
    Level 3: Roads and Magrails do not cost any energy to maintain.
    Level 6: Orbital Coverage on and next to any tile with Firaxite.
    Level 8: Four Firaxite resources for free.
    Level 11: Sabotage Operation can be performed by Covert Agents.
    Level 13: Emancipation Gate can be constructed for the Emancipation Victory Quest.

Orbital bonuses

The following bonuses are available to Orbitals after enough research has been done in the Technology Web:

OrbitalRequired techBonus
All-Seer Dark Networks Protects city from Intrigue
Deep Space Telescope Orbital Automation 25% City Science bonus and discovers "The Signal"
Holomatrix Civil Support +2 Culture for overseen tiles; cities within range have -50% Intrigue
Lasercom Satellite Orbital Networks 15% City Science bonus
Miasmic Condenser Alien Ecology Generates miasma
Miasmic Repulsor Ecology Clears miasma
Orbital Fabricator Geoscaping +1 Production for overseen tiles, adds strategic resources over time
Orbital Laser Cybernetics Attacks with 70 ranged Combat Strength
Phasal Transporter Cybernetics Teleport units from friendly cities to overseen areas
Planet Carver Astrodynamics Attacks with 120 ranged Combat Strength
Solar Collector Photosystems +1 Energy for overseen tiles;+20% Energy Creation in cities
Tacnet Hub Communications +20% Combat Strength to friendly units and +5 HP Healing per turn
Weather Controller Climate Control +1 Food for overseen tiles; adds basic resources over time

Virtue bonuses

There are four separate Virtue trees: Might, Prosperity, Knowledge, and Industry, each of which are divided into three tiers. You must collect a certain amount of Virtues in a specific tier to unlock the next tier. Buildings and resources that produce large amounts of Culture will help you gain Virtues.


    5 Virtues: +5% Strength and Ranged Strength for all units.
    10 Virtues: +5% Strength and Ranged Strength for all units.
    15 Virtues: Choose one free Affinity level.


    5 Virtues: +10% Growth in every city.
    10 Virtues: +1 Health for every city.
    15 Virtues: +50% Orbital Coverage radius from cities.


    5 Virtues: +10% Culture in every city.
    10 Virtues: +10% Science in every city.
    15 Virtues: Choose one free technology.


    5 Virtues: +10% Energy in every city.
    10 Virtues: +10% Production in every city.
    15 Virtues: Earn 1% of stockpiled Energy amount every turn, up to 100 Energy.


The following Virtues are available under each tier:


Tier 1

    Adaptive Tactics: +50% Experience from combat.
    Liberation Army: After conquering an enemy Outpost, automatically find an Outpost of your own in its place.
    Military-Industrial Complex: +15% Production toward Military units.
    Public Security: +0.25 health for every Military unit under your command.
    Survivalism: 25% Strength and Ranged Strength against alien life forms.

Tier 2

    Adaptive Sciences: +20% Affinity earned from researching technologies.
    Army Engineering Corps: +1 Energy and Production from every Strategic Resource.
    Martial Meditations: Choose one free Affinity level.
    Scavenging: Earn 100% of an alien lifeform's Strength as Science after killing it, and 40 Science from destroying alien nests.
    Special Service: +40% Intrigue from Covert Operations.

Tier 3

    Brutal Efficiency: +50% quantity from sources of Strategic Resources.
    Channeled Wrath: +10% Strength and Ranged Strength for all units.
    Democratized Quartering: -50% maintenance for units.
    Integrated Arms: +10% Production toward a unit for each upgrade.
    Joint Operations: +3 Orbital Coverage provided by Stations you trade with.


Tier 1

    Colony Initiative: Gain a free Colonist unit.
    Frugality: +10% Food retained after a city grows.
    Helping Hands: +15% build speed for Tile Improvements.
    Homesteading: +30% speed toward Outpost growth.
    Workforce Initiative: Gain a free Worker unit.

Tier 2

    Gift Economy: +3 Energy from your land and sea-based Trade Routes to foreign cities.
    Mind over Matter: +7 health.
    Pathfinders: Explorer units can build 3 additional Expeditions.
    Pioneer Spirit: -25% Culture needed for border expansion.
    Settler Clans: +2 Population for newly founded cities.

Tier 3

    Ecoscaping: +1 Food, Production, and Culture from every Terrascape.
    Eudaimonia: 25% less negative health.
    Hands Never Idle: +2 Energy from any population acting as a Specialist.
    Joy from Variety: +1 Health for each type of Basic Resource that is improved.
    Nature's Bounty: +1 Production from every Basic Resource.


