Easy "25 Tokens" trophy

You can obtain Pandemonium Tokens by selecting every interactive object in the default dungeon type. You can get between three and seven tokens per floor. Tokens can have both positive and negative effects. Consider only using them when you are low on resources (for example, at the start of the game). Tokens can cause the loss of all types of resources, especially power.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Minor Leagues (Bronze): Defeat the enemies contained in a Minor Sigil.
    Major Leagues (Bronze): Defeat the enemies contained in a Major Sigil.
    Sworn Duty (Bronze): Complete 20 Duties.
    Enchanted to Meet You (Bronze): Enchant an artifact with a legendary crafting material.
    All-Powerful (Bronze): Complete a Power Spell ritual.
    Master Mage (Bronze): Level up your character to 100.
    Broken (Bronze): Level up a creature to 100.
    Hot Streak (Silver): Attain an arena win streak of 10 or higher.
    Gotta Catch 'em... Nevermind (Gold): Summon 300 unique creatures.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

    Secret trophy (Bronze): Unknown.
    Secret trophy (Silver): Unknown.
    Secret trophy (Silver): Unknown.
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