Nuclear Dawn


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Angel of Death: Score 25 kills in a row without dying.
    Armour Feels Good: Spawn as an Exo soldier 50 times in a row.
    Around The Track: Score a kill with every class and weapon kit in the game.
    Big Brother: As a Commander, heal at least 4 of your troops with a single healing ability.
    Big Game Hunter: Kill 20 Exo soldiers.
    Bloodlust: Score 5 kills in a row without dying.
    Charging In: Sprint for a total of 20 kilometers.
    Cloak-on-Cloak Action: Get killed by a Stealth's melee while you are cloaked.
    Colossal Stealth: Kill a Commander at their console in their Commander Bunker, while playing as Exo infantry.
    Come Out And Play: Kill 20 cloaked Stealth infantry.
    Craven: Kill yourself by firing at the ground with a siege weapon.
    Cresus Was Here: Spend at least x resources in a single game.
    Cyber Ressurection: As an Engineer, repair a structure that was at 10% of its hit points or less.
    Deathless: Win a Warfare game without dying.
    Deep Blue: Unlock every single research item within a single game.
    Full House: Destroy one of each structure.
    Golden Targets: Kill 3 Commanders in the field, out of their bunkers.
    Headshot: Score a headshot with every bullet weapon in the game.
    Hospital Duty: Heal to a total of at least 10,000 hit points with a single Supply Station.
    Huffing And Puffing: Destroy 5 bunkers.
    I Don't Like Bunnies: Land a headshot on an enemy while they are airborne.
    I Moisturize: Get healed by 200% of your health in a single game without dying.
    I'll Fix You All: Spawn as a Support infantry 100 times in a row.
    I'm Just Shy...: Backstab 5 players without dying.
    Industrial Revolution: Build one assembler.
    It's Alive: As a Medic, heal a player that had 10 or fewer hit points.
    Leading The Troops: Win a warfare game as an RTS Commander.
    Life, Interrupted: Kill a player while they are being healed.
    Man Versus Machine: Destroy 20 turrets.
    Master Commander: Win 10 warfare games as an rts commander.
    Overcompensation: Build 250 turrets, of any type.
    Poke In The Eye: Build 20 Radar structures.
    Property Damage: Inflict 100,000 points of damage on structures.
    Put The Tool Back In Your Pants: Kill 5 Engineers as they repair a structure.
    Running Up: Run a total of 10 kilometers.
    Semper Assault: Spawn as an Assault soldier 100 times in a row.
    Sneak Kill: Kill a Commander at their console in their Command Bunker.
    Sniping With Love: Score 3 kills with a sniper without dying or missing a single shot.
    Some Like It In The Shadows: Spawn as a Stealth infantry 100 times in a row.
    Spread The Pain: Inflict 5,000 points of damage on players.
    Team Domination: Capture all resource points in a map.
    That's The Way You Hold Them: Successfully backstab and kill an enemy with a single blow.
    The More The Merrier: Build 5 spawn gates.
    The Smell of Victory In The Morning: Win a warfare game as an FPS soldier.
    There's Plenty To Go Around: Kill three players with the same explosive weapon.
    Theresa, Mother Theresa: As a Medic, heal at least 10 people with the same medpack.
    Use Candels: Destroy 50 secondary power structures.
    Veteran Trooper: Win 25 warfare games as an FPS soldier.
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