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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Explorer (Bronze): Played a song in each of the 4 worlds.
    Dedicated (Bronze): Made and completed a playlist of 9 songs or more.
    Rule of Thumb Drive (Bronze): Played an imported song.
    Double It (Bronze): Played the same song twice in a row.
    Dude... (Bronze): Spent over a minute in a single visualization in The Beach.
    Just Chill (Bronze): Didn't trigger a single visualization for an entire song in The Beach.
    Zoned Out (Bronze): Barely moved your head for an entire song in The Trip.
    Check Your 6 (Bronze): Looked behind you in The Trip
    Space Cadet (Bronze): Played ten songs in The Trip.
    Artiste (Bronze): Used all of the brush tools in The Easel.
    Perfectionist (Bronze): Saved and loaded a creation in The Easel.
    So long! (Bronze): Flung a Dance Party character into the cold void.
    Scratch to the Future (Bronze): Scratched the record for 5 seconds straight in the Dance Party DJ booth.
    Trigger Happy (Bronze): Fired the party cannon 50 times in a single song.

Additionally, there are five secret trophies, which are all currently unknown.

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