Randal's Monday

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Day 1: A box full of junk and too much free time (Bronze): Complete the prologue.
    Day 2: Excuse me, am I trapped in time already? (Bronze): Complete episode 1.
    Day 3: Mortimer's dungeon (Bronze): Complete episode 2.
    Day 4: Officer Hicks, give me that ring (Bronze): Complete episode 3.
    Day 5: Till the Magnumatic do us part (Bronze): Complete episode 4.
    Day 6: ‘You smoke? No thanks, I'm trying to quit (Bronze): Complete episode 5.
    Day 7: The final barbecue (Bronze): Complete episode 6.
    It's over (Bronze): Beat the whole game.
    Chicken (Bronze): Unlock the hints system.
    Cat murderer (Bronze): Hit the “kill kitty” button XX times.
    Perfectionist (Bronze): You made a complete scarecrow.
    Old school (Bronze): Beat the game without using the hints system.
    Bad friend (Bronze): Feed the Horsemen.
    Cursed (Bronze): Sell the ring.
    Lover of The Trilogy (Bronze): You didn't fail any question in HAL's game.
    Survival horror lover (Bronze): Beat the puzzle of the drawers and the books on your first try.
    Gort salutes you (Bronze): Tell Bogs the password.
    Three meals a day (Bronze): Feed the pigeons three times.
    Brainiac (Bronze): Beat the hot plate puzzle on your first try.
    Good friend (Bronze): Beat the final conversation choosing only the correct answers.
    I want no spoilers (Bronze): Beat the puzzle of the Sci-Fi Con sign without the bum's help.
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