Steins;Gate Elite Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Steins;Gate Elite Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Steins; Gate Elite is a visual novel of the commercially successful Steins; Gate franchise. Though it is simple, mechanically, it has a dense story and mixed reviews when it comes to the automatic saves of the game. For more cheats, codes and commands on this game, stay tuned as our contributors share a curated list of codes.

First of all, players need to understand that there are differences depending on their platform of choice. The Switch editions of the game include an 8-Bit ADV Steins;Gate, which is a retro adventure game that allows players to interact as Okabe and explore a pixelated 8-bit version of Akihabara. If players purchase the PlayStation 4 version of the game, they will receive Steins; Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram. It is a spinoff visual novel that has a collection of over ten new side stories that are based on the original cast of characters of the franchise. So, you can get a two-in-one adventure in either scenario–it mostly depends on the players preference. If you prefer a pixelated adventure, we recommend purchasing the Nintendo Switch copy. If more visual novels are your preferred type of content, then perhaps the PlayStation 4 version is better suited for your taste.

This game has, as of the writing of this article, eleven bronze trophies, seven silver trophies, seven gold trophies, and one platinum trophy.

TrophyDescription of the Trophy
Completed all endings.All Worldlines Complete
Saw all TIPS.Bible of Insight
Chapter 3 ClearButterfly Effect’s Divergence
Offered tea by Faris.Cat’s Tea Time
Chapter 4 ClearChaos Theory Homeostasis
Learned about Luka’s relationship to his sister.Cruel Sister
Asked by Kurisu to buy cup noodles twice in a row.Discontinuous Qualia
Chapter 5 ClearDogma in Event Horizon
Chapter 9 ClearEndless Apoptosis
Chapter 10 ClearFinal Gambit of the Dawn
Chapter 8 ClearFractal Androgynous
Made friends with Kurisu via email.Genius Girl’s Melancholy
Chapter 2 ClearInterpreter Rendezvous
Reached Suzuha’s ending.Irreversible Reboot
Reached Faris’s ending.Isolated Jamais Vu
Reached Luka’s ending.Link of Corruption and Rebirth
Chapter 7 ClearMade in Complex
Chapter 6 ClearMetaphysics Necrosis
Reached Steins Gate.Open The Steins Gate
Reached Kurisu’s ending.Paradox Meltdown
Learned why Mayuri started making costumes.Passions Best Forgotten
Prologue ClearPrologue of the Beginning and the End
Played through everything in STEINS;GATE ELITESkyclad Observer
Reached Mayuri’s ending.Stardust Sky
Chapter 1 ClearTime Travel Paranoia
Received an unusual proposition from Suzuha.Warrior Girl’s Pride

Before committing to purchasing a copy of Steins; Gate Elite in one of the consoles that it is available in, it is worth noting that many players have reported issues when it comes to saving. Mechanically, the game is simple, as you just have to interact with a predominantly text-based adventure in a visual novel format. However, some saves (particularly when using quick saves) have been malfunctioning, according to this thorough Reddit thread about Steins; Gate Elite the title has been annoying some fans.

Allegedly, one of the players goes so far as to state in this Steins; Gate thread, “So I’m sitting here with my hand on the skip button skipping through almost an entire chapter because the game seemed to forget my saves entirely. I have only been quick saving. I saved to restart the game and change audio devices from my speakers to my headphones. And my 3 hours of progress are lost. And it lost all the previous phone trigger quicksaves as well so I can’t just start there.”

To understand the scope of content that is available on this game, it takes most players about twenty-five hours and thirty minutes to complete the main story. The main story, and the side quests, take about twenty-eight and a half hours to complete. The completionist route can last at least thirty-six and a half hours, and completing all of the available styles in this game will cost players thirty-one and a half hours. For more reviews from players, click on this link to see what players think about the Steins; Gate: Elite title and how many hours they have spent on it.

You can purchase a copy of the game in the following retail stores, though be warned that it contains a lot of narrative content for players.

Nintendo Switch


For the Limited Edition that has a cloth poster and a hardcover storyboard collection, here are the links for the more expensive version.

Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 4

That is all the information we have so far, we will update this article if any more information about cheats in Steins; Gate Elite comes up we will keep our readers informed. For more information on Steins; Gate, check out these other articles by our contributors. Or, if you wish to go down memory lane, here is an article about when the game was initially announced!

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