Hogwarts Legacy Cheats & Secrets for Xbox One, PS5, PC, and More

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Hogwarts Legacy Cheats & Secrets for Xbox One, PS5, PC, and More

Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was published in 2023 by Warner Bros.’ Portkey Games after being developed by Avalanche Software. It’s currently available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

The game takes place many years before any of the Harry Potter books. The goal is for players to create and control a new customizable avatar and live their own adventures in the Wizarding World. Initially announced in 2020, the game garnered plenty of attention and built up a lot of speculation due to the massive fanbase around the franchise.  

Hogwarts Legacy Premise

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Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world fantasy adventure set against the large and immersive backdrop of the Wizarding World. Players will take control of their third-person character, a new Hogwarts School student. You can customize your character, including setting their appearance, gender, body type, and voice. Along the way, you’ll be able to choose a house and experience everything else a student does at Hogwarts, just as we’ve seen in the movies. 

Your goal is to learn while at Hogwarts and level up your character. You’ll meet people and learn spells and even develop a combat style you’ll use to protect yourself. While learning and school are a significant part of the game, there is also a mystery to unravel that will impact the Wizarding World overall. 

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The setting of the game is the 1800s, and while some things may look different, there is a lot that is familiar to fans of the books and films set in the Wizarding World. You can visit fan-favorite places such as Hogsmeade, Forbidden Forest, and the Room of Requirement. Likewise, you’ll encounter recognizable creatures, like Hippogriffs, some of which you can tame and keep in a Vivarium. Creatures will provide you with vital ingredients, abilities, and even transportation in the case of those large enough to ride.

List of tameable creatures:

  • Giant Purple Toad
  • Kneazle 
  • Puffskein
  • Fwooper 
  • Diricawl
  • Jobberknoll
  • Niffler
  • Mooncalf 
  • Unicorn
  • Phoenix 
  • Graphorn
  • Hippogriff 
  • Thestral

You’ll interact with many other non-playable characters. While some of these will simply give you information about their lives as students or information about the world others can become companions or provide quests. There are many options to choose from and keep players deeply immersed in their character’s path and the ins and outs of the Wizarding World.

Hogwarts Legacy Main Characters

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©Hogwarts Legacy gameplay screenshot – Original

There are many characters you will interact with, and many more you may interact with depending on how you choose to explore the Wizarding World. There are professors, keepers, students, and villains that will help or hinder you along your journey. While there are some familiar faces from the Harry Potter franchise, it’s more common to encounter familiar names, creature types, and houses. Below are a few of these significant players, regardless of your play style and exploration.

Eleazar Fig is an important character during your journey through Hogwarts Legacy. He is a Magic Theory professor at the school. He is investigating the Goblin rebellion and seems opposed to the game’s major antagonist, Ranrok.

Matilda Weasley is a witch and professor at Hogwarts who used to work for the Ministry of Magic. She teaches Transfiguration and helps lead you to a noteworthy piece of the game’s story. While not headmistress, she takes on a similar role and leads you to the recognizable Room of Requirement.  

Phineas Nigellus Black is the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. He seems not to enjoy the role. Consequently, he isn’t well-liked for his attitude and actions toward the school.

Ranrok is a goblin and the top villain in Hogwarts Legacy. He is allied with the similarly dark and threatening Viktor Rookwood. He led the goblin rebellion and is on a quest to obtain magic previously held safe by the Keepers.

Main Professors

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  • Aesop Sharp
  • Dinah Hecat
  • Mirabel Garlick
  • Abraham Ronen 
  • Bai Howin
  • Chiyo Kogawa
  • Mudiwa Onai
  • Gladwin Moon

Main Students

  • Lenora Everleigh
  • Adelaide Oakes
  • Samantha Dale
  • Everett Clopton
  • Imelda Reyes
  • Duncan Hobhouse
  • Ominous Gaunt
  • Nellie Oggspire
  • Garreth Weasley
  • Lucan Brattleby

Familiar Characters

  • The Sorting Hat
  • Nearly Headless Nick 
  • The Fat Lady
  • Professor Binns

Games in the Hogwarts Legacy Series

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©Hogwarts Legacy gameplay screenshot – Original

Hogwarts Legacy is a relatively new game, and it’s an open world, so there are plenty of hours of fun to explore. So far, there are no other games in the series. The game is still striving to be the fun, immersive, and massive experience promised rather than looking forward to a sequel. While there aren’t any direct games in the Hogwarts’ Legacy series, there are a few other similar games.

  • Skyrim is a 2011 action role-playing game from Bethesda Studios, the developer behind the Fallout games. It’s an open-world fantasy based on controlling a character to stop a dragon from destroying the world. Skyrim utilizes player customization, spellcasting, and classes to choose from with different abilities. 
  • Elden Ring is a 2022 action role-playing game similar to Hogwarts Legacy. The game takes place in a world filled with fantasy and adventure with a deep winding story built by George R. R. Martin. In this open-world game, you can customize your character and choose and cast spells.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a 2019 RPG that also takes place at a school similar to Hogwarts, with three differing houses to choose from. You play as a professor in one of these houses. The game involves magic and spells, as you can choose various classes of characters, including some that could use magic as an ability. 

