Velocity 2X


Concept art folder

Successfully complete all bonus missions to unlock the concept art folder in the flight computer.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Yippee Kai Yay (Platinum): ************.
    Easy Tiger (Bronze): Fly over your first speed pad.
    Background Reading (Bronze): Look in every folder in Flight Computer.
    Double Whammy 2X (Bronze): Disable two switches within 0.5 seconds of each other.
    Triple Whammy 2X (Bronze): Disable three switches within 1 second.
    Hoarder Next Door (Bronze): Collect 5,000 crystals.
    Mind The Gap (Bronze): Dock your ship for the first time.
    Ketchup! (Bronze): Get squished at the bottom of the screen.
    Double Dash (Bronze): Teledash through two Vokh at the same time.
    Gotta Kill 'Em All! (Bronze): Kill every type of enemy (doesn't include boss battles).
    Heavy Boots (Bronze): Complete a level without letting go of boost.
    Lucky Find (Bronze): Unlock a bonus level.
    Snooze You Lose (Bronze): Get stuck in a door.
    Power Extreme (Bronze): Unlock all abilities.
    Tough Stuff (Bronze): Survive the first encounter with General Glaive.
    Data Miner (Bronze): Collect all data packs.
    Credit Crunch (Bronze): Get 100,000 points in the credits minigame.
    High Flier (Bronze): Gain your first PERFECT medal.
    Tele-Damage (Bronze): Defeat a Vokh.
    Saviour (Bronze): Rescue 6,000 Jintinda.
    China Shop (Bronze): Shoot 5,000 pieces of glass.
    Wheat From Chaff (Silver): Gain 25 PERFECT medals.
    Miss Average (Silver): Gain above average XP in half the levels.
    Qirex R.I.P. (Silver): Hit every speed pad in Level 25.
    Intermediate (Silver): Earn Gold medals on all Critical Urgency levels.
    Basic Training (Silver): Boost all the way through level 3.
    Killa Thrilla (Silver): Destroy 2500 airborne enemies.
    Exterminator (Silver): Destroy 50 Vokh Guards.
    Romancing The Throne (Silver): Collect 10,000 crystals.
    Bonus Onus (Silver): Unlock all bonus levels (25).
    Rampager (Silver): Shoot 10,000 pieces of glass.
    FuturLab Certified (Gold): Gain 50 PERFECT medals.
    Now You Know (Gold): Get a PERFECT medal on all Critical Urgency levels.
    Ralan's Mission (Gold): Complete all bonus levels.
    Mind Over Matter (Gold): Complete level 50.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Double or Nothing (Gold): Use double the firepower!

The following trophies require the "Core Pack" bonus downloadable content:

    Thumb Together (Gold): Perfect all Dual Core Levels.
    Quarp Zen (Silver): Complete all Dual Core Levels.
    The Immaculate Perfection (Silver): Perfect all Speed Runs.
    Cruise Controlled (Bronze): Race through Level DC02 without letting go of boost!
    Left Behind (Bronze): Die by leaving one ship behind.
    Quadruple Whammy 2X (Bronze): Destroy 16 turrets in 2 seconds in Level DC08.

The following trophies require the "Critical Urgency Pack" bonus downloadable content:

    Thumb Kinda Hero (Gold): Perfect all speed levels.
    Not bad, keep going... (Silver): Complete all speed levels.
    Sonic Spin (Silver): Trigger a speed pad 4 times in under a second in level CU05.
    Cautious Kai (Bronze): Avoid every speed pad in level CU02.
    Hot Heels (Bronze): Boost and sprint all the way through level CU02.
    Turret Takedown (Bronze): Destroy 6 turrets in level CU04 in under one second.
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