Pokemon Violet Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon violet

Pokemon Violet Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Violet is a role-playing game developed by GameFreak, released in 2022. It was released with its adjoining game Pokemon Scarlet. While there were mixed opinions about the title, the games sold over 10 million copies in the first three days. By March 2022, the games had sold over 22 million copies, cementing them as the biggest launch for Nintendo of all time. Pokemon Violet accounted for over 50% of that generation’s sales.

The games feature an open-world environment with multiple routes for the player to complete. Players can do these routes anytime, translating to Pokemon Violet offering some of the most freedom in any Pokemon game. This differs heavily from past titles, which had set routes and storylines for every player to follow. Fans and critics alike praise the open environment for its added depth to the story.

Pokemon Violet
Battle your way to victory and catch them all in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.

Pokemon Violet Premise  

Pokemon Violet beings with the player choosing their character, either Florian or Juliana. This installment allows players to customize their character names and appearance, like hairstyle and look. The game is set in the Paldea region, which takes inspiration from the Iberian Peninsula. Once the game begins, players will leave home as they attend Uva Academy in Mesagoza. Players will also choose their starting Pokemon: Sprigatito (Grass-type), Fuecoco (Fire-type), or Quaxly (Water-type).

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Along their journey, players will quickly find a legendary Pokemon, Miraidon, who cannot battle. Miraidon will assist the player throughout the game, slowly regaining its strength throughout the story. A few days after arriving at the academy, the Treasure Hunt begins, challenging students to travel around the region and find their “personal treasure”. Then the game opens up and allows players to choose from Victory Road, Path of Legends, or Starfall Street. Players can complete these three routes in any order and at any time.

The typical story of battling gym leaders and becoming the Champion is a part of Victory Road. Players used to that being the game’s main objective will experience that story and get a taste of nostalgia. Path of Legends has players battle five giant Pokemon to collect their Herba Mystica, which has fantastic health benefits for those who use it. Starfall Street takes the player and friends on a narrative journey to take down Team Star, the bullies of Uva Academy.   

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are some of the most expansive games. While fans differ on their favorite story and plotlines, it is widely agreed that Pokemon Violet has one of the best stories in the series. Its open world, coupled with player choices and three storylines to follow, makes this one of the best Pokemon games in recent history.  

Pokemon Violet Main Characters

Florian/Juliana: These two are the main characters of Pokemon Violet, depending on if the player chooses a boy or girl at the start of the game. Players can also opt to choose their own name to give a more personalized experience. Both characters live in Cabo Poco and attend Uva Academy. They are friends with Nemona, a rival and student council president who is also a champion-ranked trainer.   

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Nemona: Nemona is the friend and rival of Florian/Juliana. At the start of the game, she will choose the Pokemon that has a type-weakness to the players. She is a Pokemon Champion and head of the student council at Uva Academy. She can be battled as a random opponent in the Ace Tournaments at the Academy. Found throughout the game she can offer the player lots of advice and guidance.

Penny: Penny is a Uva Academy student with the same grade as the player. Although she often misses her classes and has a timid personality, she has advanced knowledge of machines and computers. Players will be first introduced to her after they save her from a group of students in Team Star.   

Professor Turo: Professor Turo is a scientist who studied the Great Crater of Paldea. In-game, he appears as an AI copy of himself. Turo is the reason why players will run into Miraidon at the beginning of the game. He is obsessed with research on Pokemon and time travel. His goal was to be able to successfully capture Pokemon from different ages and bring them to the present. His storyline can be in the Path of Legends and The Way Home.  

Team Star: Team Star are the antagonists and bullies of Uva Academy. At the beginning of the game, they are bullying Penny and pressuring her to join them. Team Star also gets its own storyline in Starfall Street as the player goes to each of the five squads, defeating each boss. The group isn’t what they seem to be, however, as it’s revealed that the group consists of members who were bullied in the past.   

Pokemon violet
Explore the vast Paldea region and all five zones in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.

Pokemon Violet Titles in the Series

The Pokemon franchise began in 1996 and has released games for over 25 years. The series contains over 100 games, each grouped into their own generations. The franchise is one of the most successful franchises in video game history and has its own line of playing cards, toys, and adaptations for both TV and film. The titles in the series are as follows. 

  • Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow (1996)
  • Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal (1999)
  • Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald (2002)
  • Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (2004)
  • Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum (2006)
  • Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver (2009)
  • Pokémon Black and White (2010)
  • Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 (2012)
  • Pokémon X and Y (2013)
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (2014)
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon (2016)
  • Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (2017)
  • Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! and Let’s Go Pikachu! (2018)
  • Pokémon Sword and Shield (2019)
  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (2021)
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus (2022)
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (2022)
Pokemon Violet
Follow three engaging storylines that give players a fresh new take on the Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon Violet Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, Pokemon Violet does not contain any official cheats or cheat codes. While other titles in the series didn’t include cheats, there were various ways of altering gameplay through the use of Action Replay cards or emulators. Since Pokemon Violet is a Switch game, the only way to add cheats would be to hack the system. However, doing so can lead to problems with your account, such as a permanent ban from Nintendo.    

GameFreak has been quick to patch glitches and exploits found in-game. Any player interested in using these glitches must have an older copy of the game before the patches. This is possible to do with a physical copy of the game, but players with digital versions that are automatically updated are out of luck.

Pokemon Violet FAQ

Are there cheats for Pokemon Violet? 

No, there are no official cheat codes for Pokemon Violet or Scarlet. While there are exploits and glitches, these are usually patched and fixed, meaning that current game versions will not have them. This also applies to any other Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch. 

How to cheat in Pokemon Violet?
Players cannot cheat in Pokemon Violet unless they use exploits or glitches. The developers, GameFreak, have yet to implement any way to alter gameplay or items officially. While it would be a great addition to the series as a whole, players can expect future Pokemon games to feature the same anti-cheat philosophy. 

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