Tier 1

    Creative Class: Earn extra Culture equal to 30% of net positive health.
    Field Research: Earn 20 Science from finishing an Expedition.
    Foresight: +10% Science when healthy.
    Laboratory Apprenticeship: Each city tile generates +0.25 Science for every population.
    Social Mores: Each city tile generates +0.25 Culture for every population.

Tier 2

    Applied Aesthetics: Earn extra Energy equal to 30% of the Culture you generate.
    Cohesive Values: -10% Culture needed for new Virtues.
    Community Medicine: +1 Health for every 6 population in a city.
    Memeweb: -40% Culture penalty from the number of cities for new Virtues.
    Networked Datalinks: -40% Science penalty from the number of cities for new technologies.

Tier 3

    Information Warfare: Recruit 1 new Covert Agent.
    Learning Centers: +2 Science from every Academy Improvement.
    Metaresearch Methods: Leaf technologies cost 10% less Science.
    Monomyth: +7 Culture for every Great Wonder.
    Technoartisans: Earn extra Science equal to 15% of the Culture you generate.


Tier 1

    Central Planning: +5 Energy in the Capital.
    Commoditization: +1 Energy from every Basic Resource.
    Labor Logistics: +10% Production toward Buildings.
    Scalable Infrastructure: +15% Production toward Wonders.
    Standardized Architecture: +25% Production toward Buildings which have already been built in the Capital.

Tier 2

    Alternative Markets: Trade Routes with Stations grant +6 Energy per Station tier.
    Entrepreneurial Spaceflight: +25% Production toward Orbital Units.
    Interdependence Network: +25% more yields from your Trade Routes to your own cities.
    Investment: Earn 1% of stockpiled Energy amount every turn, up to 100 Energy.
    Profiteering: +0.5 Health for every Trade unit under your command.

Tier 3

    Civic Duty: Each city tile generates +0.5 Production for every population.
    Liquidity: -20% Energy cost to purchase units.
    Magnasanti: Each City generates +0.2 health for every building.
    Social Investment: +2 Production from every Manufactory Improvement.
    Superior Engineering: Orbital Units stay in orbit 50% longer before de-orbiting.


Specialist workers work inside a building's slots, adding to your city's bonuses:

    Artists: Adds +2 Culture and works on Holosuite, CEL Cradle, and Soma Distillery
    Engineer: Adds +2 Production and works on Autoplant, Alloy Foundry, and Node Bank
    Trader: Adds +2 Energy and works on Thorium Reactor, Petrochemical Plant, Field Reactor, Biofuel Plant, and Xenofuel Plant
    Scientist: Adds +3 Science and works on Xenonursery, Institute, Gene Smelter, and Nanopasture
    Grower: Adds +2 Food and works on Cloning Plant, Mass Digester, and Civil Creche
    Unemployed: Adds +1 Production

Terrain bonuses

The following types of terrain hexes will give the corresponding bonus:

    Canyon: No bonus
    Coast: +1 Food and +1 Energy
    Desert: No bonus
    Grassland: +2 to Food
    Hills: +1 to Production and +25% Combat Modifiers
    Lake: +2 to Food and +1 to Energy
    Mountain/Crater: 25% Combat Modifiers
    Ocean: +1 to Food
    Plains: +1 to Food and +1 to Production
    Snow and Tundra: No bonus


Features are elements that appear on a specific terrain hex. They can also give the following bonuses:

    Flood Plain: +2 to Food
    Forest: +1 to Food, +1 to Production, and 25% Combat Modifiers
    Ice: No bonus
    Marsh: -1 penalty to Food and -15% Combat Modifier
    Miasma: No bonus
    Rivers: +1 Energy to all hexes they run along; enemies attacking through rivers have 20% Combat Strength penalty

Basic resources

The following basic resources provide the indicated bonus:

    Algae: +1 to Food
    Basalt: +2 to Production
    Chitin: +1 to Food
    Copper: +1 to Energy
    Coral: +1 to Culture
    Fiber: +1 to Production
    Fruit: +1 to Food
    Fungus: +1 to Food
    Gold: +1 to Culture
    Resilin: +1 to Production
    Silica: +2 to Science
    Tubers: +1 to Food

Strategic resources

Strategic resources require various improvements before they can be collected. Most of them are used by specific units.

