Risk of Rain 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Title artwork for Risk of Rain 2 with character sitting.

Risk of Rain 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Risk of Rain 2 is a 2020 co-op third-person shooter game developed by Hopoo Games. Building on the success of the first game in the series, Risk of Rain, the game features an expanded world in 3D. Players work together to progress through levels battling terrifying monsters and aliens. Over time, players can unlock new characters, items, and achievements to make their gameplay more dynamic and advanced. Risk of Rain 2 continuously receives positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The game was a major success upon its release, and as of March 2021, Risk of Rain 2 has sold four million copies on the gaming platform Steam. 

Risk of Rain 2 Premise

In-game screenshot of Risk of Rain 2 with character battling an alien
Risk of Rain 2 is a co-op game where teammates battle aliens to progress through the levels.

Players find themselves transported to a world filled with hostile monsters and aliens. Working together as a team, one to four players battle these enemies using their character’s unique abilities and weapons. The goal is to progress through each level, with each one becoming increasingly more difficult. To progress through the levels, players must find a teleporter placed in a random location on the map, taking them to the next level. With each alien killed, players gain experience points. When enough experience points are added to a player’s experience bar, they level up, allowing them to deal more damage and have more health in their health bar. 

Risk of Rain 2 Characters

Character menu screenshot of Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2 offers twelve playable characters that can be unlocked.

Upon starting the game, players have access to only two survivors. As players progress through the game, they unlock new survivors with better abilities, weapons, damage, and health. Here is a list of survivors and playable characters in Risk of Rain 2:

Commando: Commando is one of two survivors available to players by default. He wields dual pistols and is an all-around character. His base health and stats are unimpressive, and he is outperformed by all other survivors who unlock later in the game. 

Huntress: Huntress is one of two survivors available to players by default. She has low health but makes up for this in her agility and damage.

Bandit: Bandit’s specialty is his ability for stealth attacks which can deal loads of damage. He utilizes smoke bombs, as well as stun guns and blades. Bandit unlocks after completing the third stage.

MUL-T: MUL-T is a versatile character robot capable of wielding two of four primary weapons simultaneously. MUL-T has high health and armor, making MUL-T a true powerhouse on the battlefield.

Engineer: The engineer specializes in deploying machinery for defense on the battlefield. Turrets, specifically, are automatic guns that pick up the loot and experience of enemies for the player. 

Artificer: Artificer is equipped with powerful skills and abilities capable of taking down any enemies. However, she lacks many defensive abilities except her ion surge, allowing her to fly. 

Risk of Rain 2 Characters Continued

Mercenary: Mercenary is a highly agile character. With low cooldown times for his abilities, players can use effective combo attacks in offensive situations. 

REX: REX is half-robot and half-plant. REX specializes in long-range attacks with the sacrifice of having low health. 

Loader: Loader has some of the most destructive abilities in the game. He acts as a cargo loader and is highly mobile. 

Acrid: Poison-spewing Acrid has the highest base damage of any character. He has an extensive list of abilities, weapons, and attacks that allow him to fight up close but also from a distance. 

Captain: The Captain is the commander of the UES Safe Travels. Captain specializes in tactics and can provide air support for players on the field.

Void Fiend: Void Fiend is a mutated survivor who can use the void to his advantage. He is the most challenging character to master since he is complex. He fluctuates between controlled and corrupted forms. 

Railgunner: Railgunner is a long-range marksman. Her damage output is incredibly high due to her piercing and homing rounds.

Heretic: Heretic is a secret character in the game, not pickable from the menu. She has incredibly high damage and base health, making her one of the most powerful characters in the game.

Risk of Rain 2 Cheats and Cheat Codes

Risk of Rain 2 challenges players in many aspects. The survival and fighting aspects of the game, as well as the strategy and skill needed to master the characters, can be challenging for many players. Because of this, many players will find cheats and cheat codes can be immensely helpful for their gameplay. 

Players wanting to enable and use cheat codes in Risk of Rain 2 will need to utilize file-editing techniques. On their PC, players can navigate to Program Files (x86) > Steam > userdata > [number] > 632360 > remote > UserProfiles. Once navigated to this folder, open the text file in a text editor of their choosing and find the line that reads “</stats>.” To unlock items and characters, copy and paste any of the following cheat codes in the text file. 

Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Codes List

  • <unlock>Characters.Huntress</unlock>
  • <unlock>Characters.Engineer</unlock>
  • <unlock>Characters.Mercenary</unlock>
  • <unlock>Characters.Mage</unlock>
  • <unlock>Characters.Toolbot</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Bear</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Hoof</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Crowbar</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Medkit</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Firework</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.SecondarySkillMagazine</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.TreasureCache</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.BossDamageBonus</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.AttackSpeedOnCrit</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Infusion</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.EquipmentMagazine</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.HealOnCrit</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.KillEliteFrenzy</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.ExtraLife</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.JumpBoost</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Talisman</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.IncreaseHealing</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Clover</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.RepeatHeal</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Meteor</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.BurnNearby</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.AutoCastEquipment</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.PassiveHealing</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.BFG</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Scanner</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.Lightning</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.DroneBackup</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.GoldGat</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.WarCryOnMultiKill</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.BounceNearby</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.NovaOnHeal</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.ShockNearby</unlock>
  • <unlock>Items.ElementalRings</unlock>

Risk of Rain 2 Console Commands

Players can utilize console commands for tinkering and altering their game in many ways. To activate and open the developer console, players can press CONTROL + ALT + ` simultaneously. Players can enter various console commands that can make their game easier, edit graphics and view, and other alterations. Players should know that enabling the developer console disables achievements and stat tracking until the game restarts. Here is a shortened list of console commands available. 

Risk of Rain 2 Console Commands List

  • aim_stick_assist_max_delta: The maximum amount where the aim assist can track to. Default – 1.57
  • aim_stick_assist_max_input_help: The aim assist will add magnitude toward the target on a scale of 0-1 while strafing. Default – 0.2 (Cannot be used in Early Access Builds)
  • aim_stick_assist_max_size: The maximum size of the aim assists “white” zone that extends over your crosshair. Default – 3
  • aim_stick_assist_max_slowdown_scale: Adjust your sensitivity scales while dragging over enemies. Default – 0.4
  • aim_stick_assist_min_delta: The minimum amount where the aim assist can track to. Default – 0
  • aim_stick_assist_min_size: The minimum size of the aim assists the “white” zone which extends over your crosshair. Default – 1
  • aim_stick_assist_min_slowdown_scale: Adjust your sensitivity scales while dragging over enemies. Default – 1
  • aim_stick_dual_zone_slope: The slope number for the stick dual zone. Default – 0.4
  • aim_stick_dual_zone_threshold: The threshold limit for stick dual zone. Default – 0.9
  • aim_stick_exponent: The exponent while aiming from stick input. Default – 1
  • aim_stick_global_scale: The global sensitivity scale for stick aiming. Default – 1
  • aim_stick_smoothing: The smoothing number for stick aiming. Default – 0.05
  • anisotropic_filtering = Disable: The anisotropic filtering i.e. Disable by default and can be Enable or ForceEnable.
  • audio_focused_only: Audio mute settings while focusing. Default – 0
  • auto_simulate_physics: Disabling or Enabling Physics auto-simulate. Default – 1
  • ban_steam: Banning the user based on their unique steam id from the server.
  • body_generate_portraits: Generating portraits for all the bodies that are using the default.
  • body_list: Lists all character bodies.
  • chat_max_messages: Maximum number of chat messages that can be displayed. Default – 30
  • cheats: Enable cheats but disable your Achievements, Progress, and Trackings. Restart your application to revert to normal. Default – 0
  • clear: Clears the console output.
  • client_set_players: Set and add network players for all local players. Debug only.
  • connect: Connect to a server.
  • connect_steamworks_p2p: Connect server while using Steamworks P2P.

Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Codes FAQ

How can Heretic be unlocked?

Heretic is a secret character in the game since she is unavailable on the main menu. Heretic unlocks by transforming into her from holding all four Heresy items simultaneously. 

Are these cheat codes and console commands available on consoles like the Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, these cheat codes require a text editor available on a PC. For now, these cheat codes are only available on the PC and Steam versions of the game.

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