Sea of Thieves Cheats & Cheat Codes

Four pirates standing before the sunset in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Cheats & Cheat Codes

Sea of Thieves is an open-world multiplayer game on the high seas. Rare released the game in 2018, and it constantly receives new content through updates. During a showcase earlier in June 2023, publisher Microsoft revealed a major update, set to release in July. The update will introduce crossover content with Monkey Island, a series of classic slapstick adventure games. The two franchises boast a lighthearted, fantastical take on the pirate mythos, so a crossover like this is fitting.

Sea of Thieves Premise

An armada of galleons in Sea of Thieves
Pirates rule the waters in Sea of Thieves.

Players team up to sail the high seas in Rare’s beloved pirate game. There are different size ships for different size crews. One to two players can command a sloop, while three players control a brigantine, and four players command a galleon. Cooperation is key to survival in Sea of Thieves, as each crewmember must perform different roles while sailing. You can customize your ship by altering its sails, hull, figurehead, and captain’s quarters. You can also name your ship.

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The core gameplay loop of Sea of Thieves requires crews to complete voyages for one of three main trading companies. These missions differ based on the trading company that offers them. The Order of Souls, for example, offers combat challenges pitting players against waves of skeletal foes. The Gold Hoarders send players after traditional buried treasure, while the Merchant Alliance requires cargo deliveries. As of 2019’s Anniversary update, the game also features Tall Tales. These are structured narrative quests that form the bulk of the plot in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Main Characters

Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats
Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats, a trading company in Sea of Thieves.

Since Sea of Thieves is an online multiplayer game, most of the characters you’ll be interacting with are fellow players. You meet quite a few NPCs, too. Most of these characters are simply vendors and representatives for the major factions that offer voyages. There are also numerous major characters you meet and can even battle. Here are some of the remarkable figures you might meet as you journey across the high seas.

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  • The Pirate Lord: This legendary figure discovered the Sea of Thieves, the game’s main setting. He appears as a ghost to aid new players in learning the ropes of Sea of Thieves. The Pirate Lord also leads Athena’s Fortune, a trading company that only deals with pirates of Legendary repute.
  • Captain Flameheart: The main antagonist of Sea of Thieves is a dangerous skeleton lord. He has conspired multiple times to cheat death in his unending search for power and destruction.
  • Larinna: This adventurous sailor leads the Bilge Rats. Her faction exists to send players on new adventures and accrue Commendations.
  • Gold Hoarder: This skeleton lord’s undying greed led him to found the trading company that bears his name. While the Gold Hoarders can be a profitable faction to work with, the man himself is deadly and cruel, and appears multiple times as a boss.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow: The iconic Disney character entered the world of Sea of Thieves in the story campaign A Pirate’s Life. Following the events of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Jack Sparrow becomes trapped in the Sea of Thieves. Players can embark on a quest to free him and defeat the villainous Davy Jones.

Sea of Thieves Cheat Codes

Legendary pirates in Sea of Thieves
Players interact with legendary pirates in Sea of Thieves as they journey for treasure and build their own fearsome reputation.

Since Sea of Thieves is an online multiplayer game, cheat codes and hacks are strongly discouraged. Rare maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy on third-party exploits such as wall hacks and aimbot. While you can find such systems on the internet, using one will net you a permanent ban from the game. It will also make Sea of Thieves much less enjoyable for the other players. Distributors of these hacks are also generally disreputable. If you download a program to hack Sea of Thieves without being confident in its origin, you could end up infecting your computer with malware.

While there are many reasons to avoid unofficial exploits for Sea of Thieves, there are a few tricks you can master to make your sailing experience a bit smoother. As IGN points out, you can use a charge attack with your cutlass to cover surprising distances when you’re in the water. If you stand on a ledge while performing the attack, the momentum will carry you much farther forward than it would on land. This can be a great way to get to or from a ship quickly, but it’s risky, as the attack stuns you for a brief period after you perform it.

Sea of Thieves Cheat Code FAQs

Captain Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves
Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is a character in Sea of Thieves.

How do you know if someone is cheating on Sea of Thieves?

It can be hard to tell when someone is using exploits against you in Sea of Thieves. The most common cheats are things like aimbot, which, from an outside perspective, don’t look much different than a particularly skilled player aiming a weapon. If it looks like a player is aiming through a wall, or spotting players or chests through obstacles that should be obscuring their line of sight, they could be using a cheat. If you’re confident that a player is cheating, you should report them immediately.

Can you get banned for cheating on Sea of Thieves?

The Sea of Thieves community code of conduct expressly forbids cheats and hacks, and the developers will ban players who use them. Rare also maintains a strict policy against datamining content from the game. The code of conduct also has a policy against unsportsmanlike conduct in competitive game modes, even when you’re not using hacks. Teaming up with players to target someone else could result in enforcement action. As the code of conduct states, it’s important to remember that Sea of Thieves is designed to be enjoyed by everyone. Giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players makes it much harder for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Is griefing allowed in Sea of Thieves?

In broad terms, a griefer is someone who goes out of their way to annoy and inconvenience other players. It is possible to grief someone in Sea of Thieves in a variety of ways. Since it’s an online multiplayer game with a strong PvP component, there’s nothing stopping you from picking a target and repeatedly harassing them. Of course, there’s nothing stopping the other crew from bringing your ship down in retaliation. Unless you try to gain an unfair advantage over another crew through third-party hacks, the line between griefing and simple PvP combat will remain happily blurred.

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