The Deadly Tower Of Monsters

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Laundry list (Platinum): Complete all other missions.
    Shiv-a-saur (Bronze): Kill a large dinosaur with a dagger.
    Hoopster (Silver): Fly through 20 hoops.
    Missing scenes (Gold): Find 6 missing film reels.
    Bug off (Bronze): Conquer the Nukular ant hive.
    Pyro-shepherd (Bronze): Guide 10 enemies into flaming turrets.
    Show me your moves (Gold): Parry 20 enemy attacks.
    King of the tower (Gold): Defeat the Mega-Gorilla.
    With guns blazing (Bronze): Max out 3 projectile weapons.
    Good shot (Silver): Destroy 10 target boards.
    Watch out (Silver): Remove 5 apes with watches from the set.
    As in games! (Silver): Kill 10 enemies by jumping on them. make an omelet (Bronze): Destroy all the mutant dinosaur eggs.
    Little island (Bronze): Find the castaway ape.
    Collateral damage (Silver): Kill 3 enemies with parried projectiles.
    Fell for it (Gold): Defeat the Mechameleon.
    Bigger sticks (Bronze): Max out 3 melee weapons.
    Even better shot (Gold): Destroy 25 target boards.
    Super Hoopster (Gold): Fly through 50 hoops.
    Explosive efficiency (Bronze): Kill 3 enemies with one landmine.
    Reach t' captain (Bronze): Reach the captain of the ghost pirate ship.
    Bad Science (Silver): Destroy Dr. Schopenstein's replicator.
    Cephalopod slayer (Gold): Defeat the gigantic mutant octopus.
    Dramatic rescuer (Bronze): Rescue Dick from the Mega-Gorilla.
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