Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Quite dashing! (Bronze): Dash 200 times in one level.
    Superdecoys! (Bronze): Combine the fire drink and the decoys to get 8 fire-powered decoys.
    Zing! (Bronze): Pass through a single set of trap doors 3 times in one level.
    Smashing! (Bronze): Destroy the Pringo Dingo ice sculpture.
    Back-and-Forth! (Bronze): Play a match where the lead changes over 10 times.
    Un-a-peel-ing! (Bronze): Finish a match without hitting a single banana.
    Not so fast! (Bronze): Get 5 pictures of the celebrity while they're using the fire drink.
    Supersight! (Bronze): Get 5 pictures of the celebrity while they're invisible.
    Always Undercover! (Silver): Spend less than 15 seconds out of cover in one level.
    Sharpshooter! (Silver): Successfully hit more pictures than you miss and win the game.
    Cheater! (Silver): Get 5 pictures of the celebrity before the level even starts.
    Marathon! (Gold): Play all 6 levels in a row with one character.
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