I Am Bread

Use the objects in the following levels to turn to toast. Note: Some objects need to be activated or destroyed first so they give off heat. Other objects, such as ceiling lights, will require that you hold onto them until the meter fills in order to get toasted.

Level 1: "Kitchen"

  • Toaster
  • Open oven
  • Stove top
  • Ceiling lights
  • Activated rocket exhaust

Level 2: "Lounge"

  • Wall heating unit
  • Standing floor lamp
  • Ceiling lights
  • Smashed TV top. Climb to the shelves and push the bowling ball onto the television.

Level 3: "Bedroom"

  • Hair iron
  • Clothing iron
  • Standing floor lamp
  • Ceiling lights

Level 4: "Bathroom"

  • Hair dryer
  • Radiator
  • Ceiling lights


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    I Am Bread (Platinum): Obtain all other trophies.
    Cool Story, Dough (Silver): Get an A++ on a Story level.
    A Wedge Between Us (Silver): Get an A++ on a Cheese Hunt level.
    Always Baguetting Better (Silver): Get an A++ on a Rampage level.
    The Best Around (Silver): Get an A++ on a Bagel Race level.
    The Flour is Strong With This Bun (Silver): Get an A++ on a Zero Gravity level.
    The End is Rye (Bronze): Complete all Story Levels (Before Epilogue).
    Brie-lliant (Bronze): Complete all Cheese Hunt Levels.
    Rye Hard (Bronze): Complete all Rampage Levels.
    Good all-rounder (Bronze): Complete all Bagel Levels.
    One giant leap for Naankind (Bronze): Complete all Zero G Levels.
    Raconteur (Gold): A++ all Story levels.
    The Rye of the Tiger (Gold): A++ all Rampage levels.
    Turophile (Gold): A++ all Cheese Hunt levels.
    The Final Buntier (Gold): A++ all Zero G levels.
    High-Roller (Gold): A++ all Bagel races.
    Bagel Space Program (Bronze): Launch the Rocket.
    TV Dinner (Bronze): Break the TV.
    Bunbreakable (Silver): Finish a Cheese Hunt level with 100% integrity.
    Fresh Slice (Silver): Finish a Story level with 100% edibility. No Marmalade allowed..
    Fuel-Efficient (Silver): Finish a Zero G level using less than 100 fuel.
    Bready for Anything (Silver): Finish a Story level using Magic Marmalade.
    You jelly? (Bronze): Finish a Story level with both sides covered in jam (jelly).
    The Walking Bread (Bronze): Finish a Story level with exactly 1% edibility.
    Shadough of the Colossus (Bronze): Climb atop the Garbage Truck on Story Mode.
    Picky Eater (Bronze): Use more than one heat source to toast yourself in a single Story run..
    Bunfortunate (Bronze): Spill the salt.
    Doughny Hawk (Bronze): Stand upright on the skateboard and ride it for 1m or more as the Wholemeal bread.
    All Buttered up (Bronze): Completely cover yourself in butter and get toasted!.
    I Am Dead (Bronze): Become inedible..
    The Bread Baron (Bronze): Stay airborne for over 5 seconds on any mode except Zero Gravity.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Rye and Dry (Bronze): Use the Hairdryer.
    "Grooovy" (Bronze): Start the Chainsaw.
    "Party's Over!" (Bronze): Start the Lawnmower.
    Joy-rye-der (Bronze): Start the car.
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