TOME: Immortal Arena

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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A New Strategy: Unlock a Relic for a Guardian.
    A New World: Achieve Level 6 in the Creation Domain.
    Acolyte: Achieve Harbinger Level 20.
    Adept: Win 20 PvP Matches.
    Against All Odds: Win a 1v3 Practice Match.
    Ascended: Unlock an Ascended Skin for a Guardian.
    Bloody Roots: Achieve Level 6 in the Earth Domain.
    But There is an "I" in Win: Win 100 PvP Matches.
    Complete Dominance: Win 1000 PvP Matches.
    Control Their Destiny: Win a match as a Tactician.
    Crusader: Unlock 6 Blessings.
    Devotee: Achieve Harbinger Level 5.
    Divine Grace: Unlock a Blessing.
    Enlightened: Unlock 20 Ascended Skins.
    Fresh Air: Achieve Level 6 in the Air Domain.
    Initiation: Complete the Beginner Tutorial.
    It Begins: Unlock 1 Guardian.
    Make Them Bleed: Win a match as a Slayer.
    Master of Your Own Domain: Achieve Harbinger Level 100.
    Matter over Machine: Win 5 Coop Vs AI Matches.
    Mediator's Protege: Achieve Level 6 in all Domains.
    Push it to the Limit: Win a match as a Pusher.
    Rebirth: Achieve Level 6 in the Death Domain.
    Roll for Initiative: Unlock 20 Guardians.
    Shake it, Don't Break It: Unlock a Dance for a Guardian.
    Strategic Options: Unlock 3 Relics for a Guardian.
    Sweet Victory: Win 5 PvP Matches.
    Tank it Up: Win a match as a Tank.
    Teamwork makes the dream work: Win your first Coop Vs AI Match.
    Terminator: Win 50 Coop Vs AI Matches.
    The Best Kind of Burn: Achieve Level 6 in the Fire Domain.
    The Choice is Yours: Unlock 5 Guardians.
    There is no "I" in Team: Win your first PvP Match.
    Time Well Spent: Achieve Harbinger Level 50.
    Tome Raider: Unlock 30 Relics.
    Wash Away the Pain: Achieve Level 6 in the Water Domain.
    Zealot: Unlock 18 Blessings.
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