Pixel Piracy Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Pixel Piracy Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Pixel Piracy Easy “Beat the game… for now?” achievement

Plunder the four legendary pirate ships to get the “Beat the game… for now?” achievement. Note: This is very difficult.

Easy “Gotta catch em all..” achievement

To catch an animal, you need the “Animal Cage” item in your ranged weapon slot equipped. The chances of capturing an animal are quite low, but eventually you will catch one.

Easy “KABOOOM!” achievement

Kaboom is a “passive equip” that may be found as loot or at weaponry stores. Once obtained, place a dispensable crew member in his own group to send him out to fight a group of enemies solo. When he dies, he will explode and you will get the “KABOOOM!” achievement. To do this quickly, enable the ” give kaboom 1 ” code.

Easy “Lives up to his name!” achievement

Start a new game. When given the options about your father, choose one additional pirate (Horke). You will get the “Lives up to his name!” achievement after he poops on the ship.

Easy “Mr. Croft I presume?” achievement

Dig randomly on various islands that are visited. Digging at spots marked by a treasure map will not qualify. You can increase the chances by adding the “Treasure Hunt” ability to your captain. That ability increases as you dig in random locations. You will find random treasure chests regularly, but the epic treasure chest is quite rare.

Easy “Meta!” achievement

Rename two of your crew members to “Vitali Kirpu” and “Alexander Poysky” to get the “Meta!” achievement. To do this, open the main menu, select “Your Crew”, choose a crew member to rename, then select his name. Note: The names are case-sensitive.

Easy “The Diaper Brotherhood” achievement

Finding diapers in your travels can be time consuming. To do this quickly, enable the ” give diapers 5 ” code, then use them on five of your crew members as their “passive equip” to get “The Diaper Brotherhood” achievement.

Easy “YARRRRRRRR” achievement

Defeat an enemy ship, then move your pirates back to your own ship. Select the fourth icon from the left to get some gold and ship parts.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    – DARY!: Defeat a legendary pirate.
    Beat the game… for now?: Defeat all the Legendary pirate ships.
    BOOTY!: Find a treasure chest and open it.
    Bounty!: Accept a bounty quest.
    GOLDEN: Loot a total of 10000 gold.
    GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!: Capture 50 animals.
    Gotta catch em all..: Capture an animal to be your pet.
    Grand Theft Marine: Capture an enemy ship.
    Grog ‘n’ women!: Visit a tavern.
    I see dead pixels: Kill a total of 1000 enemies.
    I’m a mighty pirate!: Have 10 or more pirates on your crew.
    Jolly Roger That: Add a pirate flag to your ship.
    KABOOOM!: One of your pirates dies while using Kaboom.
    Kung Fu Fighting: Visit a panda island.
    Land Lubber: Visit an island with no town.
    LEGEN – Wait for it….: Pick a fight with a legendary pirate.
    Lives up to his name!: Horke the Flatulent poops.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS 2014!: Have your captain wear the seasonal item set.
    Meta!: Have both Vitali Kirpu and Alexander Poysky on your ship.
    Mr. Croft I presume?: Unearth an epic buried treasure.
    MR. SEAGULL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?: Have a seagull poop on your ship.
    Mutiny!: Have a pirate turn hostile due to low morale.
    Noob: Die for the first time.
    POOPdeck…: Have at least 5 poop on your ship.
    RAISE THE MAST ME HARTIES!!!: Set sail for the first time.
    Robinson Hobo’d: Find a stranded hobo.
    Socially inadequate: Kill a hobo.
    The Diaper Brotherhood: Have 5 of your crewmates wear diapers at the same time.
    Treasure hunter: Dig up 10 buried treasure chests.
    Who be makin this game?: Check out the credits.
    YARRRRRRRR: Plunder an enemy ship.
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