Day of the Tentacle Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and More

A Steam promotional image for Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

Day of the Tentacle Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and More

Day of the Tentacle is a 2016 remaster of the 1993 graphic adventure game of the same name. While the original game was developed and published for LucasArts, the remaster was developed and published by Double Fine Productions. Notably, developer Tim Schafer was at the forefront of both projects. The 1993 release came to both Mac OS and DOS, but the remaster was able to bring it to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Upon release of the original game, Day of the Tentacle received critical acclaim but struggled for commercial success, selling just 80,000 copies across its lifetime. The remaster received similarly positive reviews, with its charm holding up after multiple decades.

Day of the Tentacle Premise

A Steam promotional image for Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

Day of the Tentacle plays much like its predecessor, Maniac Mansion, in that it follows the typical 2D point-and-click gameplay formula. Using the mouse, you direct the playable character around the world, interacting with items and characters using set commands. You can pick items up, use them, or speak to characters. This process is streamlined in the 2016 remaster, with slicker interaction systems out of the box. Those wanting the classic experience do have the option to switch back to the original, though.

Day of the Tentacle also introduces time travel as a gameplay concept, with various protagonists spread across different time periods. You can unlock the ability to switch between these characters freely, influencing the world through actions at different points in time. Some puzzles require you to make something happen in one timeline, so that you can do one particular thing there before changing it back. It’s extremely confusing indeed, but makes for great puzzle gameplay.

Day of the Tentacle Main Characters

A Steam promotional image for Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

Day of the Tentacle continues on from the events of Maniac Mansion, with a five-year time jump. Because of this, a few characters return between the two games. Here are some of the main characters in the sequel:

  • Bernard Bernoulli: Bernard Bernoulli is one of the protagonists of the game. He’s a nerd who has been called to save the world from Purple Tentacle.
  • Purple Tentacle: Purple Tentacle is a lab assistant created by Dr. Fred Edison. After drinking toxic sludge from a river, he turns evil and hatches a plot to take over the world, prompting action from Dr. Fred.
  • Dr. Fred Edison: Dr. Fred Edison is a mad scientist who accidentally unleashes Purple Tentacle upon the world.

Day of the Tentacle Titles in the Series

A Steam promotional image for Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

This particular series had always prioritized quality over quantity, a choice necessitated by the series’ commercial struggles. Because of this, Maniac Mansion and its sequel, Day of the Tentacle, remain relics of the time. Director Tim Schafer moved on to bigger and better things, leaving the series silent until the 2016 remaster.

Despite the positive reception to the 2016 remaster, we don’t expect to see much more from Day of the Tentacle or a potential sequel going forward. The audience just isn’t really there to make it worthwhile, although, in the age of gaming nostalgia, anything is possible.

Day of the Tentacle Cheat Codes

A Steam promotional image for Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

Unfortunately, Day of the Tentacle doesn’t have any cheats in either the original or remastered version. However, it does have one really cool secret that we can show you instead.

You can actually play the first game in the series, 1987’s Maniac Mansion, within Day of the Tentacle. To do this, head to Weird Ed’s room. Once there, use his computer five times, and Maniac Mansion will launch!

Day of the Tentacle Cheat Code FAQs

A Steam promotional image for Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

Why Are There No Cheats or Mods for Day of the Tentacle?

In terms of cheats, it’s hard to say. They were never included in the original game, so it’s understandable that they were left out of the remaster.

However, in terms of mods, it’s more likely down to the small community for the game. It’s a game that maintains a cult following, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to players willing to create extra content.

Does Day of the Tentacle Have Achievements?

While the original game didn’t feature achievements of any kind, Day of the Tentacle‘s 2016 remaster featured an extensive achievement list to give the game plenty of replayability. See below for the achievement list on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of the game:

AchievementAchievement Description
OCDGet all other achievements in the game
Number OnePower Hoagie’s Chron-o-John
Number TwoPower Laverne’s Chron-O-John
FlushAcquire a diamond
Yesterday’s NewsDefeat Purple Tentacle yesterday
Mental PatiencePlay the whole game without skipping a cutscene
… Take on the Words!Sit through the end credits
Rap Sheet: TrespasserFind Fred’s basement workshop
Rap Sheet: YeggOpen the safe
Rap Sheet: CheatDisqualify Harold
Rap Sheet: VandalDeflate Oozo
Rap Sheet: FraudTry to alter the contract with Booboo-B-Gone
Rap Sheet: ForgerTry to sign the contract yourself with the quill pen
Rap Sheet: ThiefPick up 15 things that don’t belong to you
Rap Sheet: KleptomaniacPick up 30 things that don’t belong to you
Rap Sheet: Adventure GamerPick up 45 things that don’t belong to you
Master PlumberFlush 50 objects through time
Moronic DroneGet a job
Only Hoagie Can Make a TreeCreate a cherry tree
Only George Can Destroy a TreeDestroy a cherry tree
Windsock it to MeChange the flag
You Call That a Hint?Try to wash the dirty car with the brush
Obvious, Really…Make it rain
Not Raised in a BarnClose a door
Novelty EnthusiastGet all six novelty items
WWSCD?Climb through the chimney with all three kids
Costume QuestClothe Laverne in the costume
Chateau Eau NeauxMake vinegar
It’s an Honor Just to CompeteEnter the human contest
Can’t Win and Chew Gum at the Same TimeLaverne tries the chattering teeth on her human during the human show
Winning Is BetterWin the human contest
Only Lazy Speechwriters Didn’t Cover ThisTalk to Washington, Jefferson, or Hancock while they’re outside
Behind Every Great Man Is a Quality RoadieRed makes a super battery with only a little help from Hoagie
That Should Have WorkedHoagie uses battery with Chron-O-John instead of plug
Coffee AchieverWake up Dr. Fred
Of Course It Would Still Weigh the SameGet a tiny sweater
Don’t Try This at HomeMicrowave the frozen hamster
Now You’re Pushing ItTry to microwave the hamster again after he’s thawed out
Oh Right, I’m Playing a Cartoon!Make a skunk
You SuckVacuum up a hamster
Dialog Puzzles Are HardGet Fred to sign the contract
Dude, It’s Like, CannibalismHoagie eats a Hoagie
Music Appreciation AwardReach yesterday without turning the stereo off
Olive BranchReturn the stamp album to Weird Ed
Energy ConsciousTurn off the television
Games History MajorPlay Maniac Mansion
We’re All BrothersAsk the IRS agents if they’re related
Are You My Mummy?Talk to Dead Cousin Ted with all three kids
That Joke Never Got OldSquirt five different people with disappearing ink
Missing PinkTry to mix the red paint and the Booboo-B-Gone
And Then the Universe ExplodesTry to mix the decaf and caffeinated coffees
And Then the Universe ImplodesTry to mix the disappearing ink with Booboo-B-Gone
That Only Works with AlligatorsTry to flush the hamster
I’m Sure He’d Never NoticeTry to swap the textbook with the stamp album
ESRB ViolationLaverne thinks about eating the cat
Voiding the WarrantyTry to put something metal in the microwave
Most Annoying Guest EverRing the front desk bell 100 times
ChefCook the hamster in Maniac Mansion (Don’t try this at home, kids!)

How Do You Play Maniac Mansion in Day of the Tentacle?

Playing Maniac Mansion in Day of the Tentacle is easy. First, go to Weird Ed’s room. Once there, use his computer five times, and Maniac Mansion will open.

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