Dead By Daylight DLC: The Complete List of Killers, Maps, and Perks

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight.

Dead By Daylight DLC: The Complete List of Killers, Maps, and Perks

Dead By Daylight is an online survival horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. The game is a one-versus-four game, in which one player as a Killer must hunt down and kill four Survivors. The Killer’s aim is to impale each Survivor on a sacrificial hook, while the Survivors must avoid being caught and look to escape through a variety of methods. If Survivors get caught, they can put aside the main objective to try to help their friend, although it’s certainly not a requirement. The win condition for the Survivors is the power-up of five generators, at which point the game will end.

Dead By Daylight DLC

In the years since the game was first released, developer Behaviour Interactive has not been slow in releasing new content for Dead By Daylight. There have been a total of 34 DLC packs for the game, each coming with its Killers, Survivors, maps, and perks. It’s a truly enormous amount of DLC, and, understandably, new players struggle to comprehend the sheer volume of it all. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to the DLC in Dead By Daylight!

The Last Breath

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's The Last Breath.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

The first DLC pack released for Dead By Daylight, The Last Breath, was released in August 2016. Nowadays, it is automatically included in the base game upon purchase.

The Last Breath added a single Killer, The Nurse, a powerful creature with a power called Blink, which allows her to teleport between two locations. She also came with three Perks of her own. These are:

  • Stridor
  • Thanatophobia
  • A Nurse’s Calling

To compliment The Nurse, The Last Breath adds Nea Karlsson as a Survivor. Her Perks during gameplay are:

  • Balanced Landing
  • Urban Evasion
  • Streetwise

Finally, the DLC adds the Crotus Prenn Asylum realm, which includes one map: the Disturbed Ward. The Crotus Prenn Asylum has one other map, which we’ll get to in a later DLC pack.


A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Halloween.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Based upon the horror franchise of the same name, the Halloween DLC for Dead By Daylight is the first-ever collaboration for the game. It was released for $6.99 in October 2016 to celebrate the spookiest time of the year.

The Halloween pack introduces iconic villain Michael Myers as a Killer, his blank, emotionless mask instantly recognizable to fans of the genre. His in-game perks are:

  • Save the Best for Last
  • Play With Your Food
  • Dying Light

On the other side, the DLC gives you Laurie Strode as a Survivor, the protagonist of Halloween. Her perks are:

  • Sole Survivor
  • Object of Obsession
  • Decisive Strike

This DLC adds the Haddonfield realm, which has just a single map: Lampkin Lane. Here, you can visit Michael Myers’ home, as well as the Doyle and Wallace house.

Of Flesh and Mud

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Of Flesh and Mud.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Released in December 2016, Of Flesh and Mud is an original piece of DLC for Dead By Daylight, available for $6.99. Console versions of the game now get this DLC pack pre-installed upon purchase.

The Killer here is The Hag, a witch from a bygone era returned to cause havoc in the present. Her perks are:

  • Hex: The Third Seal
  • Hex: Ruin
  • Hex: Devour Hope

To combat The Hag, you’re given Ace Visconti as a Survivor in Of Flesh and Mud. His perks are:

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  • Open-Handed
  • Up the Ante
  • Ace in the Hole

Of Flesh and Mind includes the Backwater Swamp realm, which arrives with The Pale Rose and the Grim Pantry maps.

Left Behind

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Left Behind.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Left Behind is a smaller piece of DLC, released for free in March 2017. It introduces just a single Survivor, William ‘Bill’ Overbeck, as seen in the legendary Left 4 Dead games. Bill comes with a few perks of his own, which are:

  • Left Behind
  • Borrowed Time
  • Unbreakable

Spark of Madness

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Spark of Madness.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

May 2017’s Spark of Madness DLC for Dead By Daylight was released for $6.99, and was a return to more expansive packs. Like Of Flesh and Mud, Spark of Madness now comes pre-installed on console versions of the game.

The Killer of Spark of Madness is The Doctor, an experimenter who fell victim to his own ambition. His perks are:

  • Overwhelming Presence
  • Monitor & Abuse
  • Overcharge

The Survivor on the other side of Spark of Madness is Feng Min, an eSports competitor stuck in a terrible situation. Her unique perks are:

  • Technician
  • Lithe
  • Alert

This DLC also adds the realm Léry’s Memorial Institute, which comes with just one map to speak of. This is the Treatment Theatre, a tiny map compared to most in Dead By Daylight.

