Life Goes On: Done To Death

Corey Feldman Interview


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    All the Things (Platinum): You have proven that anything can be achieved through the sacrifice of minions.
    Meet Jeff (Bronze): What does the fuzzy thing do?
    Milecide (Silver): One thousand knights squandered.
    No Vacancy (Silver): How many knights can you lose on Straight to the Point?
    There's Really Nothing Over Here (Bronze): Nothing to see, move along.
    Soul Crushing (Bronze): Maximum misfortune in Maximum Security.
    Appeasement (Gold): Jeff is satisfied.
    Rapid Sacrifice (Gold): Beating all the clocks.
    Merciful Leader (Gold): Mercy is its own reward, so have a prize!
    Superb Spelunker (Gold): Master the Mines
    Master Mountaineer (Gold): Master the Mountain
    Dungeon Delver (Gold): Master the Castle
    Ardent Archaeologist (Gold): Master the Ruins
    Precision Air Drop (Bronze): One body does not count as a Carpet.
    Law of Knight Conservation (Silver): Prove that you are the master of Tenuous Links.
    Beat the Devs (Gold): No skips. No restarts. One run. How fast can you go?
    Master of Magnetism (Silver): Check point two, check point one to prove your skill on Equal and Opposite.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

    Room For One More (Silver): How did you do that?
    Inefficient Use of Human Resources (Bronze): Our equipment design does not account for your inefficiency
    Enter Orbit (Bronze): SPAAAAAAACE!
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