Road 96 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, and More

The world in Road 96.

Road 96 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, and More

Road 96 is a narrative-based adventure role-playing game developed by DigixArt and released in 2021. The game is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, and both this and previous generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It takes players on a journey through the fictional nation of Petria, an authoritarian state set in 1996. Players navigate as various teenagers trying to escape the country’s oppressive regime by crossing the northern border. The game combines strategy, role-playing, and narrative elements in a gripping story. Let’s take a look at the game’s premise, characters, and finally cheats, tips, and tricks available for Road 96.

Road 96 Premise

The game takes place in a fictional place called Petria during a hectic election season. This tense, story-driven adventure game immerses players in the struggles of several teenagers trying to escape what has become an authoritarian regime. Each escape attempt is a part of the story of Petria’s political issues and situation at the border. The game paints different storylines for each character, with player choices having significant impacts on the unfolding events and the final outcome. Each of the characters affects the unraveling story in their own way.

Zoe in Road 96.
The 18-year-old Zoe Muller is one of the major characters in the game.

The gameplay is an interesting blend of exploration, character interaction, and decision-making. Players face important choices that shape the narrative while guiding these teenagers toward freedom. The procedurally generated environment ensures each journey is distinct, with various modes of travel and interactions along the way. Road 96 offers an escape story with an exploration into the depths of life under the boot of the government.

Road 96 Characters

In Road 96, characters form the heart of the narrative. Each major character in the game brings a unique perspective to the unfolding events in the world of Petria. The game features multiple player characters. In addition to these rebellious characters trying to escape the grip of the authoritarian state, others bring their backstory into the fold, making the plot stronger. As players encounter different individuals during their journey, they need to engage in conversations and make choices that shape their paths. 

Key Characters

  • Zoe Muller: Zoe Muller is an 18-year-old teenager who was initially on the run. Throughout her journey, Zoe transforms from a fugitive into a core member of the Brigade. She takes on a critical mission to smuggle out classified government documents, which aim to expose the corrupt President Tyrak.
  • John: John, a truck driver in Road 96, is also a Black Brigades member. However, he is haunted by a past tragedy and is unsure of his belonging to the Brigades. Despite his doubts, John continues his work with them.
  • Fanny Campbell: Fanny Campbell is a character from the Petria police force. She is often at odds with her fellow officers and prioritizes doing what’s right over following orders. Fanny is an adoptive mother to Alex.
  • Alex Campbell: Alex is a 14-year-old self-taught gaming prodigy. She embarks on a journey to discover his parents’ past. After learning about their connection to the Black Brigades from his adoptive mother Fanny, Alex leaves home to figure out who she is.
  • Stan and Mitch Sanchez: Brother Stan and Mitch are small-time criminals that provide comic relief in the game. Their adventures across Petria involve various heists and escapades. However, they are also connected to the local reporter Sonya Sanchez.
  • Sonya Sanchez: Sonya Sanchez is a pro-government reporter for GNN, a fictional news network. While on air, she advocates for the regime, but her private life is separate. Her story of tragic events in the past is connected to Jarod Thompson.
  • Jarod Thompson: Jarod Thompson, a taxi driver and secret serial killer, is driven by vengeance. His actions stem from a tragic personal loss earlier in life.
The arcade game in Road 96.
Alex, a 14-year-old gamer, is the adopted daughter of Fanny.

Games in the Series

Road 96 is part of a series that explores the lives of individuals in a fictional, troubled nation. The game’s narrative, set in 1996, provides a window into a world of rebellion, escape, and survival in a dictatorship. The series includes the original Road 96, released in 2021, and its prequel, Road 96: Mile 0, which was released two years later.

  • Road 96 (2021)
  • Road 96: Mile 0 (2023)

Road 96 Cheats

While Road 96 does not feature a traditional cheat code system, players can still find ways to optimize their gameplay experience. The game encourages exploration and experimentation within Petria, which also means that there are things that can help players achieve certain goals. We have decided to include below the keycodes, phone numbers, and a list of achievements and trophies to help players out.

Night Skies Campground Code

In the Night Skies Campground scene, players will find a locked door that has a keycode entry. This keycode is found on a note next to the Owner’s cash register. The keycode is 4166.

Happy Taxi Safe Code

In the Happy Taxi Headquarters, players will find a safe that can be unlocked with a keycode. This keycode is found in one of the drawers in the security room. The code is 2237.

Short Circuit Safe Code

As players are playing the Short Circuit episode, they’ll come across a safe behind one of the President Tyrak posters inside the gas station. The keycode to open the safe is found in a box that can be found by shooting the ceiling tiles with the nail gun. The code is 1218.

The gas station in Road 96.
The gas station is explored in the episode Short Circuit.

Motel Safe Code

In the motel in the episode Better Be Good to Me, players can find a safe that opens with a code. The math problem that results in the code can be found nearby. The code is 6844.

Phone Numbers

Pay phones found in the game can be used to call various numbers. Here are the numbers available to the player. Most calls on the pay phone cost $1.

6-11: This is the anti-Black Brigade hotline. However, the person picking up says it is the Sonya hotline.

35-362: The number of Robert Winters. Players can try to blackmail him.

55-555: This is the Sonya hotline, where people call to report missing teenagers.

96-555: This number is called to donate $10 to President Tyrak’s campaign.

96-777: This number is called to donate $10 to Florres’ campaign.

Xbox Achievements

AchievementDescriptionGamer Points
Cat PersonPet the cat in the trailer park40
A Light in the DarknessBlow the fire40
Collect ’em AllCollect all tapes40
Campaign FunderCall & Donate to the Florres or Tyrak Campaign Funding40
HomesickCall Home40
Almost There?Reach Road 96 for the first time40
Stone After StoneAdd at least 3 rocks on Road 96’s cairn40
Road PalsMeet Zoe for the first time130
Help a FriendHelp Zoe to escape from the cops130
Old ProReach Road 96 for the sixth time130
Hard ChoiceMake a hard choice in crossing the border130
Border MasterDiscover Petria’s fate200

PlayStation Trophies

TrophyDescriptionTrophy Type
Cat PersonPet the cat in the trailer parkGold
A Light in the DarknessBlow the fireGold
Collect ’em AllCollect all tapesGold
Campaign FunderCall & Donate to the Florres or Tyrak Campaign FundingGold
HomesickCall HomeGold
Almost There?Reach Road 96 for the first timeGold
Stone After StoneAdd at least 3 rocks on Road 96’s cairnGold
Road PalsMeet Zoe for the first timeGold
Help a FriendHelp Zoe to escape from the copsGold
Old ProReach Road 96 for the sixth timeGold
Hard ChoiceMake a hard choice in crossing the borderGold
Border MasterDiscover Petria’s fatePlatinum


Can I play different characters in Road 96?

Yes, players control various characters, each with a unique story and perspective on Petria’s situation.

Does the game have multiple endings?

Absolutely. The choices made throughout the game by different characters influence the narrative, leading to various potential endings.

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