ResourceImprovement requiredUnit that requires resourceBonus granted
FiraxiteFiraxite MineSupremacy units
FloatstoneFloatstone QuarryPurity units
Geothermal EnergyGeothermal Well+2 to Energy
PetroleumPetroleum WellMechanical and Orbital Units
TitaniumPetroleum WellAir and Orbital Units
XenomassXenomass Well


To get more Science to accelerate your research, invest in buildings (for example, labs and clinics) that result in more beakers. Also, excavate as much Silica as possible, and use the following Knowledge Virtues:

    Foresight: +10% Science when your nation is healthy
    Field Research: Increases Science when you complete each expedition
    Laboratory Apprenticeship: Generates Science from every citizen in your cities
    Networked Datalinks: Reduces the Science penalty from the number of cities in your nation
    Metaresearch Methods: Reduces the cost of Leaf Technologies
    Learning Centers: +2 Science from academies
    Technoartisans: Earn extra Science from your Culture output


The cost, requirements, and rewards granted from each technology type is as follows:

Alien Adaptation 770 Alien Sciences Alien preserve (building), +1 Culture from Paddocks
Alien Biology 249 Ecology Alien preserve (building), +1 Culture from Paddocks
Alien Domestication 1820 Alien Ethics Alien preserve (building), +1 Culture from Paddocks
Alien Ecology 770 Alien Sciences
Alien Ethics 1160 Alien Sciences
Alien Evolution 3216 Artificial Evolution
Alien Genetics 770 Genetic Design
Alien Hybridization 1820 Transgenics
Alien Lifeforms 249 Genetics
Alien Materials 3216 Artificial Evolution
Alien Sciences 380 Ecology or Genetics
Artificial Evolution 2480 Alien Ethics or Transgenics
Artificial Intelligence 770 Fabrication or Computing
Astrodynamics 2480 Mechatronics
Augmentation 2480 Bionics
Autogyros 3216 Cybernetics
Autonomous Systems 770 Computing
Ballistics 249 Physics
Ballistic LEV 1820 Mechatronics
Biochemistry 249 Chemistry
Bioengineering 2480 Biology or Organics
Biology 770 Chemistry
Biometallurgy 3216 Bioengineering
Bionics 770 Physics
Biospheres 1160 Terraforming
Chemistry 95 Habitation
Civil Support 1160 Fabrication
Climate Control 1160 Terraforming
Cognition 770 Genetics or Organics
Collaborative Thought 1160 Cognition
Communications 770 Computing
Computing 380 Engineering or Ecology
Cybernetics 2480 Fabrication
Dark Networks 3216 Astrodynamics
Defense Grid 249 Engineering
Designer Lifeforms 3216 Synergetics
Ecology 95 Habitation
Engineering 95 Habitation
Euthenics 3216 Social Dynamics
Exotic Matter 3216 Field Theory
Fabrication 770 Engineering, Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence
Field Theory 2480 Communications
Genetics 95 Habitation
Genetic Design 380 Genetics
Genetic Mapping 249 Genetics
Geophysics 249 Ecology
Geoscaping 3216 Planetary Engineering
Habitation 50 n/a
Human Conservation 3216 Social Dynamics
Human Idealism 3216 Social Dynamics
Hypercomputing 2480 Artificial Intelligence
Hyperconductors 3216 Hypercomputing
Industrial Ecology 3216 Bioengineering
Mechatronics 1160 Robotics or Fabrication
Nanorobotics 3216 Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology 2480 Robotics
Neural Uploading 3216 Hypercomputing
Orbital Automation 3216 Astrodynamics
Orbital Networks 1160 Communications
Organics 770 Chemistry, Biology, or Cognition
Photosystems 1160 Chemistry
Physics 95 Habitation
Pioneering 80 Habitation
Planetary Engineering 2480 Terraforming
Planetary Survey 80 Pioneering
Power Systems 249 Engineering
Protogenetics 1820 Transgenics
Robotics 380 Physics or Engineering
Seismic Induction 3216 Planetary Engineering
Servomachinery 1160 Bionics
Social Dynamics 2480 Cognition or Genetic Design
Surrogacy 3216 Augmentation
Swarm Intelligence 1160 Artificial Intelligence
Swarm Robotics 770 Robotics
Synergetics 2480 Organics
Synthetic Thought 1160 Artificial Intelligence
Tactical LEV 3216 Nanotechnology
Tactical Robotics 770 Robotics
Terraforming 770 Ecology
Tissue Engineering 1160 Bionics
Transcendental Math 770 Computing
Transgenics 1160 Genetic Design
Vertical Farming 1160 Biology