A Lullaby for the Dark

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's A Lullaby for the Dark.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

A Lullaby for the Dark is a July 2017 DLC for Dead By Daylight released for free as a thank you to the community for its support.

This pack adds The Huntress as the Killer, an original character created for A Lullaby for the Dark. As always, she has three perks of her own, which are:

  • Beast of Prey
  • Territorial Imperative
  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby

The Survivor here is David King, who is presented as a scrapper. His playstyle in-game is generally regarded as high-risk and high-reward, with the following perks available for use:

  • We’re Gonna Live Forever
  • Dead Hard
  • No Mither

This chapter also saw the introduction of the Red Forest realm, with the first map being Mother’s Dwelling. Behaviour Interactive would later revisit this realm, but A Lullaby for the Dark was where it all started.


A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Leatherface

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

The Leatherface DLC for Dead By Daylight isn’t a fully-fledged download compared to some of these packs. Released for $4.99 in September 2017, the pack introduces a single new Killer: Leatherface, as seen in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His in-game perks are:

  • Knock Out
  • Barbecue & Chilli
  • Franklin’s Demise

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's A Nightmare on Elm Street.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Based on the films of the same name, A Nightmare on Elm Street is a DLC pack that feels like the perfect collaboration with Dead By Daylight. Released in October 2017 for $6.99, the pack sees one of the horror genre’s most iconic villains brought into the game.

The Killer here is none other than Freddy Krueger. His appearance here is based on the 2010 film remake of the original, but that doesn’t make him any less iconic. His unique set of perks are:

  • Fire Up
  • Remember Me
  • Blood Warden

The Survivor of A Nightmare on Elm Street is Quentin Smith, a Dreamwalker who makes it easier to resist Freddy Krueger’s attacks. His three perks are:

  • Wake Up!
  • Pharmacy
  • Vigil

The pack also introduced the Springwood realm. While A Nightmare on Elm Street only brought a single map, Badham Preschool I, it would later go on to be one of the most used realms in the game.


A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Saw.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Another huge horror series collaboration, Saw is a January 2018 release that became available for $6.99. Notably, the pack didn’t include Jigsaw as a playable character, arguably one of the most iconic horror villains of all time.

Instead, the Killer we got was The Pig, a subject of Jigsaw’s who survived his twisted games, emerging on the other side worse for wear. The perks she can use in-game are:

  • Scourge Hook: Hangman’s Trick
  • Surveillance
  • Make Your Choice

The Survivor for the Saw pack is David Tapp, a detective looking to see killers brought to justice. His set of perks are focused on determination, and persevering in even the darkest of situations. They are:

  • Tenacity
  • Detective’s Hunch
  • Stake Out

Gideon Meat Plant is the realm introduced by Saw in Dead By Daylight, with just a single map to speak of: The Abattoir. This map has an interesting element of verticality to it, enabled by the factory setting.

Curtain Call

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Curtain Call.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Curtain Call is an original content pack for Dead By Daylight, with a set of original characters available. Released in June 2018 for $6.99, it came a while after the Saw pack.

The Killer of Curtain Call is The Clown. It’s such a common horror trope, that it’s almost surprising that it took so long to introduce to the game. The Clown’s perks are:

  • Bamboozle
  • Coulrophobia
  • Pop Goes The Weasel

On the other side, you have Kate Denson, the Survivor of Curtain Call. A performer at heart, Denson playstyle is about using her surroundings to the best of her abilities. Her perks focus on this too – they are:

  • Dance With Me
  • Windows of Opportunity
  • Boil Over

In terms of maps, Curtain Call adds Father Campbell’s Chapel to the Crotus Prenn Asylum. Introduced in The Last Breath, it marks the first time the game returned to an earlier realm to add new content.

Shattered Bloodline

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Shattered Bloodline.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Shattered Bloodline was another original release for Dead By Daylight, arriving in September 2018 for $6.99.

The Killer of Shattered Bloodline is The Spirit, which introduces some supernatural elements to the game. Her special power allows her to actually teleport across the map without being seen, and her perks only help to empower her. These are:

  • Spirit Fury
  • Hex: Haunted Ground
  • Rancor

Adam Francis is the Survivor brought in by Shattered Bloodline, a resourceful teacher who specializes in distracting the Killer in desperate moments. His perks are:

  • Diversion
  • Deliverance
  • Autodidact

The Shattered Bloodline DLC also saw the debut of the Yamaoka Estate realm, a Japanese-themed area with the Family Residence map. While the map teases two floors, only the lower floor is actually used in the playable space.

