Red Goddess: Inner World

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Act I - Soulmate (Bronze): Complete Act I.
    Act II - Inner Conflict (Bronze): Complete Act II.
    Act III - The Descent (Bronze): Complete Act III.
    Act IV - Guilt Complex (Bronze): Complete Act IV.
    Fighter (Bronze): Perform 60 combos.
    Gladiator (Silver): Perform 100 combos.
    Supernatural (Silver): Destroy 30 enemies using possession ability.
    Frenzy (Bronze): Destroy 15 enemies using Rage's special melee attack.
    Despair (Bronze): Destroy 15 enemies using Fear's special melee attack.
    Gold Collector (Bronze): Collect 300 gold.
    Gold Fanatic (Silver): Collect 500 gold.
    A True Goddess (Gold): Overcome your demons.
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