Return of the Invaders Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and More

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Return of the Invaders Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and More

Return of the Invaders is a 1985 shoot ’em-up video game created for coin-operated arcade machines. It is the third game in the Space Invaders series and it was developed and published by Taito. Space Invaders is one of the most recognizable arcade games ever created. Even modern gamers can recognize the iconic pixelated aliens reigning down from the top of the screen that players need to eliminate before they can touch down on Earth. The original Space Invaders is one of the most important arcade games ever created because it kicked off the arcade golden age.

The original game didn’t just spawn a franchise, it influenced many video games going forward. Return of the Invaders more or less follows the same formula that Space Invaders did, just with updated graphics. It introduced new alien enemy designs and it was the first game in the series to feature backgrounds and detailed sprites. It also had new formations that challenged new players as well as long-term fans. Space Invaders was ported and re-released to numerous consoles over the years. Return of the Invaders didn’t get the same distribution love, but it was one of Japan’s best-selling arcade units the year of its release. Despite being the third official Space Invaders title, the game was the first release that put in the work to update the original concept.

Fortunately, modern gamers don’t need a Return of the Invaders arcade unit to play this classic shooter. Gamers can find the game for free just by Googling it. The easiest place to play Return of the Invaders is RetroGames.cc. Players can play the game right on their internet browser with no download required. RetroGames.cc has some excellent classic games in their catalog, like TNK III (1985). Players can also find various versions of Space Invaders that modernize or combine the arcade series. For example, the PlayStation Store and the Nintendo eShop have a bundle called Space Invaders Forever for $29.99 each. The Nintendo eShop also has the Space Invaders Invincible Collection for $59.99. This bundle includes eleven Space Invader titles but unfortunately, it doesn’t include Return of the Invaders.

Return of the Invaders Premise

Return of the Invaders seeks to improve on the graphics and gameplay of the original Space Invaders which came out in 1978. The Space Invaders series is the perfect example of arcade games in their prime. These games didn’t have much of a plot. Alien invaders threaten the safety of the player’s home world, base, or wherever they’re located. Players have control over a fixed gun that can move across the bottom of the screen and their goal is to shoot all invaders out of the sky. The player needs to stop the aliens from getting too close, or else they risk a Game Over.

Return of the Invaders didn’t change much about the game’s core mechanics or principles. It wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, it just wanted to improve on the foundation that was already there. Space Invaders is, after all, one of the most important video games ever created. Changing everything about it would have been a huge mistake for the series’ third installment. Instead, Return of the Invaders decided to modernize (for the time) the game. It included colorful and interesting backgrounds, new alien invader designs, and more detailed sprites. At a glance, the colored graphics update was a huge improvement over the titles that came before it, but Return of the Invaders didn’t stop there.

What really made the third game stand out from its predecessors was the alien attack formations. Rather than simple, linear waves of invaders, Return of the Invaders features three different attack patterns that make the game even more challenging for skilled players. These formations include the Circular Formation, the Horizontal Formation (the standard formation from the original game), and the Verticle Formation. Each formation functions differently and provides unique challenges for the player to adhere to. Return of the Invaders might keep the same simple premise from the original, but it is the first game in the series to truly overhaul the gameplay.

Return of the Invaders Main Characters

Xerovy in Return of the Invaders

Like earlier games in the series, Return of the Invaders doesn’t have “characters” per se. The “main characters” are broken up into a few categories: Xerovy, the playable laser cannon, supports for the player, and the enemy invaders.

Xerovy & the Supports:

  • Xerovy: Players play as Xerovy, a fixed laser cannon positioned at the bottom of the screen. Players can move Xerovy into position by sliding it from side to side. Players can obtain different power-ups or “Cannon Upgrades” for Xerovy. Xerovy will change color based on which upgrade the player currently has equipped. The laser cannon can also equip three types of weapons, the Gazel, Gowl, or Goral.
  • Xero Guard: The Xero Guards are the support shields that help Xerovy protect the base. Xero Guards will assist Xerovy during every enemy wave, but players need to be mindful when shooting because they can accidentally damage the Xero Guards. Players can keep an eye on the shield’s health by its color. If it starts flashing red, it’s about to explode.
  • UFO: Support units that players can use to get one of Xerovy’s weapon upgrades. They usually appear at the top of the screen. UFOs are usually friendly, but as the game progresses, they can grow hostile towards the player.

The Invaders:

  • Flector: The Flector are the original Invaders from the first Space Invader game. They are the most common enemy type in the series and usually appear as crab-like or octopus-like beings. In Return of the Invaders, they received a bit of a redesign to resemble either mechanical or organic alien lifeforms.
  • Legard: The Legard was new to Return of the Invaders and they’re mostly crab-like enemies. These enemies can deflect Xerovy’s shots and will only take damage if the player lands a critical hit at their center. When a Legard dies, more enemies pop out from its corpse.
  • Zicon: The Zicon are the squid-like invaders. If three or more Zicons survive, they can merge into the Gigantic Mothership Invader.
  • Mothership: The Mothership is a Zicon fusion invader. Most fans consider the Mothership to be the Big Boss enemies of Return of the Invaders. This enemy will send continuous waves of invaders after Xerovy. There are three variants of the Mothership, including:
    • The Octopus Mothership: The 10K alien ship
    • The Crab Mothership: The 20K mechanical unit ship
    • The Squid Mothership: The 30k satellite invader ship

Return of the Invaders Titles in the Series

Return of the Invaders is the third official title in the infamous Space Invaders series. Needless to say, the Space Invaders series is massive and has been going on since 1978 when the first arcade unit debuted.

