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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Champion! (Bronze): Finish 1st in the last race of career mode.
    Completist (Silver): Finish all races in career mode 1st.
    Collector (Bronze): Own all the cars in the game in career mode.
    500 Miles Away (Bronze): Race a total of 500 miles.
    Long Drift (Bronze): Do a drift of more than 500 meters.
    Marathon Drifter (Bronze): Drift a total of 42Km.
    Millionaire (Bronze): Earn a total of 500.000 credits.
    Obsessive Collector (Gold): Own all the cars with all the unlocks in career mode.
    Pacifist (Bronze): Win a race using no power-ups.
    This is War! (Bronze): Use a total of 250 power-ups.
    Booster (Bronze): Spend 10 minutes boosting.
    Fly like a bird (Bronze): Spend 10 minutes in the air.
    Gold Digger (Bronze): Collect 100 coins.
    Fully Upgraded (Bronze): Buy all upgrades for a vehicle.
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