Payday 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and More

A Steam promotional image for Payday 2.

Payday 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and More

Payday 2 is a 2018 co-op FPS, developed by Overkill Software and published by 505 Games. The game has become one of the leading cooperative experiences available on the market due to its remarkable longevity. These days, the base game of Payday 2 can usually be picked up at a bargain price, with extra heists available at an additional cost. The game was initially released on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, but would later also be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Payday 2 Premise

When Payday 2 was first released, it very much followed the structure of its predecessor, Payday: The Heist. You walk into a bank with three accomplices and figure out the best way to rob it, whether silently or shooting your way in. It was larger in scale, but that was the general gameplay loop.

One of the defining features of Payday 2 is its co-op play. You can technically play the game alone with AI, but it can massively detract from the overall experience. Instead, we recommend jumping into Payday 2 with three friends online. That way, you can coordinate your approach and properly course-correct when things go south. Playing with strangers online can be great fun too, but depending on the players you get, it can be more of a mixed bag.

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A Steam promotional image for Payday 2.
Heists are the name of the game in Payday 2.

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As time has gone on, developer Overkill Software has released a series of brand-new heists to Payday 2, increasing in complexity and difficulty. The game has even put out crossovers with other franchises, adding a little bit of extra spice to the experience. Our favorites are the John Wick and Hotline Miami crossovers, which aim to change the way you go about your heists.

Payday 2 Main Characters

A Steam promotional image for Payday 2.
The original cast of Payday: The Heist return for the sequel.

©505 Games – Original

Throughout Payday 2‘s history, Overkill Software has added plenty of interesting characters to the game. Despite this, none of them are truly essential to the overarching narrative of Payday 2. To find the characters who are, you’ve got to look all the way back to Payday: The Heist. The cast of the original game returned as a quartet for the sequel and are the glue that holds the Payday story together.

  • Dallas: Dallas is generally considered the head of the crew, known officially as “the face that everyone fears.” Easily recognizable by his iconic USA flag mask, Dallas is seen as the mastermind behind many of the heists.
  • Chains: Chains is a ten-year military veteran that has since turned to a life of crime. His role in the crew is to serve as the enforcer, bringing muscle to the heists.
  • Hoxton: Payday 2 begins with Hoxton behind bars, although he escapes during the playable Hoxton Breakout heist. Hoxton then becomes obsessed with tracking down the individual who ratted him out, serving as a huge part of his personal story. Across Payday 2, Hoxton is generally considered to be the sharpshooter of the group.
  • Wolf: Wolf is described in-game as “one damaged individual who’s seriously messed up in the head,” treating the heists as if they’re just a game. His lack of fear makes him a powerful ally, working as the technician of the crew.

Payday 2 Titles in the Series

A Steam promotional image for Payday 2.

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Despite the Payday franchise being over a decade old now, there actually aren’t too many games in the franchise. Instead, Overkill Software has chosen the DLC route for Payday 2, choosing to expand upon the brilliant foundations laid in the base game rather than force out a new release. The studio continues to release DLC for Payday 2 to this day, although that looks like it will soon come to an end. Payday 3 is set to release in late-2023, and if its lifespan is anything like Payday 2‘s, we could be playing it well into the 2030s.

In between releases, Overkill Software tried its hand at a co-op Walking Dead game, but it failed to capture the magic of Payday. It would be a shock to see the studio take a step away once again in the future, given its proven Payday success.

Payday 2 Cheat Codes

A Steam promotional image for Payday 2.
Exploits and mods can greatly influence your Payday 2 playthrough.

©505 Games – Original

As is the case with many modern titles, unfortunately, Payday 2 offers no official cheat codes that you can enter for extra benefits. It doesn’t even include console commands for PC players to make tweaks where necessary.

If you want a swift advantage in Payday 2, there are still ways for you to achieve that. The game features plenty of exploits for you to take advantage of, and a few mods that you’re able to plug into your game.

Payday 2 Exploits

Infinite Experience and Money

Play the “Rats” mission from the Crime.net map, which only becomes available at Level 13. Continue playing until you reach the “Bus Stop” side mission. This can be completed in just over thirty seconds and involves killing all of Mendoza’s men on the bus. Afterward, head to the helicopter where the mission will end. Here, you’ll receive experience and money.

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When you reach the “Payday” screen, press Select to display three cards. You can pick one of these cards, rewarding you with a random item. When this item is on screen, press Start, and select “Restart Game.” This reloads the “Bus Stop” mission but the game allows you to keep all of the cash, experience, and items earned. Rinse and repeats these steps for infinite experience and money in Payday 2!

Bag Duplication

First, get all the way to the end of any heist, but do it stealthily. This isn’t totally necessary, but it’ll make the process a lot easier. Then take a bag of gold, jewelry, or cash, and crouch next to the ending van. Stand next to the very back of the truck, and look straight up in the air. Throw the bag as high as possible, landing it just inside the truck. Grab it again as fast as possible, and the bag should remain in your inventory. Make sure the van has registered as the bag being thrown in. If it has worked correctly, then you’ve successfully duplicated your bag of valuables.

This exploit can be repeated an infinite amount of times, and is probably the quickest method of gaining cash in Payday 2. It can take a few attempts to get right, which is why it’s best to try this on stealthy heists only. Having cops shooting at you is going to make this nigh impossible to repeat multiple times.

Payday 2 Mods

If you’re a PC player, you might not want to take the time to exploit the game. Instead, you have another option available to you that console players do not — mods. First, you must install SuperBLT for Payday 2 mods to work.

While Payday 2 doesn’t have the most active modding community out there, there are still plenty of mods that you can use to gain an advantage during heists. Here are a few of our favorites:

It should be said that using these mods in Payday 2‘s online player is possible, but it will almost certainly get you branded with the “Cheater” tag. If you want to remain safe from this, only use them in offline play.

Payday 2 Cheat Code FAQs

A Steam promotional image for Payday 2.
We’ve got the answers to your Payday 2 cheat questions.

©505 Games – Original

Can I Be Banned For Using Payday 2 Mods?

Because Payday 2 is co-op rather than versus, Overkill Software is lenient on cheaters compared to other game studios. After all, you’re not really affecting anyone except yourself.

If you decide to use the mods we showed you earlier, you won’t be banned from playing online in Payday 2. Instead, you’ll be given the “Cheater” tag on your in-game profile, so other gamers are aware of the situation. It’s a unique approach, but the community generally seems happy with it.

Is Payday 2’s “Cheater” Tag Permanent?

No. The “Cheater” tag only remains as your profile as long as you’re cheating in-game, so if you have any regrets, don’t worry too much. It’s not too difficult to get it removed. It does mean that you’ll have to start playing legitimately though – perhaps exploits would be the way forward in this situation.

What Platforms Do Payday 2 Exploits Work On?

Luckily, the exploits we’ve shown here work on every platform that Payday 2 is available on. The game works the same across consoles, so there shouldn’t be any issue there.

However, the bag duplication exploit may see some issues in Payday 2 VR, due to the way physics differ in the VR space. That’s not to say it won’t work, but right now it’s untested.

In terms of Payday 2 mods, you’ll only be able to download and use them on PC.

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