Battlefield 1 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Battlefield 1 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Battlefield 1

Codex Entries/Challenges Walkthrough


Faster ranking in Multiplayer mode

To get approximately 500 to 600 score per minute, do the following:

  • Always play in a squad. Try to play in a squad where all teammates communicate with each other.
  • Play Quickmatch Domination. You get points much quicker in this mode than other modes.
  • Make sure your team focuses on the objective.
  • Have your squad leader issue useful attack commands that get your team points. For example, you normally get 200 points for capturing a base in Domination. However, if your squad leader marks the base, you get an additional 100 points for following his orders. You will also get an “Order Followed” bonus worth up to 80 extra points. Additionally, the squad can separate into two separate groups. The squad leader can then issue commands to attack two separate bases at different times, alternating between bases. If successful, you will get an extra 100 points even though you never captured the other base. You can get a possible 480 points in ten seconds by using this method.
  • The squad leader must always pay attention to all bases. If a base is about to be captured, the squad leader needs to make sure to change the attack orders so everyone on the team gets at least 100 points, even if they are not at that base. Even if you are dead and none of your teammates are at the base being captured, you will still get 100 points for it being captured if the squad leader has attack orders on it.
  • Make sure your squad always sticks together and the squad composition has variety. It is recommended to have at least two medics and two support players. Since there are no vehicles in Quickmatch Domination, assault units are not too useful. Since you are running around a lot and trying to capture bases, the sniper class is also not very useful.
  • If your squad always sticks together, you will get extra points since you will be spawning on each other, spotting enemies, and suppressing enemies with gunfire. You will also receive signifiant points for healing your teammates and resupplying them with ammo.
  • Play the objective and focus on only killing enemies that stand in your way of capturing a base or getting to the next base to capture.
  • The best situation that can occur is circling the map while following the enemy, capturing points that they just captured.

Hidden Cavalry Sword

In the “Breakdown” mission in the “Through Mud And Blood” war story, proceed along the road to the French village where you need to collect parts for your broken tank. This is the village with the windmill on the hill overlooking the town. Once you reach the village, look for a two-story house on the left with a mounted machine gun on the balcony and a soldier looking out the window, directly above a corner door. This is a building on the main street, near the edge of the town facing the windmill. Directly beneath the machine gun turret is the Cavalry Sword under a table on the first floor.

The World’s Tiniest Gun

Reach Rank 10 in Multiplayer mode to unlock the Kolibri for purchase for 150 warbonds. The Kolibri is a pocket-sized gun held between the thumb and index finger. It fires 2mm bullets, and was (at one point) available commercially to the public. The magazine holds 8 rounds. The gun is so small, it cannot be held in the palm of your hand. Instead, you have to pinch the pistol’s grip between the forefinger and thumb to get a grip. There really is no other gun quite like it. The 2mm bullets barely inflict any damage to your opponents, but you can still earn kills with it. It is more used as a novelty taunt, as nobody wants to get killed by the tiniest gun in history.

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All Field Manual locations

Search the indicated locations in the listed war story to find all the Field Manuals. There are a total of 66 Field Manuals in the five war stories. Some missions do not have a Field Manual in them. Find all collectibles to get the “Enough For A Library” trophy. Each Field Manual is saved instantly when collected. Thus, you can quit out to the main menu immediately without losing any progress. You do not have to collect them again when you die and none of them are missable. You can view how many Field Manuals you have found in each mission and how many are missing under the mission selection screen. You can also pause a mission at any time to view your collectible progress. Every mission has a Codex Entry for finding all the Field Manuals in it. The codex entries are also required for several other trophies.

War Story 1: Through Mud And Blood

Over The Top

    1. After capturing all three points in the village, proceed up the hill and across the roads until you reach the exterior wall of fortifications made with logs standing on end. Near the exterior wall exit is a weapon station tent with used shells scattered around and the first manual.

    2. In the town under bombardment, move to the fortified church on the right side to find a makeshift hospital/barrack inside the structure. Near the large pots is a crate with the manual.

    3. There is another crate at the chapel —- leave through the back entrance. Then, turn right (left if you are facing the chapel) to find the manual crate along the exterior of the church structure, next to a large green metal wheel.

