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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Race Star (Platinum): Unlock all 49 trophies.
    Taste of Victory (Bronze): Win an event (no teams).
    Red Carpet (Bronze): Take a locked shortcut.
    Career is GO! (Bronze): Complete the first championship of your career.
    Career 25% (Bronze): Complete 8 different championships in your career.
    Career 50% (Bronze): Complete 15 different championships in your career.
    Career 75% (Silver): Complete 23 different championships in your career.
    Career 100% (Gold): Complete 30 different championships in your career.
    Shelf Promotion (Silver): Fill your career trophy cabinet.
    Your Friends are Cool (Bronze): Complete a championship in your career in a splitscreen team.
    Internet Famous (Bronze): Win an online event (no teams).
    Fish in a Barrel (Bronze): Use power-ups against 3 drivers who are within range of the safety car (globals not included).
    Heavyweight (Bronze): Affect 3 drivers with a single Pulse.
    Fully Automatic (Bronze): Hit the same driver three times with a 3x Ricochet Bubble.
    Scientific Method (Bronze): Make an impact with each type of power-up.
    Nailed the Jump (Bronze): Trigger a jump boost.
    Jump Boost Expert (Bronze): Trigger 50 jump boosts.
    Slipstreamer (Bronze): Slipstream past a driver.
    Slipstream Expert (Bronze): Slipstream past 50 drivers.
    Shortcut Expert (Bronze): Take every shortcut in the game.
    Abu Dhabi Expert (Bronze): Win an Abu Dhabi event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Australia Expert (Bronze): Win an Australia event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Belgium Expert (Bronze): Win a Belgium event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Brazil Expert (Bronze): Win a Brazil event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Germany Expert (Bronze): Win a Germany event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Great Britain Expert (Bronze): Win a Great Britain event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Italy Expert (Bronze): Win an Italy event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Japan Expert (Bronze): Win a Japan event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Monaco Expert (Bronze): Win a Monaco event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Singapore Expert (Bronze): Win a Singapore event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    USA Expert (Bronze): Win a USA event at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Around the World (Silver): Win an event on every track at 3,000cc (no teams).
    Qualifying Lap (Bronze): Set a Time Trial record.
    Bronze Time (Bronze): Earn a bronze Time Trial record on all tracks.
    Silver Time (Silver): Earn a silver Time Trial record on all tracks.
    Gold Time (Gold): Earn a gold Time Trial record on all tracks.
    Player of Games (Bronze): Complete one event in each race mode.
    Exhibition Rush (Silver): Earn 1,000 Exhibition points in under 5 seconds.
    Vapours (Silver): Win a Refuel event with an empty tank (no teams).
    My House (Silver): Own the whole track in Sector Snatch.
    Causing Trouble (Bronze): Hit another driver after being eliminated.
    Shakedown (Silver): Make a nearby driver drop 600 points in Trophy Chase.
    Ecto-won (Bronze): Beat a friend's Time Trial lap.
    Prince of the Screen (Bronze): Reach King of the Screen level 3.
    King of King of the Screen (Silver): Reach King of the Screen level 6.
    Social Butterfly (Bronze): Complete one event with each constructor.
    Pitmaster (Bronze): Repair in the pits 10 times.
    Bingo! (Silver): Use a power-up against every opponent on the track (globals not included).

Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

    Whoops! (Bronze): Hit yourself with your own Ricochet Bubble.
    They See You Rollin' (Silver): Earn 3,141 badges.
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