Station resources

The following stations produce the corresponding resource(s):

    Adept Blue: 2 Food, 2 Science
    Banu Musa: 4 Science
    Camp Cascade: 2 Food, 2 Energy
    Church of Dawn’s Light: 1 Food, 3 Culture
    Far Base One: 2 Science, 2 Energy
    Fort Barca: 2 Production, 2 Energy
    Golden Bell Temple: 1 Food, 2 Culture, 1 Energy
    Hekima: 3 Food, 1 Culture
    Jinsoku Labs: 2 Science, 2 Production
    Keagungan: 2 Culture, 2 Science
    Lalibela: 4 Culture
    New Babylon: 2 Culture, 2 Energy
    Omoikane: 4 Food
    Palatine: 4 Culture
    Red Sun: 4 Energy
    Shackleton: 1 Culture, 2 Science, 1 Production
    Stet Mining: 4 Production

Health bonuses and penalties

The following health states produce various bonuses or penalties:

    Panicked: -20 health and lower. Results in -10% Production, Science, and Culture; double Intrigue from enemy actions; 50% reduced city growth; and -50% outpost growth.
    Troubled: -10 to -19 health. Results in -10% Production, Science, and Culture; and double Intrigue from enemy actions.
    Shaky: -1 to -9 health. Results in -10% Science and Culture.
    Stable: 0 to 9 health. Results in +20% outpost growth.
    Prosperous: 10 to 19 health. Results in +10% Production, +20% outpost growth, and -50% Intrigue from enemy actions.
    Utopian: 20 and greater health. Results in +10% Production, Science, and Culture; +20% outpost growth, and -50% Intrigue from enemy actions.


Diplomatic relations with other colonies is determined by diplomatic states and any existing diplomatic agreements. Diplomatic agreements are acts or gestures that can either improve or deteriorate your relationship with a rival.

Diplomatic states

    Friendly: Similarities in government or other interests have brought you close to this colony.
    Guarded: Negotiations are not as likely to go well, but war can still be averted with some effort.
    Hostile: The rival colony is upset with your own. War is highly likely.
    Neutral: Your rival has balanced or minimal feelings about your colony.
    Peace: Cannot attack rival units or enter their territory without an open borders agreement. The peace lasts until the end of a cease-fire agreement, after which it reverts to neutral status.

Diplomatic agreements

    Alliance: Gain open borders and cooperation agreements with the colony and automatically declare war if they enter into war with any third party.
    Condemnation: One colony lowers their diplomatic status with another, which can lead to war.
    Cooperation Agreement: Gain increased trade benefits from international routes to the colony, and gain line of sight from their covert agents in third-party territories.
    Open Borders: Can travel in the other colony's territory without provoking war. This is only possible when you are at least at a neutral state with your rival.

Hot keys

Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding action:

Economic Info[F2]
Military Info[F3]
Diplomacy Info[F4]
Virtues Screen[F5]
Tech Web[F6]
Notification Log[F7]
Victory Progress[F8]
Quest Log[F9]
Trade Route Overview[F10]
Quick Save[F11]
Quick Load[Ctrl] + [F11]
End Turn[Enter]
Next Unit[Period]
Previous Unit[Comma]
Zoom Out[Minus]
Zoom In[Plus]
City Manager View[Insert]
Zoom In[Page Up]
Zoom Out[Page Down]
Hex Grid[Shift] + G
Orbital Layer[Shift] + O
Show Resource Icons[Shift] + R
Show Yield Icons[Shift] + Y
Covert Ops Overview[Ctrl] + E
Load[Ctrl] + L
Save[Ctrl] + S
Next City]
Previous City[
Explore (Automated)E
Move ModeM
Do nothing[Space]
Delete the Unit[Delete]
Attack[Ctrl] + A
Ranged AttackB
Set up ArtilleryS
Fortify until HealedH
Rebase Mode[Alt] + R
Air Strike ModeS
Air Sweep[Alt] + S
Found CityB
Build Improvements (Automated)A
Repair an ImprovementP
Construct a RoadR
Construct a MagrailE
Route to Mode[Shift] + [Ctrl] + R
Remove Road[Alt] + R
Clear a Marsh[Alt] + I
Clear MiasmaS
Add MiasmaS
Construct a FarmL
Construct a GeneratorG
Construct a PaddockI
Construct a MineI
Construct a PlantationI
Construct a QuarryI
Construct a Work BargeI
Construct a TerrascapeT
Construct a NodeO
Construct an ArrayD
Construct a DomeU
Construct a BiowellY
Construct a ManufactoryW
Construct an AcademyQ
Construct a Geothermal WellI
Construct a Petroleum WellI
Remove Forest[Alt] + I
Cancel Last MissionBackspace
Construct an ExpeditionI
Construct a Xenomass WellI
Construct a Float Stone QuarryI
Construct a Firaxite MineI

