Midnight Club II Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC

Car driving over a bridge in Midnight Club 2

Midnight Club II Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC

Midnight Club II is a 2003 arcade-style racing game developed by Rockstar San Diego. Building off the success of the first game in the series, Midnight Club: Street Racing, the game features improved gameplay, an expanded world, and new competitors. Players take on Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo’s chaotic and dangerous streets in high-speed competitions. Racing through the narrow and windy streets of Paris, tackling the hilly suburbs of Los Angeles, and conquering the neon-glittered nights of Tokyo are all par for the course. Midnight Club II has received positive reviews from both critics and audiences. The game has been considered a classic in the arcade racing genre, and Rockstar decided to follow the game up with two sequels, Midnight Club 3 and Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Midnight Club II Premise

Bike and car racing in Midnight Club II in Tokyo.
Midnight Club II allows players to unlock high speed vehicles, including motorcycles!

Players arrive in the underground world of street racing in Tokyo, Paris, and Los Angeles. Players compete on tracks marked with checkpoints while obstacles obstruct the player’s progress. Awards such as faster cars and modifications for winning races are given to the player, all the while progressing to more challenging courses. In the beginning, the player becomes familiar with the city champions Makoto, Parfait, and Dice. These characters serve as the main antagonists who challenge the player to races. 

Even though the controllable character remains unnamed, several characters are introduced to the player who contribute to the career mode and storyline. 

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Midnight Club II Characters

Cars racing in Tokyo in Midnight Club II
Midnight Club II allows for the modification of cars including their color and features.

Moses: Moses acts as a guide for players, helping them navigate the dynamics, controls, and story of the game. Even though he appears as an antagonist, he is a friend in disguise. 

Makoto: Makoto is the city champion of Tokyo. He is the last challenger before the world champion, Savo.

Parfait: Parfait is the city champion of Paris. Filled with vanity, she consistently mocks the main character before races.

Dice: Dice is the city champion of Los Angeles. Players must beat him in two races before competing in Paris.

Savo: Savo is the world champion in street racing. He serves as the final challenger and competitor in the game. 

Midnight Club II Titles in Series

The Midnight Club series is a classic in the street racing genre. The series began under Angel Studios before being acquired by Rockstar and transformed into Rockstar San Diego. Here is a list of titles in the Midnight Club series.

Midnight Club II Cheats and Cheat Codes

The fast-paced and chaotic environment in the game can be challenging. Because of this, many players may want to use cheats and cheat codes to make the game more enjoyable and playable. For others, they may be veterans of the game wanting to change up their gameplay. For whatever reason players may have, cheats and cheat codes can be helpful. Here is a list of cheats and cheat codes for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC versions. Players should be aware that cheat codes can corrupt their game files, so it is advisable to save their game before using cheat codes.

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PlayStation 2:

To activate cheat codes, highlight “Option Mode” press down on the D-pad, highlight “Option: Cheat Codes” and press the X button.

howhardcanitbe(x)Adjusts difficulty, 0 being easiest and 9 being hardest
redkeymonGives the player a list of all cheat codes
immortalGives players guns, rockets, and unlimited nitro as well as invincibility.
carcrobaticsGives players in-air controls, however, it doesn’t work on bikes.
greenLanternInfinite Nitrous
savethekidsGives the player a machine gun and rockets.
howfastcanitbe<0-9>Makes the game go faster or slower. 0 is the slowest and 9 is the fastest.
gladiatorPlayers do not take damage.
voomPedsThe pedestrians now move faster than before.
theCollectorUnlocks all cars
GlobetrotterUnlocks All Locations
pennyThugUnlocks All Locations and cars.
rimbukUnlock everything in Arcade Mode including cars and locations.


To activate cheat codes on PC, simply go to options mode and then cheat codes to input cheat codes.

tumblerAllows cars to do wheelies in air.
octaneGives the player nitrous.
howfastcanitbe(0-9)Makes the opponents slower or faster depending on the number selected 0 being slowest and 9 being fastest.
starpowerDisables damage and allows players to press “f” to fire.
leatherandlaceDisables damage done to player.
starliteGives players a “psychedelic” view.
howhardcanitbe(0-9)Sets difficulty 0 being easiest and 9 being hardest.
upupdowndownTurns off all cheats and cheat codes.
yerbamateGives player unlimited nitrous.
rimbukUnlock all cars, modes, cities, and drivers in arcade mode.
griswoldUnlocks all Cities.
theparrotUnlocks all racing modes.


To unlock cheat codes on the Xbox version, go to options mode, then cheat codes and input desired cheat code.

greasemonkey: unlocks all car ability upgrades.

hotwired: unlocks all cars for arcade mode.

theworldismine: unlocks all locations for arcade mode.

Midnight Club II Cheat Codes FAQ

Do these cheat codes work for Midnight Club: Street Racing?

Since Midnight Club: Street Racing is a  different game with its own source code, these cheat codes do not work.

Is there a “psychedelic” view cheat for the Xbox version of the game?

Yes, there is a cheat code to unlock psychedelic views on the Xbox version. The cheat code is “ozzysworld”. It can be inputted the same way as the other Xbox version cheat codes in the options menu. 

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