    4. At Point D, the farm with trenches dug through the premises, is a manual crate near the home on the right, on the grass between the structure and the trench.

    5. Follow the road up from the outpost. The road to the left leads up a hill, and contains abandoned cars with AT guns. On the ground next to one of the AT guns is the final manual for this mission, which is right before the bridge at the end of the mission.

Fog Of War

    1. When you are fighting through the gun emplacements past the wooden bridge early in the mission, there will be two field guns —- the path strays left into the forest. When it does, turn right and proceed up the hill to find a manual crate.

    2. In the old church stone ruins (with the arches above ground), enter the bunker basement and look in the back left corner, opposite the generator, to find a manual.

    3. At the heavy bridge with metal girders built over the small creek, look under the bridge (on the far end) for a small flatland with a manual.

    4. When you reach the hill with the large concrete bunkers, enter the far left bunker to find a manual crate inside.

    5. In the same area as the fourth manual is a small supply depot on the right from the entrance path. Look near the road, behind mounds of dirt, to find a small manual crate near the larger supply crates.


    1. Proceed towards the objective in the muddy village with the objective at the center. Before going straight for the white objective marker, look in the shack door in the back left corner of the block to find a manual.

    2. Go down the hill and look inside the windmill — there is a dirt path and a fence between the first manual and the windmill containing the second manual. Climb to the top of the mill to find the manual crate.

    3. There is a refueling station and repair depot for tanks in the village below (and right) of the windmill containing the second manual. Go to the fourth floor attic of the large building directly next to the tank repair station in the village, and look behind the traps to find a manual crate.

    4. In the same town as the last manual, go to the main street to find a two-story building with an MG turret in the corner window facing the village’d main street entrance. The Cavalry Sword is located under a table near the corner door. Go upstairs to the MG nest to find the manual crate behind some furniture.

    5. Start from the location of the first manual and proceed right instead of left. Up the street (with the stone bridge over a creek) on the right side of the village, before entering the main area, look for a farm house with a fenced backyard and an army tent in the back left corner. Opposite of the tent is a storage shack with a manual crate.

Steel On Steel

    1. On the outskirts of town, look in the windmill to find a manual crate. You must exit your tank to enter the windmill. This is the upper-most windmill, before going down the hill towards the town.

    2. From the previous windmill, go down the hill, past the destroyed encampment, and proceed right towards the river. There is another windmill further down (next to the water) with a manual in the same location.

    3. Go to the windmill on the left side from the start (opposite of the second manual, or left of the first manual) to find it down the hill, around the same elevation as the second manual.

    4. Proceed through the town. As you exit the main cluster of structures, you will reach a fourth windmill on the right of the street, next to the river with the stone bridge, where the fourth manual is located.

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    5. From the location of the fourth manual, look in the distance for another windmill across the valley on a hill overlooking the next cluster of buildings, to the right as you move forward. That is the area where the final manual can be found. Cross the stone bridge and go up the hill to reach it.


    1. Over The Top – 0:05
    2. Over The Top – 0:40
    3. Over The Top – 1:16
    4. Over The Top – 1:40
    5. Over The Top – 2:16
    6. Fog Of War – 2:53
    7. Fog Of War – 3:33
    8. Fog Of War – 4:20
    9. Fog Of War – 4:49
    10. Fog Of War – 5:28
    11. Breakdown – 5:57
    12. Breakdown – 6:22
    13. Breakdown – 6:57
    14. Breakdown – 7:45
    15. Breakdown – 8:17
    16. Steel On Steel – 9:00
    17. Steel On Steel – 9:28
    18. Steel On Steel – 10:09
    19. Steel On Steel – 10:44
    20. Steel On Steel – 11:30

War Story 2: Friends In High Places


    1. Fall From Grace – 0:05
    2. Fall From Grace – 0:32
    3. Fall From Grace – 1:07
    4. Fall From Grace – 1:34
    5. Fall From Grace – 2:22
    6. Forte Et Fidele – 2:47

War Story 3: Avanti Savoia!