Darkness Among Us

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Darkness Among Us.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

The Darkness Among Us pack was the tenth main piece of chapter DLC for Dead By Daylight, released in December 2018 for $6.99. As the third original piece of DLC in a row, it marked almost a year since the last horror collaboration was released.

The Killers here are The Legion, a group of four murderers that have the ability to rush down helpless Survivors. It’s the first time the game has experimented with having multiple Killers playable under one name, making it an interesting choice. The Legion shares one set of perks, which are:

  • Discordance
  • Mad Grit
  • Iron Maiden

To combat The Legion, you can play as new survivor Jeff Johansen in Darkness Among Us. His play style is more observational, with his perks being centered around remaining hidden from the Killers. These perks are:

  • Breakdown
  • Aftercare
  • Distortion

This Dead By Daylight DLC pack introduces the Ormond realm for the first time, which comes with the Mount Ormond Resort map. As a three-story cottage, you can move up the stairs and jump from balconies, so it’s quite a vertical map to play on.

Demise of the Faithful

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Demise of the Faithful.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Demise of the Faithful is another original piece of DLC for Dead By Daylight, available for $6.99 from March 2019.

The Plague is the new Killer this time around, a former High Priestess of Babylon now back from the dead. Using her Vile Purge power, she is able to infect Survivors, making her a powerful Killer. However, the amount of mechanics the character has makes her difficult for newer players. Her unique perks are:

  • Corrupt Intervention
  • Infectious Fright
  • Dark Devotion

Buying Demise of the Faithful gives you Jane Romero as a Survivor, a celebrity lost in the Red Forest. Her perks center around her aptitude for helping others, and they are:

  • Solidarity
  • Poised
  • Head On

For the new map in Demise of the Faithful, we return to the Red Forest realm introduced in A Lullaby for the Dark. This time around, we’re introduced to The Temple of Purgation, a hidden Temple in the middle of the forest.

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Ash vs Evil Dead

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Ash vs Evil Dead.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Based on the television show of the same name, the Ash vs Evil Dead DLC was released in April 2019 for $4.99. With no Killers or maps to speak of, it instead introduces the Survivor Ashley J. Williams as portrayed by Bruce Campbell. He has three perks of his own, which are:

  • Flip-Flop
  • Buckle Up
  • Mettle of Man

Ghost Face

A Steam promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Ghost Face DLC.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

The Ghost Face DLC depicts the antagonist of the Scream movies, brought into the game in June 2019 for $4.99. This pack only has a single Killer, Ghost Face. It’s a shame that we don’t get a map or a Survivor in this pack, but for the price, it’s hard to complain. These are the unique perks for Ghost Face:

  • I’m All Ears
  • Thrilling Tremors
  • Furtive Chase

Stranger Things

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Stranger Things.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Another huge collaboration, the Stranger Things DLC was available from September 2019. However, it left all marketplaces in November 2021 and is no longer available for purchase.

The Killer here is The Demogorgon, a monster from the Upside Down in the TV show. Their main strength is their mobility, able to move around the map swiftly to dispatch of any Survivors. Their perks are:

  • Surge
  • Cruel Limits
  • Mindbreaker

In a first for Dead By Daylight, the Stranger Things DLC introduced two survivors, fan favorites Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. Rather than sharing the same perks, they actually have their own unique ones that better represent their characters. Steve’s perks are:

  • Babysitter
  • Camaraderie
  • Second Wind

Meanwhile, Nancy’s perks are:

  • Better Together
  • Fixated
  • Inner Strength

This pack also introduced the Hawkins National Laboratory realm, which a map titled The Underground Complex. With this pack’s removal from all storefronts, this map has since been retired from the game too.

Cursed Legacy

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Cursed Legacy.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

After a few fun collaborations, Cursed Legacy saw the return of original Dead By Daylight DLC content. Released in December 2019, the pack was made available for $6.99, as is the same for all major content drops in-game.

