Dead by Daylight Gets Saw DLC

Dead by Daylight Gets Saw DLC

Dead by Daylight is getting a new DLC with an unexpected familiar title, Saw . This delightful crossover will add a new map, survivor, and killer to the game. The Saw Chapter is available already now and costs $6.99. This seems like a fair price to pay for some incredibly creepy new additions.

Let’s start with the map. Dead by Daylight ‘s Saw map is called Gideon Meat Plant, and this is the home of our dangerous new killer. While it was once used to kill and process animals for food, this plant now gives death a brand new meaning. The Saw Chapter’s killer brings their victims here to test their mettle, and possibly let them die.

The killer in question is the ever recognizable Pig from the Saw universe. The Pig is Jigsaw’s moodier and more deadly protege. Unlike Jigsaw, who sets out simply to test humanity’s will to survive, the Pig revels in death. This makes the Pig a more worthy adversary in Dead by Daylight . Those who take on the position of the killer will be given three perks, an active ability, and the ability to test their victims with bear traps. The Pig’s three perks are Hangman’s Trick, Surveillance, and Make Your Choice. In order, the Hangman’s Trick allows the Pig to modify Hooks to repair quickly after sabotage or sacrifice. The Pig will also be aware when victims start toying with the Hooks. Surveillance is an Aura ability that allows the Pig to see generators’ last Auras. Finally, Make Your Choice puts the Exposed status effect on survivors who save a friend from Hooks 32, 40, or 48 meters away from you (for 60 seconds). The Pig’s active ability allows the killer player to crouch and execute an ambush attack.

Last, but oh so certainly not least, is the ability for the Pig to utilize Reverse Bear Traps. These should be pretty familiar to Saw fans. Survivors who have a Reverse Bear Trap placed on them will have to hunt the map for Jigsaw Boxes, one of which will contain a key that matches their Trap. There are two ways that the Bear Traps will trigger: when a timer runs out, or when the player wearing it goes past an Exit Gate. The timer starts on Bear Traps when a generator is completed. These Traps are absolutely lethal when they trigger. They are automatically put on Dying Survivors.

Finally, the new survivor added to Dead by Daylight for this Saw Chapter is David Tapp. He’s a smart and dedicated detective who is looking to bring the Pig down and end the insanity. He has three perks: Tenacity, Detective’s Hunch, and Stake Out. With the Tenacity perk, David Tapp can crawl and recover faster during dicey situations. Detective’s Hunch is Tapp’s Aura perk which is directly related to the completion of Generators. When one is finished, Tapp can then see objectives on Maps that reveal such things. He can also see where the closest Totems, Chests, and Auras of Generators are for three seconds. Finally, Tapp’s last perk is Stake Out. Stake Out gains Tapp a Token when he stands in the Killer Terror Radius (not in a Chase) for a certain undisclosed period of time. This Token can be used to make Good Skill Checks into Great Skill Checks.

If you’re already interesting in the Saw Chapter for Dead by Daylight , I wish you the best of luck taking on the Pig!

Source: Dead by Daylight Steam

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