    1. O La Vittoria – 0:05
    2. O La Vittoria – 0:55
    3. O La Vittoria – 1:56
    4. O La Vittoria – 2:40
    5. O La Vittoria – 3:20
    6. O Tutti Accoppati – 4:06
    7. O Tutti Accoppati – 4:46
    8. O Tutti Accoppati – 5:37
    9. O Tutti Accoppati – 6:20
    10. O Tutti Accoppati – 6:59

War Story 4: The Runner


    1. Cape Helles – 0:05
    2. Cape Helles – 0:39
    3. Cape Helles – 1:07
    4. Cape Helles – 1:32
    5. Cape Helles – 2:08
    6. The Runner – 2:42
    7. The Runner – 3:13
    8. The Runner – 3:44
    9. The Runner – 4:09
    10. The Runner – 4:44
    11. Be Safe – 5:15
    12. Be Safe – 5:49
    13. Be Safe – 6:17
    14. Be Safe – 6:41
    15. Be Safe – 6:58

War Story 5: Nothing Is Written


    1. In Plain Sight – 0:05
    2. In Plain Sight – 0:41
    3. In Plain Sight – 1:00
    4. In Plain Sight – 1:24
    5. In Plain Sight – 1:46
    6. Young Men’s Work – 2:23
    7. Young Men’s Work – 2:53
    8. Young Men’s Work – 3:45
    9. Young Men’s Work – 4:23
    10. Young Men’s Work – 4:56
    11. Hear The Desert – 5:37
    12. Hear The Desert – 6:02
    13. Hear The Desert – 6:29
    14. Hear The Desert – 7:11
    15. Hear The Desert – 7:29

All campaign codex entry challenges

Successfully complete the indicated challenges to complete the codex entries. Complete all 52 codex entries (challenges) in the campaign to get the “Master Of Adaptation” achievement. The codex entries also unlock new multiplayer modifications, like weapon mods. If you want to unlock everything in Multiplayer mode, you must complete all of the challenges and find all 66 Field Manuals. The following is a list of all the codex entries in the campaign:

War Story 1: Through Mud And Blood

Mission 1: Over The Top

    German Anti-Tank Tactics: Destroy all field guns.
    Observation Balloons: Defeat five enemies while on foot.
    Tank Shock: Collect all Field Manuals.

Mission 2: Fog Of War

    Guiding Bess: Get through the forest without being detected.
    Forest Combat: Get through the forest without any melee kills.
    Gone Chemical: Collect all Field Manuals.

Mission 3: Breakdown

    Stealing Tanks: Retrieve all engine parts undetected.
    Tank Hunters: Retrieve the first engine component.
    Aircraft Support: Collect all Field Manuals.

Mission 4: Steel On Steel

    Bourlon Wood: Do not let the tank get damaged before clearing the village.
    Beutepanzers: Destroy one of the captured MK V tanks.
    There’s Always a First: Collect all Field Manuals.
    Towards Cambrai: Complete “Through Mud And Blood”.

War Story 2: Friends In High Places

Mission 1: Test Flight

    To Be Ace: Finish the target practice.
    Dicta Boelcke: Do not lose the trail during the chase.

Mission 2: Total War

    Bloody April: Have at least four bombers survive a bombing run.
    Strategic Bombing: Destroy the fort.

Mission 3: Fall From Grace

    No Man’s Land: Reach no man’s land undetected.
    Booby Traps: Use tripwire bombs to kill two enemies.
    A War in France: Collect all Field Manuals

Mission 4: Forte Et Fidele

    Gotha Raids on London: Take down the bombers.
    Airborne Cannons: Destroy 10 aircraft within 30 seconds using the stationary weapon.
    Jousting with Dragons: Collect all Field Manuals.
    Dawn of Dogfights: Complete “Friends In High Places”.

War Story 3: Avanti Savoia!

Mission 1: O La Vittoria

    Farina Armor: Defeat five enemies with grenades.
    The Daring Ones: Join the fight as an Arditi Elite Troop.
    Coming Together: Collect all Field Manuals.

