Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger Of The Ooze



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Today's Lesson (Bronze): Return to the Lair and undergo training.
    Operation Break In (Bronze): Find a way inside the TCRI Building.
    Kick some Shell! (Bronze): Take Casey's advice to upgrade a Shell Kicker.
    Leader in Blue (Bronze): Fully upgrade Leo's Shell Kickers.
    Way with Machines (Bronze): Fully upgrade Donnie's Shell Kickers.
    Most Attitude (Bronze): Fully upgrade Raph's Shell Kickers.
    One of a Kind (Bronze): Fully upgrade Mikey's Shell Kickers.
    A Ninja's Best Friend (Bronze): Find a Shuriken upgrade.
    Stocked and Loaded (Silver): Find every Shuriken upgrade.
    Ninja Omelet (Bronze): Find a Smoke Bomb upgrade.
    Blah Blah, Science Blah (Silver): Find every Smoke Bomb upgrade.
    Chi Time (Bronze): Find a Chi upgrade.
    You earned a Troph-Chi! (Silver): Find every Chi upgrade.
    Pizza by the Shred (Bronze): Find a Health upgrade.
    Pizza Face (Silver): Find every Health upgrade.
    The Big Brawl (Bronze): Perform 50 Shell Kickers successfully.
    The Ultimate Ninja (Silver): Perform 100 Shell Kickers successfully.
    Mouser Menace (Bronze): Mangle 100 Mousers.
    Footbots are Revolting (Bronze): Fell 100 Footbots.
    Slash and Destroy (Bronze): Knock down 100 Kraang Droids.
    The Manhattan Project (Silver): Achieve 100% Completion.
    Turtle Speed (Bronze): Finish the game in under 4 hours.
    Turtle Power! (Silver): Finish the game in under 2 hours 30 minutes.
    Shellraiser (Gold): Finish the game in under 1 hour.
    Shell Shock! (Gold): Finish the game without upgrading any Shell Kickers.
    A ninja in need... (Bronze): Rescue a captured turtle.
    Dedicated Student (Bronze): Seek out wisdom from Splinter.
    The Gauntlet (Bronze): Beat Rahzar without taking damage.
    Mint Condition (Gold): Find Mikey's lost comic book.

Additionally, there are 12 secret trophies:

    Booyakasha! (Platinum): Earn all trophies in the game.
    Bixby Sticktown!? (Bronze): Swat Baxter Stockman.
    Down in the Docks (Bronze): Sneak into the Warehouse district.
    Ninja Stars and Stripes (Bronze): Trounce Tiger Claw.
    Mikey's time to shine (Bronze): Teleport into Dimension X.
    Plasma Pleurodelinae (Bronze): Neutralize the Newtralizer.
    Fall of the Foot Clan (Bronze): Give Shred-head something to think about.
    Baxter's Gambit (Silver): Maim 300 Mousers.
    Boot the Foot (Silver): Finish 300 Footbots.
    Pulverizer (Silver): Quell 300 Kraang Droids.
    Lucky Guess (Bronze): Watch a bonus conversation.
    Conversationalist (Silver): Watch every bonus conversation.
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