Pyre Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 4 and PC

Artwork for Pyre.

Pyre Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 4 and PC

Pyre is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Supergiant Games. Released in July 2017 for mainly the PC and PlayStation 4, the game incorporates elements from sports games into its RPG gameplay. The game also features an in-depth narrative with extensive character backstories. In this party-based game, players lead a group of exiled individuals who are looking for a way to free themselves through a competition. In this article, we’ll take a look at the game’s premise, characters involved in the journey, and cheats, tips, and tricks that Pyre allows.

Pyre Premise

Set in a high-fantasy world, Pyre unfolds its narrative through on-screen passages. These use a hyperlink-type system for players to delve deeper into the story. In addition to guiding exiles during the Rites, which are sports-like competitions, players must make crucial decisions to improve their party. These decisions come in various forms, including finding additional supplies, delving into the world’s lore, and upgrading the members’ skills. 

The journey across the land introduces the party to other groups of exiles. The interactions take place in the aforementioned Rites. They are played in an arena format similar to various competitive arena games from MOBAs to sports games. The arena includes two columns of flames, or pyres, at opposite ends of each other. Each team of exiles aims to destroy the opposing pyres by sending a glowing orb at them. These orbs will gradually extinguish the pyres.

Competition in Pyre.
Rites are the arena competitions in Pyre.

In the event, players control one character at a time, passing the orb between them. Holding the orb too long can be detrimental, as the character is more vulnerable while with an orb. Different characters in the game have distinct passive and active skills, which could include dash abilities or long-range projectiles. Players need to use the strengths of each of their team members to defeat the foes and advance in the Rites.

Pyre Characters

As Pyre is a narrative-based title focused on groups of individuals, the characters are central to the game. The game begins with the player being found drifting to the darkness by several fellow exiled. They want to know more about Rites, a way to return to their home through a set of grueling competitions. During the journey in the Downside, players meet a host of characters that come in various forms and with distinct backstories. The most important characters are the team members of the Nightwings, which are listed below.

  • Reader: The Reader in Pyre is the player character and guides the Nightwings during the Rites. The Reader was sentenced to the Downside for the crime of literacy. Their background varies based on player choices, including scholar, farmer, or war orphan. While physically unable to participate in the Rites, the Reader directs the Nightwings during the Rites and determines who should be liberated at each Liberation Rite.
  • Volfred Sandalwood: Volfred is a sap and the leader of the Nightwings. He found himself in Downside after publishing with a motive for insurrection. Known as The Plan Maker, he is out for not only his freedom but greater justice. He used to be a history professor.
  • Bertrude: Bertrude is a renowned sorceress and bog-dweller from the Commonwealth. She joins the team of Nightwings. Her abilities, like Hex of Defeat and Greater Blast, make her a great asset in the Rites. Bertrude’s loyalty to Volfred Sandalwood is largely why she decides to participate in the Rites.
  • Sir Gilman:  He is known as The Honor Seeker, and is a Wyrm-Knight and an exile who joins the Nightwings triumvirate. Originally aligned with the Pyrehearts, he defects and joins the player’s group after three years of exile. This honorable fighter has connections with figures like Sir Deluge and Rukey.
  • Jodariel: Jodariel is a tough demon and a key member of the Nightwings. Exiled for 16 years due to insubordination, she has a close bond with Hedwyn and Rukey. She’s one of the three who found the player.
  • Pamitha Theyn: Pamitha, a Harp, joins the Nightwings with a motive for insurrection after a 4-year exile for conspiracy. She’s the sister of the leader of the Essence triumvirate. She was part of the Highwing Remnants before exile and joining the Nightwings.
  • Ti’zo: Ti’zo is a Drive-Imp who becomes a Nightwings member. Known as The Little Watcher, he is very knowledgeable of the Nightwings’ blackwagon. While as an Imp he doesn’t have intellectual prowess, he is an outlier. 
  • The Vagabond: The Vagabond is a Savage and a member of Nightwings after banishment for vagrancy. Her true name remains a mystery. Even she doesn’t remember her real name. Instead, the player can choose her one from more than a dozen that rhyme with what she remembers about it.
Narrative in Pyre
Pyre’s story involves various exiled characters fighting for their freedom.

There are also tons of other characters in the game, which come in the form of opposing teams, ancient Scribes who created the competitions known as the Rites, merchants, messengers, minstrels, former members of the Nightwings, and much more.

Games in the Series

Pyre is a standalone video game and not part of any larger series or franchise. An independent game studio, Supergiant Games, created the game. The studio is responsible for other games such as Transistor, Bastion, and Hades.

Pyre Cheats

Pyre doesn’t include traditional cheat codes, instead emphasizing players’ exploration and mastery of the game mechanics. A great deal of the game is about the journey itself and the storyline that explains the situation of Downside and the exiled who fight for their chance to return to normalcy. This important part is not very conducive to cheating, which is perhaps why the developers decided to forgo them altogether. Also, the game supports multiplayer, which naturally isn’t for cheaters. While the game doesn’t offer external assistance in the form of cheats, there are ways to help. We have provided comprehensive lists below for those seeking to unlock achievements and trophies.

Downside in Pyre.
The player and many of the characters in the game are exiled to Downside.