Mission 2: O Tutti Accoppati

    Where Eagles Dare: Defeat ten enemies with your sidearm.
    Beyond Belief: Witness the explosion of the mountain side.
    Alpine War: Collect all Field Manuals.
    Among Peaks of Kings: Complete “Avanti Savoia!”

War Story 4: The Runner

Mission 1: Cape Helles

    The Big Guns: Call in an offshore barrage.
    Torpedo Exploit: Get ten headshot kills.
    Collect all Field Manuals.

Mission 2: The Runner

    Drip Gun: Defeat ten enemies with a sidearm.
    Geology: Defeat five enemies with rifle grenades.
    Trench Runners: Collect all Field Manuals.

Mission 3: Be Safe

    River Clyde: Deafeat five enemies with grenades.
    Sedd El Bahr: Defeat ten enemies with melee attacks.
    Gallipoli Myths: Collect all Field Manuals.
    The Dardanelles: Complete “The Runner”.

War Story 5: Nothing Is Written

Mission 1: Hidden In Plain Sight

    The Hejaz Railway: Scout the crash site.
    The Bedouin: Find the book without being detected.
    Celebrities: Collect all Field Manuals.

Mission 2: Young Men’s Work

    Gertrude Bell: Kill one of the officers by using a bolt-action rifle.
    T.E. Lawrence: Kill one of the officers with a melee attack.
    Tanks in the Desert: Kill one of the officers by using a tank.
    Women Rise: Collect all Field Manuals.

Mission 3: Hear The Desert

    Desert Cars: Destroy the three vehicles while undetected.
    Planes Above the Sand: Keep at least two field guns operational.
    Guerilla Warfare: Collect all Field Manuals.
    Arab Revolt: Complete “Nothing Is Written”.

Weapon skins

Weapon skins can be earned from promotional offers, but mainly through Battlepacks. Weapon skins come in three rarity levels: special, distinguished, and legendary. Battlepacks can be purchased using War Bonds or crafted with scrap. They also come in three rarity levels: standard, enhanced, and superior. Better Battlepacks give you a higher chance of unlocking a rare weapon skin. Enhanced and superior Battlepacks can only be earned by spending scrap. Scrap is earned by breaking down bonus or customization items —- the higher the rarity level, the more scrap you will earn. After unlocking a new weapon skin, you still must purchase the skin with War Bonds. War Bonds and scrap can be earned in-game. The following is a list of all known weapon skins. Note: This is not the complete list. Check back in the future for more skins, as well as their unlock requirements and rarity.

    The Vindicator
    The Top Dog
    The Newton
    The Showstopper
    The General
    The Icon
    The Russian
    The Judge
    The Challenger
    The Ethereal
    The Guardian
    The Knight
    The Victor
    The Warlord
    The Soldier Of Fortune
    The Camouflage
    The Veteran
    The Kingpin
    The Highwayman
    The Captain
    The Gatekeeper
    The Paladin
    The Contender
    The Mercenary
    The Officer
    The Chieftain
    The Commandant
    The Overseer
    The Templar
    The Custodian
    The Keeper
    The Vigilante
    The Lion
    The Saint
    The Cap
    Royal Decree
    Royal Edict
    Royal Order
    Royal Statute
    The Mistress
    Veteran Soldier
    Veteran Guard
    Veteran Infantry
    Veteran Cavalry
    The Savior
    The Tyrant
    The Cerberus
    Camouflage Pattern
    Camouflage Shroud
    Camouflage Masking
    Camouflage Veil
    The Trooper
    Flamme Verdi
    Trench Clearer
    Desert Dweller
    Straight Flush
    His Lordship

Morse code translation

While at a capture point and calling in an artillery strike, you will hear a short radio message and a string of Morse code over the telegraph. The translation of the Morse code message used in-game is simply the word “Morse”.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst reference

During the opening cutscene of the “Through Mud And Blood” war story, you can see the word “Faith” marked in white chalk on the interior of the tank. This is a reference to the game Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst , which is another game by the same developer, DICE. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst starred Faith Connors, a parkour expert that helps expose corruption in the futuristic city of Glass.

