Ziggurat Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Ziggurat Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Ziggurat Easy “A walk in the park” trophy

Challenge rooms are denoted by a red spike platform icon on the map. They are full of traps that require timing and platform skills. They only have one door leading in, and they contain a treasure chest at the end. Progress through the room, and open the chest at the end to get the “A walk in the park” trophy.

Easy “Do you want to know more?” trophy

On the first floor of the dungeon, secret rooms are indicated by a cracked wall where a door normally would be found. Shoot the cracked wall until it breaks open to enter the secret room. Then, approach the stained glass window at the rear of the secret room to trigger a short cutscene that describes a previous game developed by Milkstone.

Easy “It’s a trap!” trophy

Keep opening mystery boxes until you trigger a trap to get the “It’s a trap!” trophy.

Easy “Ouch!” trophy

Danger rooms are denoted by a yellow spike plate icon on the map. They are full of traps and usually have doors on every wall. Die in one of their traps to get the “Ouch!” trophy.

Easy “Karmic Justice” trophy

Defeat the Boss on Floor 1-4. Do not enter the portal that leads to the next floor. Instead, remain on that floor, and kill yourself with grenades or by jumping in spikes or lava to get the “Karmic Justice” trophy.

Explore a floor, and find a challenge room, danger room, or a room with an environmental hazard or trap. Kill the Boss, but do not go through the portal. Instead, return to the previously discovered room, and kill yourself in the trap or hazard to get the “Karmic Justice” trophy.

Easy “Relieve the pain” trophy

Some weapons and spells cause elemental statuses, such as being poisoned, slowed, or frozen. When under such an effect, the enemy will display an effect, such as glowing green when poisoned or being covered in ice when frozen. Any enemy that dies during one of these effects will qualify for the “Relieve the pain” trophy. To farm this, find a Serpent Staff. It has a 100% chance to inflict the poison status upon a hit. Progress until you encounter the shaman Boss or random shaman enemies. Shamans can summon extra enemies indefinitely, especially carrots. Hit a carrot with a single bolt from the staff to usually leave it poisoned until it dies shortly afterwards. Keep killing carrots spawned by shaman using this method until you get the “Relieve the pain” trophy.

Easy “So close!” trophy

Lose to the final Boss on Floor 5 to get the “So close!” trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ziggurat Champion (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
    Practical lessons (Bronze): Get your first level up.
    Applied student (Bronze): Reach experience level 5.
    First of the class (Bronze): Reach experience level 10.
    Smoke & Mirrors (Silver): Unlock all magic weapons.
    Jack of all trades (Silver): Unlock all perks.
    Alumni (Silver): Unlock all character classes.
    My precious!! (Gold): Unlock all weapons, perks, lore & character classes.
    Erudite (Bronze): Find all lore scrolls.
    Elementary (Bronze): You reached 3rd floor. Now the real lesson begins.
    Master of Magic (Bronze): Equip a weapon of every kind.
    I’m too young to die (Bronze): Die 10 times.
    Not too rough (Bronze): Die 25 times.
    Hurt me plenty (Bronze): Die 50 times.
    Mudblood (Bronze): Get to floor 3 using only the magic wand (Apprentice class only).
    Minions Must Die (Bronze): Kill 1000 enemies.
    Ultraviolence (Bronze): Kill 5000 enemies.
    Second to none (Bronze): Kill all enemies at least once (including bosses).
    Hands tied (Silver): Win the game without using any level up.
    Easy peasy (Silver): Reach floor 2 without getting damaged.
    Honoris causa (Silver): Reach experience level 15.
    One trick pony (Silver): Master a perk by getting it to level 5.
    A bull in a china shop (Bronze): Break 2,000 things (Barrels, tombs…).
    Relieve the pain (Bronze): Kill 500 enemies affected with elemental states.
    Old pupils reunion (Gold): Win a game with every character (any difficulty).
    Unstoppable (Gold): Win a game on hard difficulty.
    So shiny! (Bronze): Find your first amulet.
    Encyclopaedia (Silver): Unlock all enemies in the bestiary.
    Head to head (Bronze): Kill a Lost soul with the Skull of Xanatos.
    Jewelry box (Silver): Unlock all amulets.
    A walk in the park (Bronze): Complete a challenge room.
    Intensive course (Bronze): Win the game with Argo on Normal difficulty in less than 45 minutes.
    Brother of Daedolon (Gold): Survive the Ziggurat.

Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

    It’s a trap! (Bronze): You’ve been ambushed in a treasure room.
    Ouch! (Bronze): You died on a danger room.
    So close! (Bronze): You met your match in the final showdown.
    Karmic Justice (Bronze): Died after killing the boss.
    Do you want to know more? (Bronze): Find a secret room.
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