The Killer for Cursed Legacy is The Oni, a devilish creature with the ability to absorb blood energy of injured foes. This character is seen as one of the hardest Killers to use in-game, due to the complexity of its mechanics. The perks here are:

  • Zanshin Tactics
  • Blood Echo
  • Nemesis

Yui Kimura is the Survivor here, a new character shown as a street racer. As a result, her gameplay involves using her speed to her advantage. Her perks are:

  • Lucky Break
  • Any Means Necessary
  • Breakout

The new map in Cursed Legacy is the Sanctum of Wrath, which returns to the Yamaoka Estate first introduced in Shattered Bloodline. Interestingly, Sanctum of Wrath is exactly the same size as Family Residence, with both coming in at 156 sq ft.

Chains of Hate

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Chains of Hate.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Cursed Legacy was then quickly followed by Chains of Hate, released in March 2020 for $6.99.

The Deathslinger was introduced as the Killer for Chains of Hate, with his main strength lying in his ability to catch Survivors from a distance. His perks are:

  • Gearhead
  • Dead Man’s Switch
  • Hex: Retribution

Meanwhile, Dead By Daylight brings Zarina Kassir as the Survivor for Chains of Hate. As a documentarian, her smarts allow her to avoid detection, making her a sneaky Survivor to play as. Her three unique perks are:

  • Off the Record
  • Red Herring
  • For the People

The new realm here is the Grave of Glenvale, which is Wild West-themed for the first time. Dead Dawg Saloon is the new map, and its unique theme really sets it apart from the rest of the DLC.

Silent Hill

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Silent Hill.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

We’re back to the horror crossovers once more – Silent Hill was released in June 2020 for $6.99. Based on the iconic video game series, it’s a collaboration that makes total sense for both parties.

There’s no doubt that the Killer here, Pyramid Head, looks kind of goofy. Despite that, he can still be a force to be reckoned with during the Trials. His set of perks are:

  • Forced Penance
  • Trail of Torment
  • Deathbound

The Survivor here is Cheryl Mason, based on her later appearances in the Silent Hill games. In the series, she’s not exactly a main protagonist, making her an interesting choice here. Her perks are:

  • Soul Guard
  • Blood Pact
  • Repressed Alliance

This pack also brings the Silent Hill realm, with the Midwich Elementary School map alongside it. It’s an extremely fun map with multiple levels of verticality at play, with an atmosphere straight out of the Silent Hill games.

Descend Beyond

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Descend Beyond.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Descend Beyond is a September 2020 DLC pack for Dead By Daylight, available for $6.99 upon release. Despite the price tag remaining the same as most packs, it is one of the smaller content drops to date.

The Blight is the Killer in Descend Beyond, an original character that is the result of many human experiments. His perks are:

  • Dragon’s Grip
  • Hex: Blood Favour
  • Hex: Undying

The Blight is contrasted by the Survivor, Felix Richter. As an architect, his character is centered around building a plan to beat the Killers. To help him achieve this are his three unique perks, which are:

  • Visionary
  • Desperate Measures
  • Built to Last

Interestingly, Descend Beyond doesn’t actually introduce a new Dead By Daylight map, making it the first to do so since the Ghost Face DLC.

A Binding of Kin

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's A Binding of Kin.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

A Binding of Kin is an original DLC pack for Dead By Daylight, with a standard $6.99 pricetag and a December 2020 release date.

The pack introduces The Twins, the Killers of this DLC. A pair of conjoined twins, the duo are some of the more visually unique Killers in all of Dead By Daylight. They’re extremely efficient hunters, shown in the following perks:

  • Hoarder
  • Oppression
  • Coup de Grâce

To combat The Twins, the game added Élodie Rakato as the new Survivor. As an investigator, it’s her cunning that keeps her alive in such dire situations. Her perks are:

  • Appraisal
  • Deception
  • Power Struggle

Like Descend Beyond, A Binding of Kin fails to introduce a new map, with new characters still the focus for Behaviour Interactive.


A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's All-Kill.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

The All-Kill DLC pack for Dead By Daylight is unique in that takes a dramatic change in tone from the rest of the game. This K-Pop-themed download was released in March 2021 for $6.99.

The Trickster is the Killer of this pack, a fallen K-Pop idol with an enormous bloodlust. It’s a unique concept that pulls away from the extremely serious vibe of the rest of the packs. The perks available to The Trickster are as follows:

  • Starstruck
  • Hex: Crowd Control
  • No Way Out

Yun-Jin Lee is the Survivor of All-Kill, a music producer who once helped nurture the talent of The Trickster. The duo’s personal connection makes this violence all the more interesting. Her perks are:

  • Fast Track
  • Smash Hit
  • Self-Preservation

For the third release in a row, this pack didn’t bring a new map into the game. At this point, it had been almost nine months without a new map to explore, with one in desperate need.

