Goodbye Deponia Review
Goodbye Deponia Box Art
System: PC
Dev: Daedalic Entertainment
Pub: Daedalic Entertainment
Release: October 18, 2013
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p
All Good Things Must Come to an End
by Sean Engemann

The final chapter of developer Daedalic Entertainment's award-winning point-and-click adventure series is sadly coming to a close. Goodbye Deponia completes the trilogy following the exploits of one of the most hilarious antiheroes ever to grace the gaming scene. Since the first game, Rufus has failed in every attempt to escape the garbage world of Deponia and enter a life of luxury on the floating spaceship city called Elysium. Does Goodbye Deponia finally see our "hero" achieve his dream? Well, no spoilers here. You'll have to finish the story and see for yourself.

What I can tell you is that Goodbye Deponia keeps the exact gameplay formula from the past games, but cranks up the insanity to stratospheric levels. I wouldn't have thought it possible after some of the jaw-dropping moments found in the second game of the series, Chaos on Deponia. After all, we saw Rufus offer a shoe to a homeless person to eat, purposely get our leading lady (and sometimes girlfriend) Goal struck by lightning, and knowingly had baby dolphins chopped up and processed into cans of tuna.

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I kept wondering whether Goodbye Deponia would finally see Rufus mature, and even find his moral center. Nope. Rufus is just as egotistical, self-congratulatory, and selfish as ever, with a horseshoe shoved firmly up his arse. At times, you'll be ashamed at yourself for laughing at some of his pranks, but it's impossible not to. The scriptwork in this final chapter is absolutely flawless, and delivered pitch perfect by the veteran cast of voice actors.

But it's not just Rufus and his antics that deliver a gold-star performance. The entire ensemble is crafted with loving care, each character with their own personality that after two games you will have found yourself emotionally attached to: Doc as the master tinkerer that Rufus is always trying to belittle, Bozo and his pacifist nature, even Rufus' snobbish "twin" Cletus, whom you're never quite sure who's side he's on. And lest we forget Goal, whom Rufus tries to charm to no end (unless it would benefit him not to), who is more adorable than ever... you'll see why.

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As a point-and-click adventure game, Goodbye Deponia follows all the standard conventions. Gameplay consists of jaunting through areas, searching for items to pick up and interact with, with puzzles scattered around that require solving in order to advance the story. However, the Deponia series crashes through conventional realism barriers due to the nature of the story and the idea that any item can be plausibly accepted by the player since the action occurs on a planet comprised of trash. Thus, Goodbye Deponia requires you to think outside of the box... way outside. Any obtainable object can be placed in Rufus' coat pockets, no matter the size, whether it's a living creature or an open flame. These objects can sometimes be combined to create new items. You can examine any item or hot spot in the environment to glean information about it, usually in the form of a wise crack from Rufus. But hidden beneath the sarcasm are potential clues on the purpose of the object. Characters help at impasses by retaining any conversation options that provide hints to solving the particular dilemma.

Goodbye Deponia Screenshot

Chatting up characters goes far beyond solving puzzles, though. Goodbye Deponia is by far the most text-heavy game of the series, and much of it is simply to become more familiar with each memorable character and their growing (or deteriorating in many cases) relationship with Rufus. It's more for storytelling, but considering the quality of humor, you'll find few complaints of the game being too "wordy,” certainly not from this reviewer.

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