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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Platinum Arrow (Platinum): Gain all trophies in Volume.
    The First Ballad (Bronze): Complete 25 core levels.
    Semi Final (Silver): Complete 50 core levels.
    The Darkest Couple of Hours (Gold): Complete 75 core levels.
    The Complete Works (Gold): Complete all core levels.
    Imperial March (Bronze): Travel 1 mile.
    Long Walk to Freedom (Bronze): Travel 3 miles.
    Warming Up (Bronze): Play for 20 minutes.
    Light Reading (Bronze): Read 25% of text in the core levels.
    Illuminated Manuscripts (Silver): Read 50% of text in the core levels.
    Compiled Texts (Gold): Read 75% of text in the core levels.
    Lore of the Things (Gold): Read 100% of the text in the core levels.
    Hidden in the shadow of Moses (Bronze): Hide in 50 lockers in the core levels.
    Leaps of faith (Bronze): Jump 25 walls in the core levels.
    Because it'll hurt more (Gold): Stun enemies 100 times in the core levels.
    Always the Taffer (Gold): Be seen by enemies 300 times in the core levels.
    Rogue Unlike (Bronze): Die once.
    Arcade Flynn (Silver): Die 200 times.
    Wearing Lincoln Green (Silver): Play a level with a customized character.
    Be Heard (Bronze): Fire the bugle 50 times in core levels.
    Enjoy your trip (Bronze): Place 20 follies in core levels.
    If it bleeds... (Silver): Go invisible 30 times in core levels.
    Ghost from the... (Silver): Fire 40 figments in core levels.
    Agent 48 (Gold): Wear a disguise 100 times in core levels.
    Q (Gold): Use every gadget in the core levels.
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