Resident Evil

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Resident Evil.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

As one of the most iconic horror video game series of all time, it was a matter of time before Resident Evil had its moment in Dead By Daylight. Released in June 2021, it was priced at $11.99, higher than every piece of DLC prior.

The Resident Evil pack saw the release of a new Killer called The Nemesis, as he appears in the 2020 remake of Resident Evil 3. Deadly from mid-to-close range, The Nemesis can call on the support of Zombies in the area to take down his foes. The Nemesis’ perks are:

  • Lethal Pursuer
  • Hysteria
  • Eruption

Like the Stranger Things pack before it, Resident Evil released two new Survivors: Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine. Both have unique perks, with Leon’s being:

  • Bite the Bullet
  • Flashbang
  • Rookie Spirit

Meanwhile, Jill’s perks are:

  • Counterforce
  • Resurgence
  • Blast Mine

After a year of waiting, this DLC introduced the Raccoon City realm, with the Raccoon City Police Station as a playable map within. It was a long-awaited release, giving players a fresh map to master.


A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Hellraiser.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Released in September 2021 for $4.99, the Hellraiser DLC pack brings a single Killer into the roster: Pinhead. Fans of horror movies should recognize this character who arrives with three perks:

  • Deadlock
  • Hex: Plaything
  • Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain

Hour of the Witch

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Hour of the Witch.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Hour of the Witch is an original DLC pack for Dead by Daylight, released in October 2021 for $4.99. It brings a new Survivor, Mikaela Reid, a new character obsessed with horror stories. Now, she’s living one of her own. Her three perks are:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Boon: Circle of Healing
  • Boon: Shadow Step

Portrait of a Murder

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Portrait of a Murder.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Players could pick up Portrait of a Murder from November 2021 for $6.99, bringing a few original pieces of content into Dead by Daylight.

The Artist is the new Killer here. She is able to use her Dire Crows to catch any unsuspecting survivors, shutting down areas of the map. Her set of unique perks are:

  • Grim Embrace
  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance
  • Hex: Pentiments

She is contrasted by Jonah Vasquez, the Survivor of Portrait of a Murder. Portrayed as a mathematical mastermind, his strength comes from his ability to think his way out of any situation. This is reflected by the following perks available to him:

  • Overcome
  • Corrective Action
  • Boon: Exponential

Alongside the two characters above, Portrait of a Murder also introduces the Forsaken Boneyard realm with the Eyrie of Crows map.

Sadako Rising

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Sadako Rising.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

A March 2022 release, Sadako Rising is another horror collaboration available for $6.99. Based on the Japanese horror novel franchise Ring, many might recognize it more from the 2002 film, The Ring.

The Killer of Sadako Rising is none other than The Onryō, a terrifying ghost that can silently move around the world. Her perks are powerful, making her a fearsome foe for any Survivor:

  • Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage
  • Call of Brine
  • Merciless Storm

Up to the task is Survivor Yoichi Asakawa, who is depicted as an adult version of the character that appears in the 1998 horror movie, Ring. His perks are:

  • Parental Guidance
  • Empathic Connection
  • Boon: Dark Theory

Like some of the recent DLC packs for Dead By Daylight, Sadako Rising did not introduce a new map to the game.

Roots of Dread

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Roots of Dread.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Roots of Dread is a June 2022 DLC pack for Dead By Daylight, released to pick up for $6.99.

The Dredge is added as a Killer, a new character shown as a total abomination. Despite its appearance, its ability to teleport between lockers makes it a tough opponent. Its perks are:

  • Dissolution
  • Darkness Revealed
  • Septic Touch

On the other side, you’ve got Haddie Kaur, a podcaster-turned-Survivor in Roots of Dread. Her main strength is centered around her ability to track Survivors and Killers, making her useful in fast-paced games. Her perks are:

  • Inner Focus
  • Residual Manifest
  • Overzealous

Resident Evil: Project W

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Resident Evil: Project W.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Another Resident Evil crossover, Resident Evil: Project W has been available since August 2022 for $11.99 in Dead By Daylight.