Easy “Mightier Than The Shovel” and “Up Close And Personal” trophies

In the “Breakdown” mission in the “Through Mud And Blood” war story, proceed along the road to the French village where you need to collect parts for your broken tank. This is the village with the windmill on the hill overlooking the town. Once you reach the village, look for a two-story house on the left with a mounted machine gun on the balcony and a soldier looking out the window, directly above a corner door. This is a building on the main street, near the edge of the town facing the windmill. Directly beneath the machine gun turret is the Cavalry Sword under a table on the first floor. Collect it, then kill an enemy with it to get the “Mightier Than The Shovel” trophy. Kill nine more enemies with it to get the “Up Close And Personal” trophy. Note: This is more easily done on a lower difficulty.

Easy “Shock Wave” trophy

In the tank section in the “Through Mud And Blood” war story, get out of your tank at the fortified intersection guarded by the anti-tank guns in the destroyed town. Run directly to the dynamite crate and start throwing dynamite at the confused soldiers in the area. This will only work if you have not already killed all the defenders with your tank —- just disable the cannons, and the regular soldiers will not be able to hurt your Mark V tank. Note: This is more easily done on a lower difficulty.

Easy “Triple Boluk-Bashi” trophy

During the “Young Men’s Work” mission in the “Nothing Is Written” war story, your main objective is to kill three Ottoman officers and steal their satchels. They are automatically marked as main objectives and impossible to miss. The Ottoman officers wear a different outfit than the rest of the soldiers (black coat). Get very close to each of them and perform a melee kill with your knife to get the “Triple Boluk-Bashi” trophy and complete the “T.E. Lawrence” codex entry. You can ride past most enemies with your horse — rush to the officers and quickly kill them.


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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Support Enlistment (Gold): Reach Support Rank 2 in multiplayer.
    Scout Enlistment (Gold): Reach Scout Rank 2 in multiplayer.
    Up close and personal (Bronze): Perform a melee kill on 10 enemies anywhere in the campaign.
    The hills of Gallipoli (Silver): Unlock all Codex Entries in The Runner.
    Catching up on some reading (Bronze): Collect one Field Manual in the campaign.
    The War to End All Wars (Silver): Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty.
    The Great War (Bronze): Complete the campaign on Normal difficulty.
    Mightier than the shovel (Bronze): Find the hidden Cavalry Sword and take down an enemy on the French countryside in the campaign.
    Operations (Bronze): Win 1 Operation in multiplayer.
    Play the Objective (Bronze): Complete 25 Squad Orders in multiplayer.
    Counter-sniper (Bronze): Using a bolt action rifle, kill an enemy Scout in multiplayer.
    Corporal (Bronze): Reach Rank 10 in multiplayer.
    Warbonds (Bronze): Earn 450 Warbonds in multiplayer.
    Medic Enlistment (Gold): Reach Medic Rank 2 in multiplayer.
    Assault Enlistment (Gold): Reach Assault Rank 2 in multiplayer.
    Enough for a library (Gold): Collect all Field Manuals in the campaign.
    Triple Boluk-Bashi (Silver): Kill all 3 Ottoman officers in Young Men’s Work with melee kills in the campaign.
    Up to the challenge (Bronze): Complete one challenge in the campaign.
    Sound of thunder (Silver): Unlock all Codex Entries in Through Mud and Blood.
    Conquering the mountains (Silver): Unlock all Codex Entries in Avanti Savoia!
    Putting in the effort (Silver): Complete 10 challenges in the campaign.
    Master of adaptation (Gold): Complete all challenges in the campaign.
    Nothing is Written (Bronze): Complete Nothing is Written.
    Through Mud and Blood (Bronze): Complete Through Mud and Blood.
    Decorated (Silver): Reach Rank 1 with all 4 Infantry classes in multiplayer.
    Friends in High Places (Bronze): Complete Friends in High Places.
    Taking down giants (Silver): Unlock all Codex Entries in Friends in High Places.
    All men dream (Silver): Unlock all Codex Entries in Nothing is Written.
    Avanti Savoia! (Bronze): Complete Avanti Savoia!
    The Runner (Bronze): Complete The Runner.
    Shock Wave (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies by using dynamite in the campaign.
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