Weeping Doll



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Escape (Gold): Complete the game.
    Cautiousness (Silver): Getting into the dining room after leave the brig.
    Let's Play Hide 'N Seek (Silver): Try getting into dining room after leaving the master bedroom.
    Family of Four (Bronze): Check Furuyagi's family photo on the coffee table.
    Haunted Rhymes (Bronze): Play the phonograph.
    Helpless (Bronze): Try making a phone call.
    Lost and Found (Bronze): Find Lord's lost hammer.
    Love from the Doll Maker (Bronze): Check Ayasa's food tray.
    Midnight Tale (Bronze): Turn on the radio in the Japanese room.
    Room for Nobody (Bronze): Try getting into Ayasa's room.
    Secret in Bathroom (Bronze): Get into the bathroom after leaving the master bedroom.
    Soul of A Maid (Bronze): Hang A Tong's hat onto the hanger.
    The Newer the Better (Bronze): Check Lord's new hammer.
    Wedding Anniversary (Bronze): Check the wedding photo in the master bedroom.
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