The Mastermind appears as the Killer, based on his appearance in Resident Evil 5. His perks are:

  • Superior Anatomy
  • Awakened Awareness
  • Terminus

Like the previous Resident Evil crossover, this pack adds two Survivors: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. The duo has no connection in the games, so have their own set of unique perks in-game. Ada’s perks are:

  • Wiretap
  • Reactive Healing
  • Low Profile

Rebecca’s perks are:

  • Better Than New
  • Reassurance
  • Hyperfocus

Forged in Fog

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Forged in Fog.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Forged in Fog is a November 2022 DLC release for Dead By Daylight, available for $6.99.

The Knight is the Killer addition this time around, with an army of faithful Guards at his disposal to help search for any Survivors. His three perks are:

  • Nowhere to Hide
  • Hex: Face the Darkness
  • Hubris

He is met in combat by Survivor Vittorio Toscano, a wanderer now just looking to survive. His set of perks include:

  • Potential Energy
  • Fogwise
  • Quick Gambit

Tools of Torment

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Tools of Torment.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

Released in March 2023, Tools of Torment is one of the newest DLC packs for Dead By Daylight. It can currently be picked up for $11.99.

Tools of Torment‘s new Killer is The Skull Merchant, a tactical murderer who has the ability to place Drones to weed out any hiding Survivors. Her perks are:

  • Leverage
  • Game Afoot

In a series first, Tools of Torment introduces two new original Survivors. The rest of the two-Survivor packs have all been collaborations, until now. These are Renato Lyra and Thalita Lyra, a brother and sister duo trying to survive their encounters with the Killer. Renato’s perks are:

  • Blood Rush
  • Teamwork: Collective Stealth
  • Background Player

Meanwhile, Thalita’s perks are:

  • Friendly Competition
  • Teamwork: Power of Two
  • Cut Loose

End Transmission

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's End Transmission.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

End Transmission is a June 2023 release for Dead By Daylight, available now for $6.99.

The pack brings one new Killer, The Singularity. His main strength is his ability to launch Biopods, which means he can move swiftly from one side of the map to the other. His in-game perks are:

  • Genetic Limits
  • Forced Hesitation
  • Machine Learning

Gabriel Soma is the Survivor introduced to combat The Singularity. An engineer, he is especially useful during the repair of generators. His perks are:

  • Troubleshooter
  • Made for This
  • Scavenger

Nicolas Cage

A promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Nicolas Cage pack.

©Behaviour Interactive – Original

The Nicolas Cage DLC for Dead By Daylight was released in July 2023 for $4.99, bringing the iconic actor into the game. It’s a small pack, and only adds Nicolas Cage as a Survivor. His perks are:

  • Dramaturgy
  • Scene Partner
  • Plot Twist


An August 2023 release, the Alien crossover is the newest Dead By Daylight DLC pack available for $6.99. Over seven years after the game’s release, it’s impressive that support for the title has continued for so long, with so many recognizable names continuing to be included.

The Killer is of course the legendary Xenomorph. Seemingly unstoppable, the Xenomorph uses everything in its power to strike fear into its opponents. Its perks are:

  • Rapid Brutality
  • Alien Instinct
  • Ultimate Weapon

Of course, you can’t have the Xenomorph without Ellen Ripley, the Survivor of the Alien pack for Dead By Daylight. Based on her depiction by Sigourney Weaver in the original film, Ripley uses her smarts to escape the Killer’s grasp.

  • Chemical Trap
  • Light-Footed
  • Lucky Star

Is Dead By Daylight DLC Worth The Money?

A Steam promotional image for Dead By Daylight's Halloween DLC.
You can probably get away with choosing your Dead By Daylight DLC carefully.

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One thing you should be aware of with Dead By Daylight‘s DLC is that you can still play the maps without owning the pack. As long as one person in the lobby owns the pack, it’ll be a possible map in the pool.

The only restriction is on characters. If you don’t own a pack, you can’t play as the character – it’s as simple as that. Because of this, it might be worth deciding your favorites of the bunch, and going from there. If you’re a huge fan of Strangers Things, but not of Halloween, there’s ultimately not a big reason to pick up the latter pack. Especially when you can still play on the Lampkin Lane map regardless.

Ultimately, there’s a lot of DLC for Dead By Daylight. You can spend tons of cash picking it all up, and we’d recommend you scour through yourself to see exactly what you think is worth your time. Grabbing a few of your favorites would be our best advice.

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