Ravenlok Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More


Ravenlok Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Ravenlok Summary

A lot of people believe fairy tales are these cutesy tales that always have a happy ending. But as any fan of the Brothers Grimm will tell you, such a thing couldn’t be further from the truth. Ravenlok is a 3D action game developed by Cococucumber on the Xbox series, PlayStation series, Windows, and more! It follows Kira through a reimagined Fairy Tale, one that involves following a rabbit down a hole. It has seen positive reviews since its release on May 4th, 2023. As such, let us take a look into this weird, colorful, and sometimes downright bizarre indie title.



Ravenlok Premise

Moving to a new home isn’t easy, even more so when it is away from everyone and everything you know. Kira is a newcomer to the countryside, moving to a house with her family. As expected of an early teen from the city, Kira isn’t too fond of the open fields and sky, even more so when she has to do chores around the house. Granted, no kid likes to do chores, even more so when they’re expecting to adjust and build ‘character.’

But she wasn’t expecting to be pulled into a mirror by a mysterious rabbit and proclaims that her help is needed to save his realm from an evil queen.

Based on Alice in Wonderland by Hans Lewis Carroll, Ravenlok follows Kira throughout her adventure in this magical otherworld. Whether it is real or in her head doesn’t quite matter at the moment, as there are plenty of critters who want you dead in this fairy tale.

Hey, who said fairy tales were just for kids? Remember, many fairy tales had unhappy endings, and many of them weren’t so kind. Let us just hope yours will be.

Ravenlok Main Characters 

  • Kira. The player character. Though you can change her name if you want. Kira is a kid from the city thrown into a fantasy world. She’s also the titular Ravenlok, on account of her black hair, or raven locks. See, get it? Raven locks, Ravenlok….
  •  Queen Dreda. The main antagonist. The caterpillar/butterfly queen of the realm, Dunia. Tall, frightful, and is responsible for Dunia’s corruption. Take care not to anger her until the very end.
  •  Finn the White Rabbit. What Alice in Wonderland adventure is complete without the white rabbit himself? Finn is your guide throughout the adventure, though it seems you aren’t the first kid he’s pulled into the realm…but, hopefully, you’ll be the last!
  •  Cammy the Cauldron. Because Alice in Wonderland is weird, one of Kira’s foremost allies is the talking Cauldron, Cammy. She can brew up many potions to aid you on your journey.

Ravenlok Titles of Video Games in the Series 

As Ravenlok is a stand-alone title, there are no sequels or prequels for this title.But who knows, maybe in the future, we’ll see more releases.

  • Ravenlok (2023)

Ravenlok Cheat Codes 

Like many games released these days, there aren’t many built-in cheats for the game that don’t come with extensive coding. But, for Ravenlok, let’s take a look at some of the more useful tips and tricks for the game!

  • Pet the dog. This doesn’t do anything, but if you go to the right at the start of the game and pet your dog, you’ll get an achievement.
  •  Go Through the Story. It seems obvious, but keep in mind, that this isn’t a triple AAA game with 100 things to do. The story is the meat and bones of the game, and it’s where you’ll get most of your goodies.
  •  Collect all the Feathers. Unlike a certain side mission in Assassin’s Creed 2, you want to collect every feather you can get your hands on. By collecting these feathers, you’ll level up! And more levels mean more power, and more power means you’ll be harder to kill.

Ravenlok Cheat Code FAQ

Is there a point of no return in Ravenlok? Thankfully, no. If you complete the main story, you are free to come back and go through the levels again whenever you wish. This allows you to catch anything you might have missed the first time around.

What is the max level in Ravenlok? Level 20! A bit like Dungeons and Dragons, now that I think about it.

Is Ravenlok on Gamepass? Yep! It was released on GP on May 4th. Aka, Star Wars day.

How long is the Ravenlok game? About three to four hours, give or take. So, not that long at all!

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