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All cursed photos locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 13 cursed photos and get the "Collector" trophy:

Easy "Lone Wolf" and "Minimalist" trophies

Easy "Visionary" trophy

In the "Warehouse" chapter, proceed to the second section of the chapter where you are inside a randomly generated storage house. Immediately after the scripted event where fire and a ghost appear, there will be a hidden picture on the shelves to your right, a few steps forward after the scripted sequence ends. Stand next to the empty picture frame, and shine a glowstick over it to reveal a hidden image of a man with his eyes scratched out and get the "Visionary" trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Historian (Bronze): Collect every remnant in a playthrough.
    Collector (Bronze): Collect the thirteen cursed photos.
    Minimalist (Bronze): Collect the minimum number of remnants in a playthrough.
    Lone Wolf (Bronze): Finish the game using only a single flare.
    No Stone Unturned (Bronze): Collect every single remnant.
    Thick-Skinned (Bronze): Survive 50 witch attacks.
    A Bright Idea (Bronze): Use a flare to keep a witch away.
    Sadomasochist (Bronze): Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
    Visionary (Silver): Use a glowstick to unveil a secret.
    Outpatient Procedure (Bronze): Escape the hospital.
    Prison Break (Bronze): Escape the prison.
    Breath of Fresh Air (Bronze): Escape the sewers.
    Out of the Woods (Bronze): Escape the forest.
    Full Circle (Silver): Finish the game on any difficulty.
    Picture of Health (Silver): Finish the game without dying.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Just Like Your Mother... (Bronze): Confront Dr. Mercer and learn the truth.
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