Pokemon Gold Cheats & Cheat Codes for Game Boy Color

A screenshot from Pokemon Gold.

Pokemon Gold Cheats & Cheat Codes for Game Boy Color

Pokemon Gold is a 1999 RPG developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. As part of Gen II of the Pokemon series, the Game Boy Color title was crucial in establishing many of the core features that remain important to the franchise to this day. It was so influential in fact, that a 2009 remake titled Pokemon Heart Gold was eventually developed to improve on its dated graphics.

Pokemon Gold Premise

A screenshot from Pokemon Gold.
The gameplay of Pokemon Gold would inspire the franchise for years to come.

It’s easy to forget just how young the Pokemon franchise was when Pokemon Gold was first released. Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow were all hits, and the newer title had a lot to live up to. How Pokemon Gold chose to go about that was steady iteration, as opposed to heavy innovation. It kept the standard mechanics of catching, battling, and evolving Pokemon, with a basic story that was similar to the one found in previous games. It was such a strong base, so why change it?

Pokemon Gold saw the introduction of 100 new Pokemon, as well as new types of Poke Balls that you can use to catch them. As well as this, it added the Steel-type and Dark-type Pokemon, which changed the meta of battles irreversibly. Pokemon Gold was also the first game to add shinies, a rare variant of every Pokemon that has a different coloring. The biggest change of all was the addition of Pokemon breeding. If you leave a male and female Pokemon that share at least one breeding group at a Pokemon Daycare, there’s a chance they produce an egg. This eventually hatches into a Pokemon. While the feature in Pokemon Gold wasn’t as fully developed as it is in newer titles, it provided a great base to build upon.

Pokemon Gold Main Characters

A screenshot from Pokemon Gold.
The cast of Pokemon Gold is a small one.

As one of the older games in the series, Pokemon Gold hadn’t quite figured out what to do with its story yet. It was there, but it wasn’t until later entries that the stories became more intricate and interesting. This is reflected in the selection of characters available in the game. Here are the crucial ones you need to know before playing Pokemon Gold:

  • The Protagonist: The protagonist of Pokemon Gold is you, the player. Your story begins in the same way that every Pokemon game does. You’re given a Pokemon by the town’s professor and sent on an adventure that leads to you becoming a Pokemon Master. It’s pretty standard stuff, as far as Pokemon games are concerned.
  • Silver: Silver is the main rival in Pokemon Gold. He begins the game by stealing a Pokemon from Professor Elm, which sets him off on his journey. Silver is also the son of Team Rocket’s boss, Giovanni, but turns against the group later in the game.
  • Professor Elm: Professor Elm is the Pokemon Professor for Johto’s New Bark Town, specializing in Pokemon breeding. He’s used as a tool to introduce you to the game’s early mechanics but becomes less relevant as the game progresses.

Pokemon Gold Titles in the Series

A screenshot from Pokemon Gold.
Pokemon remains extremely popular worldwide.

Marking the start of Gen II of the Pokemon series, Pokemon Gold arrived alongside Silver, with Crystal releasing a year later. Released in the early days of the franchise, the game was crucial for ensuring Pokemon had true longevity in the games industry, as opposed to being a one-hit-wonder.

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Nowadays, Pokemon stands as one of the largest multimedia franchises in the world, with multiple releases in most calendar years. No matter whether it’s a spinoff or a mainline game in the franchise, gamers can’t get enough of everything that Pokemon has to offer.

Pokemon’s Long History

Pokemon Gold Cheat Codes

A screenshot from Pokemon Gold.
There’s a hefty selection of Pokemon Gold cheat codes.

If you want to use this set of Pokemon Gold cheat codes, you must meet at least one of two requirements. Game Boy Color players must own a GameShark cartridge to be able to enter these Pokemon Gold cheats. Alternatively, you can enter these via any Game Boy Color emulator to use Pokemon Gold cheat codes on PC instead.

Unlimited Rare Candies


Infinite Cash


Infinite HP


Infinite PP

1st move position: 012814CB
2nd move position: 012815CB
3rd move position: 012816CB
4th move position: 012817CB

Wild Pokemon Gender Modifier

Always encounter female Pokemon in the wild: 010419D1
Always encounter male Pokemon in the wild: 010519D1

Reset Gym Leader Fights


Change Gender of Caught Pokemon In First Position



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Quick Egg Hatch

1st Pokemon position: 010145DA
2nd Pokemon position: 010175DA
3rd Pokemon position: 0101A5DA
4th Pokemon position: 0101D5DA
5th Pokemon position: 010105DB
6th Pokemon position: 010135DB