Arcade Games:

  • Space Invaders (1978)
  • Space Invaders Part II (1979)
  • Space Invaders II (1980)
  • Return of the Invaders (1984-1985)
  • Super Space Invaders ’91 (1990)
  • Minivaders (1990)
  • Space Invaders DX (1993)
  • Space Invaders ’95: The Attack of Lunar Loonies (1995)
  • Space Invaders CX (2008)
  • Space Invaders The Beat Attacker (2008)
  • Space Invaders Frenzy (2017)
  • Space Invaders Counter Attack (2020)

Home Console, Handheld, & Mobile Games:

  • Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no Hi (1990) – PC Engine
  • Space Invaders 90 (1990) – Sega Mega Drive
  • Space Invaders (1999) – Color FX
  • Space Invaders (1999) – PlayStation, PC, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Color
  • Space Invaders (2002) – Game Boy Advance
  • Space Invaders Revolution (2005) – Nintendo DS
  • Space Invaders Evolution (2005) – PlayStation Portable
  • Space Invaders Extreme (2008) – Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Xbox Live Arcade, and Microsoft Windows
  • Space Invaders Get Even (2008) – Wii
  • Space Invaders Extreme 2 (2009) – Nintendo DS
  • Space Invaders Infinity Gene (2009) – Mobile phones
  • Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes (2021) – Mobile phones
  • Space Invaders: World Defense (2023) – Mobile phones

Space Invaders Compilations:

  • Space Invaders Virtual Collection (1995) – Virtual Boy
  • Space Invaders/Qiz – Silver Anniversary Edition (2003) – Arcade
  • Space Invaders Anniversary (2003) – Arcade, PlayStation 2, and PC
  • Space Invaders Pocket (2005) – PlayStation Portable
  • Taito Memories Volume 1 (2005) – PlayStation 2
  • Taito Memories Volume 2 (2005) – PlayStation 2
  • Taito Legends (2005) – PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC
  • Taito Legends Power-Up (2006) – PlayStation Portable
  • Taito Legends 2 (2006) – PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC
  • Taito Memories II Volume 1 (2007) – PlayStation 2
  • Space Invaders Trilogy (2007) – Mobile phones
  • Space Invaders Invincible Collection (2020) – Nintendo Switch
  • Space Invaders Forever (2020) – Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Other Space Invaders Titles:

  • Pepsi Invaders (1983) – Atari 2600
  • PD Ultraman Invaders (1995) – PlayStation
  • Space Raiders (2002) – GameCube and PlayStation 2
  • Space Invaders Collection (2003) – ColecoVision and MSX
  • Arcade Legends: Space Invaders (2004) – Plug & play
  • Space Invaders x Pac-Man (2005) – Mobile phones
  • Yawaraka Sensha vs Space Invaders (2006) – Mobile phones
  • Space Invaders Pinball (2007) – Mobile phones
  • Minna de Invaders (2007) – Mobile phones
  • Space Invaders World War (2008) – Online
  • Arkanoid vs Space Invaders (2017) – Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4
  • Space Invaders Gigamax (2018, 2020) – Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Return of the Invaders Cheats & Exploits

Return of the Invaders enemies

Games similar to Space Invaders, especially games that came out in the 1980s and ’90s, had a reputation for coding ways to cheat right into the game. Developers knew that their games grew increasingly difficult over a short period, which often made games too difficult to beat. Players couldn’t save their progress in most games either, so they would play until they won or until they received a Game Over. Some games didn’t even have endings, they were just designed with the idea of playing to achieve a new high score before the player got a Game Over.

Unfortunately, Return of the Invaders was only released as an arcade unit. Many of the Space Invader re-released compilations don’t include the third installment. The Space Invaders Invincible Collection for the Nintendo Switch is one such collection. Since Return of the Invaders was only released as an arcade unit, it doesn’t have any cheat codes or exploits for players to take advantage of. Players can play this classic arcade game online, but they’ll have to play it as the developers intended it to be played.

Return of the Invaders Cheats FAQ

If a player Googles “Return of the Invaders cheats”, Google doesn’t come up with any frequently asked question results. Googling “Return of the Invaders” does turn up one relevant result, though.

Why is Space Invaders so popular?

Space Invaders is one of the most recognizable video games of all time. Gamers and non-gamers alike are likely familiar with this legendary gaming franchise and for good reason. It ushered arcade games into the golden age, but Space Invaders goes far beyond the arcade. Most professionals and casual gamers recognize that the original Space Invaders helped build the foundation for modern gaming. By today’s standards, it may not seem like much, but without Space Invaders, the gaming industry as we know it may not exist.

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