Dragon’s Dogma Review
Xbox 360 | PS3
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System: PS3*, Xbox 360
Dev: Capcom
Pub: Capcom
Release: May 22, 2012
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Violence
Hearty and Heartless
by Sean Engemann

A high fantasy RPG is a tough statue to shape, chisel, and smooth into a piece of art worthy of being called a masterpiece. It requires an amount of time, resources, and attention to detail unmatched in any other video game genre. Creating this magnum opus requires every element to be polished to a brilliant gleam, and blending them together to deliver a seamless experience to the player. Dragon's Dogma unfortunately is not a flawless masterwork, but what it does well is infuse a gorgeous open world with an intoxicating illusion that masks the dangers lurking in every shadow, but grants you a diverse array of combat abilities to give at least a measure of security when venturing into the unknown.

In the fantastical world of Gransys, peace only lasts until the rebirth of an ancient dragon, a red-hued beast of gargantuan proportions who terrorizes the land in search of the Chosen One. As chance would have it, while trying to repel the wyrm's assault on the fishing village of Cassardis, it is discovered that you are the one he seeks. For you, unfortunately, this means that your heart is ripped from its chest and devoured by the dragon. Though the eternal slumber seems apparent, some mystical force heals you and calls you back. You are now dubbed the Arisen, destined to seek the beast who stole your heart.

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Your campaign is set, and while it uses many standard plot conventions, it still begins an exciting journey with a seemingly unattainable goal, but one that compels you to build your power, wealth, and knowledge to be as prepared as possible for the showdown. Yet while the ultimate goal remains palpable, performing the mundane fetch quests for the instantly annoying task givers (and most of the population for that matter), is a tedious process that needed a serious second draft in the development. It's possible the poor scripting and grating voice acting stems from a faulty localization team, but nonetheless, the over-exaggerated conversations pull the story out of any realism the artwork tries desperately to convey.

When outside the villages, you will find solace, at least from the inane chatter of the townsfolk. The silence of the wilderness—and the untamed vibe it exudes—is like nothing I've seen in any other open world RPG. Consider it a mélange of Skyrim's freedom of exploration, the precautious measures of Dark Souls, and classic beasts that could stand toe to toe with those from the Monster Hunter series. It's a world full of interesting diversions and hidden riches, but also one that requires a cool head and steady pace, for a sprint will most certainly cause you to trip and do more than simply scrape your knee. If you failed to save recently, death means returning to the last checkpoint, which could very well mean hours of lost progress. Also, your health does not regenerate, and healing spells cannot bring you back to full, so a vigorous supply of poultices and tonics is a must before hitting the open road.

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I was absolutely enthralled when I discovered how expansive the item collection and crafting system is, right from the start. Empty flasks and rocks may seem like junk upon first inspection, but when you discover a bucket of oil in the wilderness, those vacant containers quickly become fuel for you lantern, and those pebbles can be tossed to avert the attention of unsuspecting enemies. Nuts, herbs, fish, and plenty of other materials can be used as is, or combined with additional ingredients for a completely new item with stronger applications. If you've been looking for the RPG where even the most mundane items can be useful (as I certainly have been), Dragon's Dogma will have you scouring every inch of the immense world looking for the soft highlight of a tangible item.

Once danger approaches, you'll find yourself setting up an attack strategy to maximize damage and minimize your own health loss. Knowing your class skills and utilizing effective combinations are vital to staying on top of the pecking order. You'll begin with a choice between three standard types, a sword-and-shield-bearing Fighter, a staff-wielding Mage, or the Strider, who favors daggers and bows. These are not concrete choices by any means, and you are free to change classes whenever you visit an inn. Each vocation has its own level, which grants you new skills as you gain ranks in that particular profession. Eventually you unlock advanced classes of the three basic ones, which are not necessarily an upgrade in strength, simply a variation. There are also three hybrid classes, which merge the abilities of two basic vocations, allowing blended powers like magical arrows, or element-infused shield strikes. As you accomplish goals, you can purchase new skills using Discipline Points, and with a lengthy list to choose from, there's plenty of room to create a unique character.

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The character design process actually begins right after the prologue, itself offering plenty of freedom but also a fair sense of believability. Shaping every facial feature to your exact specifications is part of the process, and it's a nice blend of Japanese and Western templates—not over-the-top in the hairdo department but maintaining a softness in the overall structure. Your physical build actually factors into your in-game control. Rather than classes or statistics dictating your movements, choosing to make an eight-foot-tall, three hundred pound warrior will give you a longer reach with your weapon, but keep your pace sluggish. On the flipside, a lean and lithe choice means quicker actions, but at the cost of being more easily weighed down with a loaded backpack.

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