Party Hard

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Clubber (Bronze): Play Party Hard 100 times.
    Butcher (Bronze): Kill 1000 people.
    Wait, It Will Be Fun (Bronze): Use traps 50 times.
    Garbage Collector (Bronze): Hide 50 bodies.
    Engineer (Bronze): Pass level without traps 3 times.
    Hellhound (Bronze): Kill 20 people in a row.
    Chase breakers (Bronze): Escape cop 5 times.
    Unbowed (Bronze): Die 100 times.
    Hey, Stop! (Bronze): Kill person who runs to call police 20 times.
    Retribution (Bronze): Kill all robbers in Casino level.
    Mmmaniac! (Bronze): Complete the game.
    Loser (Bronze): Lose level with 1 alive person.
    I'm sexy and I know it! (Bronze): Get you ass kicked for dancing.
    Sweet dreams (Bronze): Kill 50 stunned people.
    Jockey (Bronze): Kill 50 people by horse.
    Runner (Bronze): Complete level in 3 minutes.
    Rider on the storm (Bronze): Kill 15 people with one car.
    Venomous rush (Bronze): Poison 100 people.
    Cunning (Bronze): Complete level with FBI.
    Shadow master (Bronze): Kill 30 people without alarm in one level.
    Ninja (Bronze): Complete level without found body.
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