The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Fully Awakened (Platinum): Obtain all other trophies.
    The Ultimatum Warrior (Gold): Defeat all enemies.
    Serious Collector (Gold): Obtain all items.
    The Decider (Silver): Choose every choice.
    Weapon Booster Supreme (Silver): Boost your weapon to +99 using Item Boost.
    Armor Booster Supreme (Silver): Boost your armor to +99 using Item Boost.
    Quick Shader (Bronze): Learn Quick Shade.
    Phantom Diver (Bronze): Learn Phantom Dive.
    Tricky Shadow (Bronze): Learn Shadow Trick.
    Frightful Fielder (Bronze): Learn Fright Field.
    Energy Drainer (Bronze): Learn Energy Drain.
    Blades of a Feather... (Bronze): Learn Blade Feather.
    Sky Waver (Bronze): Learn Sky Wave Cutter.
    Impact Player (Bronze): Learn Quake Impact.
    Lightly Armored (Bronze): Learn Light Armor.
    Gale Runner (Bronze): Learn Gale Run.
    Booster of Items (Bronze): Use Item Boost for the first time.
    Crystal Customizer (Bronze): Spend CP for the first time.
    Deitize Me (Bronze): Deitize for the first time.

Additionally, there are 22 secret trophies:

    Customizer Overload (Gold): Spend CP to completely fill all Crystal Customization spots.
    The Truth (Gold): Clear the story after saving both Jupiel and Ariael.
    Met the 3 Girls (Silver): Clear the The 3 Girls story.
    Met Neliel (Silver): Clear the Neliel story.
    Met Lilliel (Silver): Clear the Lilliel story.
    Ariael's Savior (Silver): Clear the story after choosing to save Ariael.
    Jupiel's Savior (Silver): Clear the story after choosing to save Jupiel.
    The Ultimate Ultimate Choice (Bronze): Make the final ultimate choice.
    Mission Accomplished 14 (Bronze): Clear Mission 14.
    Mission Accomplished 13 (Bronze): Clear Mission 13.
    Mission Accomplished 12 (Bronze): Clear Mission 12.
    Mission Accomplished 11 (Bronze): Clear Mission 11.
    Mission Accomplished 10 (Bronze): Clear Mission 10.
    Mission Accomplished 09 (Bronze): Clear Mission 09.
    Mission Accomplished 08 (Bronze): Clear Mission 08.
    Mission Accomplished 07 (Bronze): Clear Mission 07.
    Mission Accomplished 06 (Bronze): Clear Mission 06.
    Mission Accomplished 05 (Bronze): Clear Mission 05.
    Mission Accomplished 04 (Bronze): Clear Mission 04.
    Mission Accomplished 03 (Bronze): Clear Mission 03.
    Mission Accomplished 02 (Bronze): Clear Mission 02.
    Mission Accomplished 01 (Bronze): Clear Mission 01.
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