Wings Of Vi

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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    404!: Defeat the Dark Annihilator.
    404: Flawless!: Defeat the Dark Annihilator without taking any damage.
    Bejeweled!: Defeat Amethyst.
    Bejeweled: Flawless!: Defeat Amethyst without taking any damage.
    Deja Vu!: Defeat Myougi again.
    Deja Vu: Flawless!: Defeat Myougi again without taking any damage.
    Demon Lord Vanquisher: Flawless!: Defeat Jeh'Oul without taking any damage.
    Demon Lord Vanquisher?: Defeat Jeh'Oul.
    Double Trouble!: Defeat the Twin Orcs.
    Double Trouble: Flawless!: Defeat the Twin Orcs without taking any damage.
    Drive By!: Beat the last segment in the Sinister Grotto while having defeated all spawns of Terravine along the way.
    Economic!: Defeat Terravine with at least one minecart left in the room.
    First Blood!: Defeat Pr'Gora.
    First Blood: Flawless!: Defeat Pr'Gora without taking any damage.
    First Encounter!: Defeat Myougi.
    First Encounter: Flawless!: Defeat Myougi without taking any damage.
    Gotta Go Fast!: Reach the upper platform in the underwater area in Sinister Grotto.
    Grave Danger!: Defeat Kratarac.
    Grave Danger: Flawless!: Defeat Kratarac without taking any damage.
    Hawkeye!: Defeat the Dark Annihilator without letting any bombs touch the floor.
    Isn't It Beautiful?: Make all the birds in Vi's home fly away.
    Kick Grass!: Defeat Terravine.
    Kick Grass: Flawless!: Defeat Terravine without taking any damage.
    Long Live The Queen!: Defeat Azurel.
    Long Live The Queen: Flawless!: Defeat Azurel without taking any damage.
    Loremaster!: Read all the stories in the Floating Keep library.
    No Way Back!: Watch over the broken bridge.
    Picky!: Defeat the Ancient Constructs only enraging one of his three heads.
    Purified!: Unlock all weapons.
    Run Vi, Run Like The Wind!: Beat Rubi in the obstacle course race.
    Savior!: Defeat Supreme Jeh'Oul and save the world.
    Savior: Flawless!: Defeat Supreme Jeh'Oul without taking any damage.
    Shield Breaker!: Defeat Myougi having done maximum damage to her each time she deactivates her shield (4 damage).
    Shocking!: Defeat Electram.
    Shocking: Flawless!: Defeat Electram without taking any damage.
    Stone Cold Killer!: Defeat the Ancient Constructs.
    Stone Cold Killer: Flawless!: Defeat the Ancient Constructs without taking any damage.
    Underdog!: Travel below each platform during the first minecart sequence.
    Wrong Place, Wrong Time!: Talk to a person who hid themself in the caves.
    Your First Secret!: Find a secret.
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