Dark Age Of Camelot

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Easy money

If you just started and you are a beginner, ask some of the people in your group that you start with for money. You might get some copper or perhaps even some gold. Note: This does not work if at a high level.

If you fight skeletons, snakes, giants, and other creatures, you might get some body parts, gems and other items to sell. Gems will give you a lot of money but body parts do not sell for as much.

Armor without paying

Find skeletons, and if you can, fight them. They will be yellow if beginners. You might get some armor or cloth.


You must at least be level 25 to fight in Realms or you will die very easily. If you are at level 20, fight in a group with your guild.

Coruscating Mine

In Coruscating Mine on the bridge, if you walk very slowly over the edge near the middle you can fall onto the side of the bridge. You can cast spells on opponents, and they cannot attack you.

Shrouded Isles

Shrouded Isles is the most difficult place to start at because people from other places like to run in there, find the weakest person, and attack them to get experience so they can progress. Also, Shrouded Isles has the most difficult people to raise up.

Darkness Falls

If you are a low level, do not enter Darkness Falls. It is recommended that your character be at least level 25 before entering Darkness Falls. The colors for levels in Darkness Falls is as follows:

    Level 1 through 15: All purple
    Level 16 through 20: Some red and a lot purple
    Level 21 through 25: Some red and some purple
    Level 26 through 30: A little Orange and some red and purple
    Level 31 through 35: A few orange and some red and purple
    Level 36 through 40: Some blue, less orange, red, and purple
    Level 41 through 45: Some gray and blue
    Level 46 through 49: A lot gray and a few blue

In level 15 there are yellows. If you look, there are yellows for every level in Darkness Falls from level 15 and above. Darkness Falls is one of the best places to hunt from level 15 and above, besides some select places where nice items drop.

Gaining levels

The fastest way to level is through PL (power leveling). Unfortunately this takes away from the point of the game. Also, it is hard to find someone to do it (either busy, crafting, or quitting etc.). The following areas are suggested. This applies for Midgard and "BG" indicates a battleground.

    Level 1 through 5: Ft. Altla, Galpan, and Aheirs Landing
    Level 6 through 7: Lions Den (BG), farther out from Ft. Atla
    Level 8 through 11: Nisse's Layer (with strong group)
    Level 12 through 14: Nisse's Layer (group),Weeping Willows by Gna Faste
    Level 15 through 19: Deep Nisse (group)
    Level 20 through 22: The Cursed Tomb (group recommended)
    Level 23 through 25: Thidranki (BG)
    Level 26 through 29: Vendo's Canvern
    Level 30 through 32: Deep Vendo Cavern
    Level 33 through 34: Wilton (BG)
    Level 35 through 36: Skonka Ravine, West Skona, Varu
    Level 37 through 39: Molvik Faste (BG), Deep Varu
    Level 40 through 42: Moderngav (the place you get faction), and River Of Death
    Level 43 through 45: Levik (BG)
    Level 46 through 47: Deep Moderngav (very strong group in frontier)
    Level 48 through 50: Frontier, PoC, massacring level 50 albs, and terminating level 50 hibs
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