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    42: Research All Techs.
    8 Days or Bust: Win a game on Gemini Difficulty.
    A Fistful of Dollars: Unlock All Tier 1 Virtue Synergy Bonuses.
    A Planet the Very Brother of Your Own: Win game on Terran Map.
    Aim to Misbehave: Win a game on a Duel Map.
    Beep... Beep.... Beep...: Win a game on Sputnik Difficulty.
    Chief Extraterrestrial Officer: Win a game as Fielding.
    C'mon you apes, you wanna live forever?: Fully explore the Might virtue tree.
    Cruel and Unusual Geography: Win game on Equatorial Map.
    Cylon Computer Virus: Win a multiplayer game.
    Enemy Within: Kill an enemy spy.
    Energize: Develop a city to produce more than 100 energy per turn.
    Father of Nations: Win a game as Barre.
    Fearful Symmetry: Win game on Skirmish Map.
    For A Few Dollars More: Unlock All Tier 2 Virtue Synergy Bonuses.
    Gagarin's Legacy: Win a game as Kozlov.
    Game over, man!: One Hit Kill.
    Godspeed: Win a game on Mercury Difficulty.
    Grand Galactic Inquisitor: Win at least one game with each leader.
    Homo Aliena: Achieve Max Level in Harmony.
    I'm in the middle of some calibrations: Play with a Mod.
    I'm On Another Boat: Embark a unit.
    It's Full of Stars: Achieve Transcendence.
    I've made a lot of special modifications myself: Download a mod.
    Just Like Voskhod 2: Win game on Taigan Map.
    Light This Candle: Launch an orbital unit.
    Live Long and Prosper: Fully explore the Prosperity virtue tree.
    Logic is the beginning of wisdom: Fully explore the Knowledge virtue tree.
    Making Way for a Hyperspace Bypass: Raze 100 Alien nests.
    Mark II: Upgrade a Unit.
    Mighty Fine Shindig: Develop a city to produce more than 100 culture per turn.
    Moksha: Win a game as Kavitha.
    Never Surrender: Win a game as Bolivar.
    No bucks, No Buck Rogers: Fully explore the Industry virtue tree.
    Once Upon A Time In Space: Unlock All Tier 3 Virtue Synergy Bonuses.
    Order of Lenin: Win a game on Soyuz Difficulty.
    Pale Blue Dot: Win a game on a Standard Map.
    Patent Pending: Steal a tech.
    Phone Home: Achieve Promised land.
    Planned Obsolescence: Achieve Emancipation.
    Poseidon's Children: Win game on Atlantean Map.
    Resistance is Futile: Achieve Domination Victory.
    Rules of Acquisition: Purchase 1000 Tiles.
    Shining Path: Win a game as Daoming.
    So Say We All: Achieve Max Level in Purity.
    Steely Eyed Missile Man: Achieve one of each other victory.
    That New Planet Smell: Win game on Protean Map.
    That's No Moon: Win a game on a Small Map.
    The Art of the Infinite: Win a game as Élodie.
    The Big Payoff: Win a game as Hutama.
    The Eagle Has Landed: Win a game on Apollo Difficulty.
    The Machineries of Joy: Build any wonder.
    The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug: 500 Aliens Killed.
    The Sound Of Inevitability: Achieve Max Level in Supremacy.
    The View is Tremendous: Win a game on a Large Map.
    There is no Try: Get beaten to wonders 10 times.
    Tiny Big Planet: Win a game on a Tiny Map.
    United Federation of Planets: Win at least one game on each map size and type.
    Valley of the Time Tombs: Build all wonders.
    Walk Without Rhythm: Killed Siege Worm.
    We Are Not Alone: Achieve Contact Victory.
    What Was Once Only Imagined: Develop a city to produce more than 100 science per turn.
    When Maui Came To This World: Win game on Archipelago Map.
    Поехали! (Pojexali!): Win a game on Vostok Difficulty.
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