Escape Goat 2

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Speed Escape (Silver): Beat game in under 30 minutes without loading.
    Master Savior (Silver): Release 16 sheep soul orbs.
    Detective (Bronze): Find one secret room.
    Master Detective (Silver): Find all secret rooms.
    Fragment Finder (Bronze): Beat one secret room.
    Fragment Collector (Silver): Beat all secret rooms.
    Conservation 1 (Bronze): Beat 2-6 with 3 wooden crates remaining.
    Annihilation 1 (Bronze): Beat 3-1 destroying all reapers.
    Annihilation 2 (Bronze): Beat 4-2 destroying all reapers.
    Mercy 1 (Bronze): Beat 4-2 without harming any reapers.
    No Hats 1 (Bronze): Beat 4-6 without obtaining the Magic Hat.
    Conservation 2 (Bronze): Beat 5-6 without destroying any wooden crates.
    Annihilation 3 (Bronze): Beat 5-8 destroying all reapers.
    Mercy 2 (Bronze): Beat 7-1 with at least 6 reapers unharmed.
    No Hats 2 (Bronze): Beat 8-6 without obtaining the Magic Hat.
    The Bonehandler (Bronze): Beat 8-8 without breaking the lower bones.
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