Defeat Enemies in One Hit


Infinite Casino Coins


Give Masterball


Always Travel on Your Bike


Get All Starter Pokemon


Walk Through Walls


Guaranteed Shiny Pokemon Encounter


Teleport To Location

Enter 01XXEDC, replacing XX with the following location ID:

00: Home
01: Viridian City Pokemon Center
02: Pallet Town
03: Viridian City
04: Pewter City
05: Cerulean City
06: Near the Power Plant
07: Vermilion City
08: Lavender Town
09: Saffron City
0A: Celadon City
0B: Fuchsia City
0C: Cinnabar Island
0D: Indigo Plateau
0E: New Bark Town
0F: Cherrygrove City
10: Violet City
11: Union Cave
12: Azalea Town
13: Cianwood City
14: Goldenrod City
15: Olivine City
16; Ecruteak City
17: Mahogany Town
18: Lake Of Rage
19: Blackthorn City
1A: Mt. Silver
1B: S.S Aqua

No Random Pokemon Battles


Instantly Get All Sixteen Pokemon Gym Badges

Johto Badges: 01FF7CD5
Kanto Badges: 01FF7DD5

Wild Pokemon Modifier (Encounter any Pokemon)

Enter 01XXEDD0, replacing XX with the following Pokemon ID:

3F: Abra
8E: Aerodactyl
BE: Aipom
41: Alakazam
B5: Ampharos
18: Arbok
3B: Arcanine
A8: Ariados
90: Articuno
B8: Azumarill
99: Bayleef
0F: Beedrill
B6: Bellossom
45: Bellsprout
09: Blastoise
F2: Blissey
01: Bulbasaur
0C: Butterfree
0A: Caterpie
FB: Celebi
71: Chansey
06: Charizard
04: Charmander
05: Charmeleon
98: Chikorita
AA: Chinchou
24: Clefable
23: Clefairy
AD: Cleffa
5B: Cloyster
DE: Corsola
A9: Crobat
9F: Croconaw
68: Cubone
9B: Cyndaquil
E1: Delibird
57: Dewgong
32: Diglett
84: Ditto
55: Dodrio
54: Doduo
E8: Donphan
94: Dragonair
95: Dragonite
93: Dratini
60: Drowzee
33: Dugtrio
CE: Dunsparce
85: Eevee
17: Ekans
7D: Electabuzz
65: Electrode
EF: Elekid
F4: Entei
C4: Espeon
66: Exeggcute
67: Exeggutor
53: Farfetch’d
16: Fearow
A0: Feraligatr
B4: Flaaffy
88: Flareon
CD: Forretress
A2: Furret
5C: Gastly
5E: Gengar
4A: Geodude
CB: Girafarig
CF: Gligar
2C: Gloom
2A: Golbat
76: Goldeen
37: Golduck
4C: Golem
D2: Granbull
4B: Graveler
58: Grimer
3A: Growlithe
82: Gyarados
5D: Haunter
D6: Heracross
6B: Hitmonchan
6A: Hitmonlee
ED: Hitmontop
FA: Ho-oh
A3: Hoothoot
BB: Hoppip
74: Horsea
E5: Houndoom
E4: Houndour
61: Hypno
AE: Igglybuff
02: Ivysaur
27: Jigglypuff
87: Jolteon
BD: Jumpluff
7C: Jynx
8C: Kabuto
8D: Kabutops
40: Kadabra
0E: Kakuna
73: Kangaskhan
E6: Kingdra
63: Kingler
6D: Koffing
62: Krabby
AB: Lanturn
83: Lapras
F6: Larvitar
A6: Ledian
A5: Ledyba
6C: Lickitung
F9: Lugia
44: Machamp
43: Machoke
42: Machop
F0: Magby
DB: Magcargo
81: Magikarp
7E: Magmar
51: Magnemite
52: Magneton
38: Mankey
E2: Mantine
B3: Mareep
B7: Marill
69: Marowak
9A: Meganium
34: Meowth
0B: Metapod
97: Mew
96: Mewtwo
F1: Miltank
C8: Misdreavus
92: Moltres
7A: Mr. Mime
59: Muk
C6: Murkrow
B1: Natu
22: Nidoking
1F: Nidoqueen
1D: Nidoran F
20: Nidoran M
1E: Nidorina
21: Nidorino
26: Ninetales
A4: Noctowl
E0: Octillery
2B: Oddish
8A: Omanyte
8B: Omastar
5F: Onix
2E: Paras
2F: Parasect
35: Persian
E7: Phanpy
AC: Pichu
12: Pidgeot
11: Pidgeotto
10: Pidgey
19: Pikachu
DD: Piloswine
CC: Pineco
7F: Pinsir
BA: Politoed
3C: Poliwag
3D: Poliwhirl
3E: Poliwrath
4D: Ponyta
89: Porygon
E9: Porygon2
39: Primeape
36: Psyduck
F7: Pupitar
C3: Quagsire
9C: Quilava
D3: Quilfish
1A: Raichu
F3: Raikou
4E: Rapidash
14: Raticate
13: Rattata
DF: Remoraid
70: Rhydon
6F: Rhyhorn
1B: Sandshrew
1C: Sandslash
D4: Scizor
7B: Scyther
75: Seadra
77: Seaking
56: Seel
A1: Sentret
5A: Shellder
D5: Shuckle
E3: Skarmory
BC: Skiploom
50: Slowbro
C7: Slowking
4F: Slowpoke
DA: Slugma
EB: Smeargle
EE: Smoochum
D7: Sneasel
8F: Snorlax
D1: Snubull
15: Spearow
A7: Spinarak
07: Squirtle
EA: Stantler
79: Starmie
78: Staryu
D0: Steelix
B9: Sudwoodo
F5: Suicune
C0: Sunflora
BF: Sunkern
DC: Swinub
72: Tangela
80: Tauros
D8: Teddiursa
48: Tentacool
49: Tentacruel
AF: Togepi
B0: Togetic
9E: Totodile
9D: Typhlosion
F8: Tyranitar
EC: Tyrogue
C5: Umbreon
C9: Unown
D9: Ursaring
86: Vaporeon
31: Venomoth
30: Venonat
03: Venusaur
47: Victreebel
2D: Vileplume
64: Voltorb
25: Vulpix
08: Wartortle
0D: Weedle
46: Weepinbell
6E: Weezing
28: Wigglytuff
CA: Wobbuffet
C2: Wooper
B2: Xatu
C1: Yanma
91: Zapdos
29: Zubat