Hogwarts Legacy Cheats and Secrets

There are no official cheat codes yet for Hogwarts Legacy. Though you can’t put in a simple code to unlock what you need, some tips and tricks will make your game easier. Try using these secrets and hacks below to make your playthrough smoother. 

Legendary Items

Solving puzzles in the game’s first few hours can unlock guaranteed legendary items. You can solve a few of these puzzles and get a legendary item for each which you can swap until you get what you want, such as gloves or a scarf. Be prepared ahead of time and know what type of item you want, as you’ll only get to keep one item at a time using this hack. You’ll need the Incendio Spell for this first example, which you learn by completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment that you get after finishing the main quest called “The Locket’s Secret.” To start, visit the bridge in Hogwarts outside the Library Annex. 

  • Find the puzzle maintenance cover in the center of the bridge walkway
  • Use Incendio to light the torch pots perched on the bridge.
  • Once lit, you can set the torches to different numbers. 
  • Match the number on the lit torch to the number facing it on the bridge maintenance hole cover. Once the numbers are all matched, the cover will open, and you can drop in. 
  • There will be a few chests, including a large chest that gives out a random legendary item
  • Create a separate save game
  • Open the chest and review the item
  • If you don’t like it, you can load the separate save you just made and try opening the chest again for a reroll on the item

Easy Gold

Early in the game, there is a legal way to get gold quickly so you can spend on whatever you need without worrying. After visiting Hogsmeade and speaking to Professor Fig early in the game, you will get the Disillusionment Charm from the “Secrets of the Restricted Section” quest. This Charm cloaks you in invisibility. Disillusionment Chests will only open if they can’t see you.

  • Earn Disillusionment Charm
  • Go to Hogsmeade
  • Cloak yourself in a spot where the chest can’t see
  • Walk around to it and open it
  • Each chest will give you 500 gold
  • There are at least 12 chests in Hogsmeade
  • There are other chests in Hogwarts as well. 

More Gold

Here is another easy way to earn more gold. By completing the 23rd main story quest, “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom,” you will unlock the Nab Sack. 

  • Earn the Nab Sack
  • Go to Settings and change the difficulty to Story mode. 
  • Head to the map and go to the Puffskein Den, East of the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame fast-travel spot. 
  • In story mode, you can catch creatures simply by aiming and pressing the button for the Nab Sack. 
  • Use Revelio to make the Puffskeins light up blue so they are easier to track down. 
  • Grab as many as you can with the Nab Sack
  • Fast travel and wait a day, then return to the Puffskein Den and repeat. 
  • Fast travel to Hogsmeade and then visit The Brood and Peck
  • Sell the Puffskiens to the shopkeeper for gold

Hogwarts Legacy Tips

Save Money

  • Don’t spend your hard-earned funds on gear in the early game. Instead, save as much money as possible for the Room of Requirement.

Unlocking Puzzle Doors

To open locked doors in the game, you must learn a spell. In the early main story quest, “The Caretakers Lunar Lament,” you will learn the Alohmora Spell. The spell allows you to unlock level 1-3 doors after the quest. Earning the spell by playing through some of the main quests will take a few hours. Once you earn it, you can go back or find any level 1-3 doors and open them, which will present a puzzle to solve.

To solve the puzzle, you’ll have to move the gears on the lock around slowly until you get the gears on the very inside and on the separate small gear moving. To solve these, you’ll use the red light to control the inner gear and the green light to move the outer gear until you see internal movement. After seeing the middle gears spinning, you’ll hold the red light in place. Then you’ll turn the outside using the green light until you see the small separate gear in the right corner spin. They will finish spinning and unlock the door once they both get into the right place. 

Upgrade Gear

Regularly sell old gear as you progress. There are only a certain number of gear spots; therefore, gear will be destroyed if you don’t clear it out as you add new gear. Sell gear for money to spend on other things. To help with this, start the Merlin Trials and do as many as possible; completing them will add gear spaces.

Level Up Quick

You can gain experience by completing challenges in your Wizard Field Guide. Go to Challenges and notice there will be listings to Collect Field Guide pages in different locations. These are easy to do and find as they often appear on the map. Use Revelio, Levioso, and other spells to make them appear or collect them once you are in their presence. Each one will grant you experience to help you level up quickly. These are located everywhere, but especially around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. 

Identify Items

When opening the larger fancy-looking legendary chests, you may get unidentified items. They appear this way based on your visiting the Room of Requirement. When you get them, these items will be on the same level as you, so don’t wait to identify them to get something worth your while each time.

Hogwarts Legacy Cheat FAQs

Can you use a Cheat Engine for Hogwarts Legacy?

You can use Cheat Engine to hack Hogwarts Legacy and enter some cheats essentially. However, this practice is illegal as it breaks the developer’s policies and is through a third party. While you can hack and mod the Hogwarts Legacy, it may damage your game, as there are no official cheats.

Does Hogwarts Legacy End?

Yes, there are three different endings to the game that you can experience depending on the choices you make throughout the game. There is a good, bad, and true ending, with the true ending being the most worthwhile. To unlock the true ending sequences, you must complete both the “House Cup” and “Weasley’s Watchful Eye” quests.

Can you 100% Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, it will take an average of 75 hours to reach 100% completion of the game. To achieve 100% on the game, you’ll have to find all Collectibles, complete all Quests, and unlock and fill out every Collections option. 

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