Unlock More Objects with the Sims 4 Debug Cheat

Unlock More Objects with the Sims 4 Debug Cheat

Some fans of The Sims have raised concerns regarding some bugs present in the franchise. However, we have compiled information regarding a debug cheat exclusively for The Sims 4. Here is how you can activate it in the game. But first, what is the debug cheat? For anyone unfamiliar, the debug cheat grants the player access to a wide variety of new objects. These items in particular are usually unavailable to most players in Build Mode. Some players have commented that this debug improves the performance of the game while unlocking secret hidden items.

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To enable the cheat, make sure that you are playing The Sims 4 in a console. From your console, type the following: testingCheats. Make sure you capitalize the C, and then use one of the following two codes that can enable these cheats:

  • bb.showHiddenObjects
  • bb.showLiveEditObjects

Once again, be mindful of your spelling and capitalize each letter accordingly as dictated in the bullet points. It is worth noting that each code activates something different. bb.showHiddenObjects is meant to enable what is called the “Buy Debug Mode”. This means that players are granted access to the hidden objects, many of which are playable. Collectibles, rocks, trees, bushes, and other miscellaneous items enrich the world of The Sims.

On the other hand, bb.showLiveEditObjects allows players to access a far wider range of objects. If players are mindful of their storage limit, we recommend using this code because it provides exactly around 1200 objects. If players have the space to spare, they commend the additional features and content that the code adds. Some are practical items that facilitate transportation such as cars, while others are meant for decoration. Similar to the other code, they include flora such as trees and other items.

Players are free to type whichever code they wish, but they need to remember that bb.showHiddenObjects is a code that has to be entered before bb.showLiveEditObjects so make sure that you type the codes in the order that was intended inside of the Build Mode the game has as a feature.

Once you have entered the codes, ideally in the order we have recommended, simply head over to the Build Mode search bar that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen’s user interface. Then, proceed to type in the debug. Choose one of the several **DEBUG** options to gain complete access to the thousands of available new items that can be unlocked.

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