TM and HM Modifier

Enter 0163XXD5, replacing XX with the following item ID:

7E: TM01 – DynamicPunch
7F: TM02 – Headbutt
80: TM03 – Curse
81: TM04 – Rollout
82: TM05 – Roar
83: TM06 – Toxic
84: TM07 – Zap Cannon
85: TM08 – Rock Smash
86: TM09 – Psych Up
87: TM10 – Hidden Power
88: TM11 – Sunny Day
89: TM12 – Sweet Scent
8A: TM13 – Snore
8B: TM14 – Blizzard
8C: TM15 – Hyper Beam
8D: TM16 – Icy Wind
8E: TM17 – Protect
8F: TM18 – Rain Dance
90: TM19 – Giga Drain
91: TM20 – Endure
92: TM21 – Frustration
93: TM22 – Solar Beam
94: TM23 – Iron Tail
95: TM24 – Dragonbreath
96: TM25 – Thunder
97: TM26 – Earthquake
98: TM27 – Return
99: TM28 – Dig
9A: TM29 – Psychic
9B: TM30 – Shadow Ball
9C: TM31 – Mud Slap
9D: TM32 – Double Team
9E: TM33 – Ice Punch
9F: TM34 – Swagger
A0: TM35 – Sleep Talk
A1: TM36 – Sludge Bomb
A2: TM37 – Sandstorm
A3: TM38 – Fire Blast
A4: TM39 – Swift
A5: TM40 – Defense Curl
A6: TM41 – Thunderpunch
A7: TM42 – Dream Eater
A8: TM43 – Detect
A9: TM44 – Rest
AA: TM45 – Attract
AB: TM46 – Thief
AC: TM47 – Steel Wing
AD: TM48 – Fire Punch
AE: TM49 – Fury Cutter
AF: TM50 – Nightmare

B0: HM01 – Cut
B1: HM02 – Fly
B2: HM03 – Surf
B3: HM04 – Strength
B4: HM05 – Flash
B5: HM06 – Whirlpool
B6: HM07 – Waterfall

Pokemon Gold Cheat Code FAQs

A screenshot from Pokemon Gold.

Can I Get Duplicate Legendaries With Cheat Codes in Pokemon Gold?

Yes, if you’re using cheat codes to encounter wild legendary Pokemon, you can add duplicates to your team. This means that the likes of Lugia, Ho-Oh, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune can all be yours multiple times over with the use of cheat codes for Pokemon Gold.

Which Emulators Can I Use Cheat Codes for Pokemon Gold?

Any emulator worth using should have the ability to enter cheat codes. If you’ve found one that you like then these cheat codes for Pokemon Gold should all work.

If you can’t find one, we’d recommend that you use Visual Boy Advance. This allows you to play both Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color titles, and has a cheat code function.

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