The Quarry, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

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The Quarry, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Survive the night in The Quarry. If you’ve ever wanted to play movies like Friday the 13th or I Know What You Did Last Summer, this is the game for you. You’ll assume the role of a teenage camper and try to survive the night at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp. The Quarry is an interactive horror game developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K, released on June 10, 2022.

The Quarry Premise

In The Quarry, players assume the role of one of nine teenage summer campers with one goal in mind — to survive until the morning. The game allows players to make decisions, and their decisions impact the world around them. Characters can improve or worsen relationships with other characters, send characters to their deaths, or keep themselves alive based on choices they make throughout the game.

Eliza, the game’s narrator, can help the player make informed decisions by reading tarot cards. This, along with the player’s performances in quick-time events and finding clues, can help determine the branching path their story will take.

The cast stars popular actors like David Arquette, Brenda Song, Ariel Winter, Siobhan Williams, Skyler Gisondo, and more. Their characters bear a tremendous resemblance to the actors who play them.

The Quarry Main Characters

Camp Counselors

  • Kaitlyn Ka, the quick-witted wild card of the group
  • Laura Kearney, a future veterinarian who loves helping people
  • Nick Furcillo, the teen heartthrob
  • Emma Mountebank, a future celebrity or influencer
  • Ryan Erzahler, the loner
  • Dylan Lenivy, the comic relief
  • Abigail Blyg, the shy, artsy girl
  • Max Brinly, the nonchalant class clown
  • Jacob Custos, the jock

Supporting Cast

  • Christopher Hackett, the Quarry’s owner
  • Robert Hackett, Chris’ simpleton younger brother
  • Jedediah Hackett, Chris’ quiet and reserved father
  • Constance Hackett, Chris’ protective and determined mother
  • Travis Hackett, Chris’ calm, collected sheriff brother
  • Eliza Vorez, the game’s narrator and overarching villain

The Quarry Titles of Games in the Series

  • The Quarry – Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (2022)

The Quarry Cheat Codes

The following aren’t really “cheats,” but are options that can make the game easier.

Choice TimerChanges the timer available when making decisions. Alternatively, you can also pause the game during these moments.
Simple QTEsSimplifies quick-time events to where any input completes the segment, rather than requiring specific directional/face button inputs.
Interrupt SpeedAffects the game’s action interruptions.
Button MashAllows users to hold buttons in lieu of mashing buttons during QTE segments.
QTE SpeedGive players more time to complete QTEs. Good for those with slow reaction times.
Aim AssistHelps with aiming weapons.
Movie ModeAllows players to watch The Quarry as if it were an actual film, without requiring input.
Death RewindLets players rewind time to save an character or adjust their decisions. Unlocks after the first playthrough.

The Quarry Cheat Code FAQs

How many chapters are in the game?

The game has a prologue, 10 main chapters, and an epilogue.

Which characters have the most playtime?

Kaitlyn, Laura, and Ryan offer the most playtime, followed by Emma, Jacob, and Dylan, then Abigail, Nick, and Max.

How many endings does the game have?

The game reportedly hs 186 different endings, each modified by the decisions your character(s) make throughout the story.

How long is the game?

A typical playthrough of The Quarry will take about 9 hours.

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