Vandal Hearts: Flames Of Judgment


Bonus battle maps

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding map:

    Avery Fields: Examine the well at the top of the Church of Restoration during your second visit.
    Foreign Quarter: Examine the barrel to your left at the start of the Biruni University stage.
    Four Swordsman Spring: Examine the hollowed out tree at the dry riverbed.
    Gillbaris Gardens: Examine the skeleton on the opposite side of the central tree from the chest in the Timion Vale mission.
    Halls Of Atonement: Examine the king's throne in the Royal Courtyard.
    Keliask's Tomb: Examine the glimmering tablet on the ground in the ancient ruins.
    Ragnar's Gorge: Examine one of the crates during the mission in Tolby.
    Trivishim's Corridor: Use the second mine cart in Dread to open up a cave entrance.
    Wanderlust: Successfully complete all story and optional battles two times.

Hidden treasures

For any map with hidden treasure, you must get the treasure on the first playthrough of the map, or the treasure will be downgraded to easily obtainable items such as Hide Caps, Mage Oils, and Herbs on a second attempt of the map. Try to get all the treasures during your first playthrough of each map.

Easy "Wanderlust" trophy

Successfully complete all story and optional battles two times to get the "Wanderlust" trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Combat Mastery (Silver): Raise a combat skill to rank 40.
    Explorer (Bronze): Discover an optional battle maps.
    Quick Learner (Bronze): Raise a single skill two ranks in one battle.
    Revelations (Bronze): Finish Act I.
    Royal Defender (Bronze): Finish Act III.
    Sandworm Slayer (Bronze): Finish Act II.
    Serenity and Fury (Silver): Earn both endings to the game.
    Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Find a hidden item on any battle map.
    Wanderlust (Gold): Discover every battle map.
    Zero Casualties (Bronze): Win a battle with 6 surviving team members.
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