No Time To Explain

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Newbie (Bronze): Start playing.
    Haters Gonna Hate (Bronze): Dance through the first universe and don't stop for nothing.
    Speedrun (Silver): Finish Shotgun universe in under 60 seconds.
    Steedrun (Silver): Play through Straitjacket Darkness universe without dying, with a horse head.
    Greedrun (Silver): Play through Fat Cake universe and eat every fat cake, with a hamburger for a face.
    Dinorun (Silver): Beat the scrolling shooter segment without dying, as a dinosaur.
    Mmyes Indeedrun (Silver): Beat Rejected Green Clone universe in under a minute, wearing a monocle and a top-hat.
    That was it (Gold): Finish the whole damn game.
    Hatsamingo (Bronze): Collect half the hats.
    Hatsamungojungo (Bronze): Collect all the hats.
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