Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    COMEBACK KID (Bronze): Get eaten by the nidhogg after nearly allowing your opponent to do the same.
    MEMORIES (Bronze): Trap your opponent on your sword for a long time.
    FLESH AND BLOOD (Bronze): Beat the singleplayer game.
    PERFECT STRIDE (Bronze): Win the faceoff and never lose the arrow in a singleplayer match.
    BLOODLUST (Bronze): 100 total kills in one match.
    PROMETHEUS (Bronze): Run across your final screen in the castle with your sword cocked the whole time.
    GTD (Bronze): Finish an 8 player tournament.
    SLOW PLAYED (Silver): Let the timer run out in your opponent's last screen and win in sudden death.
    VALKYRIE (Silver): Win 100 games through matchmaking.
    TRAPPED IN DONKEYSPACE (Silver): Play a match lasting longer than 20 minutes.
    NSA (Silver): Intelligence gathered.
    HOGGLIKE (Gold): Dominate every level in one singleplayer game.
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