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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Emperor Penguin (Gold): Racked up a really high score!
    Eggcellent (Silver): Saved all the eggs.
    No One Left Behind (Silver): Rescued all the penguins.
    A Rescuer Appears (Bronze): Complete your first rescue mission.
    Back To The Cage (Bronze): A guard got the better of you.
    Fast and Frozen (Bronze): Ten levels done in under 90 seconds each.
    Halfway There (Bronze): Rescue well underway.
    Over Easy (Bronze): Saved half the eggs.
    Penguins Can Fly (Bronze): Helped a penguin learn to fly.
    Silly Penguins! (Bronze): Penguins were caught by the guards ten times.
    Stay Frosty (Bronze): Took a swim.
    The Pits (Bronze): You outsmarted a guard.
    Whack-A-Bot (Bronze): You're not just a one-hit wonder.
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