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Easy "Knight Light" trophy

Interact with the three knights found on three separate floors (one above the other) to get the "Knight Light" achievement. The first knight is found next to a fireplace (with a telescope painting hanging above it) and is holding a sword. The second next is found next to a bookshelf and is holding a spear. The third knight is found next to a painting of a guy holding a gun.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Knight Light (Bronze): Solve the Knight Puzzle.
    Sixth Sense (Silver): Beat the Game.
    Fantastic Amphibian (Bronze): Find the amazing frog.
    It's a Me, Boo (Bronze): Find the Secret Room.
    What does the Fox Say? (Bronze): Find the fox.
    Rest Your Soul (Bronze): Rest at a bonfire.
    This S*** is Bananas (Bronze): Find the Animax logo.
    Light Light (Bronze): Find the Night Light logo.

Additionally, there are 11 secret trophies:

    First Contact (Bronze): Meet Flying Hawk.
    I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost (Bronze): Escape the Catacombs.
    Give Them A Hand (Bronze): Escape the Basement.
    Free Bird (Silver): Set Flying Hawk Free.
    What Ghost Up Must Come Down (Bronze): Create a path for Elena.
    Itsy Bitsy (Bronze): Escape the Trophy Room.
    Flower Power (Bronze): Escape the Garden Maze.
    Irish He Was Alive (Bronze): Set Darby Free.
    Wine Not (Bronze): Open the Wine Cellar Passage.
    Ready Corset Ghost! (Bronze): Set Fleur free.
    Family Reunion (Bronze): Find Your Dad.
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