Steam Achievements and PlayStation Trophies

TrophyDescriptionTrophy Type
The ReaderBegin your quest for freedom (Campaign)Bronze
The Fast TalkerUsing Rukey, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)Bronze
The Free SpiritUsing Hedwyn, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)Bronze
The Fallen SoldierUsing Jodariel, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)Bronze
The Faithful DrifterUsing the Stowaway, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)Bronze
The Little WatcherUsing Ti’zo, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)Bronze
The Honor SeekerUsing Sir Gilman, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)Bronze
The Guilty SisterUsing Pamitha, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)Bronze
The Serpent QueenUsing Bertrude, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)Bronze
The Plan MakerUsing Volfred, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)Bronze
Gather the BandFind an exile for each of the different masks (Campaign)Silver
Home FreePrevail in a Liberation Rite (Campaign)Bronze
Mercy ShownSuffer defeat in a Liberation Rite (Campaign)Bronze
Master of the RitesAchieve Rank 5 with any exile (Campaign)Silver
Cover to CoverUnlock every chapter in the Book of Rites (Campaign)Bronze
Book WormCheck 50 different pages in the Book of Rites (Campaign)Silver
Found Your CallingDo Vocations 10 times (Campaign)Bronze
Star DusterUpgrade a Talisman to Rank 20 (Campaign)Bronze
Crowd PleaserComplete three Feats of Glory (Campaign)Silver
Scribes’ ChosenPrevail in a Rite with three or more Titan Stars active (Campaign, standard difficulty or greater)Bronze
Scribes’ GuardianPrevail in a Rite with six or more Titan Stars active (Campaign, standard difficulty or greater)Silver
Scribes’ ChampionPrevail in a Rite with 12 Titan Stars active (Campaign, standard difficulty or greater)Gold
Sandra’s DiscipleComplete two Scribe Trials in the Beyonder Crystal (Campaign)Bronze
Sandra’s FavoriteComplete five Scribe Trials in the Beyonder Crystal (Campaign)Silver
Mystic TrainingComplete a Practice Rite in the Beyonder Crystal (Campaign)Bronze
There For ThemInitiate 20 different conversations in the blackwagon (Campaign)Bronze
True FreedomComplete your quest for freedom (Campaign)Gold
New AlliancePrevail in a Rite using Jodariel and Pamitha (Campaign)Bronze
Big SpenderSpend 1,000 Sol in the Slugmarket (Campaign)Bronze
Returned to GloryLiberate any three exiles from your party (Campaign)Silver
First CeremonyComplete a Rite against another mortal (Versus Mode)Bronze
The Will of the ScribesComplete a Rite against a CPU opponent (Versus Mode)Bronze
Lick of FlamePrevail in a Rite against a CPU opponent while you have less than 10 Pyre Health (Versus Mode with default Masteries, Talismans, Pyre Health)Bronze
First WhiffUse Scribe Snuff to reset an exile’s Masteries (Campaign)Bronze
Sky ExplorerWhile flying, interact with 10 different observation points (Campaign)Bronze
Scourge of the SkiesWhile flying, bump into five different adversaries’ wagons (Campaign)Bronze
The White LuteUse the White Lute to play a tune (Campaign)Bronze
Downside PilgrimPrevail in a Rite at each of the Celestial Landmarks (Campaign)Bronze
Favored to PrevailPrevail in a Rite against each of the other triumvirates (Campaign)Bronze
Untouched FlamePrevail in a Rite without your Pyre taking damage (Campaign)Silver
EnlightenedPrevail in a Rite against a Master-level CPU opponent (Versus Mode, default Talismans and Masteries)Silver
Banished One and AllDuring a Rite, banish three adversaries with a single Aura Cast (Campaign)Bronze
Flame QuencherPrevail in a Rite in no more than three dousings (Campaign)Bronze
Fear Not the FlameDuring a Rite, douse the adversary’s Pyre by 40 health or more (Campaign)Bronze
Star StruckDuring a Rite, fling the Orb at an adversary, then banish them within two sec. (Campaign)Bronze
Home-field HeroesPrevail at the Isle of Khaylmer using Ti’zo and Messenger Imp (Versus Mode)Bronze
Classic NightwingsPrevail using Volfred, Ti’zo, and Oralech (Versus Mode)Bronze
Sons of JomuerPrevail using Rukey, Barker, and Dalbert (Versus Mode)Bronze
Dames of the DownsidePrevail using Sandra, Tamitha, and Udmildhe (Versus Mode)Bronze
Master ConductorPrevail against a Master CPU opponent with six or more Titan Stars active (Versus Mode with default Masteries, Talismans, Pyre Health)Bronze
True NightwingComplete your quest for freedom (Campaign, True Nightwing difficulty)N/A
Herald of the ScribesEarn all other available trophies in Pyre.Platinum


Are there cheats in Pyre?

There is no built-in cheat system in Pyre. So those who want to cheat will have to rely on third-party applications instead of much more trustworthy first-party cheats. 

How do I increase my chances of winning in the Rites in Pyre?

To improve your performance in the Rites, focus on mastering the unique abilities of your team members. Players should adapt their strategy based on the opposing team’s strengths and weaknesses.

What are the Liberation Rites in Pyre?

Liberation Rites are events in the game where you choose which of your fellow exiles will be freed from the Downside. Your decisions during these rites impact the narrative and character relationships, so choose accordingly.

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